Hey babes! How yew doooin?? Hope you enjoyed this video reviewing the new shape tape foundation from Tarte Cosmetics!! Which half of my face did y’all like better?? WHAT DO YOU GUYS THINK OMG?! Make sure to subscribe!

*This product was sent to me, but this is NOT a sponsored video*
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Tarte Cosmetics Shape Tape Foundation in medium neutral


Taryn Ray says:

hey nicole i was looking through amazon and found a sweatshirt that said “how you doin?” its from ROMWE. i wanted to know if you made it or they were stealin your shizzzzzzzz. anyway please clarify!!! xoxo

chellsie hernandez says:

Tarte will definitely not ever have my money again

Chloe Adnams says:


Sophia Simone says:

I think “tarte” a trump supporter…

Carine El fil says:

Damn nicol, dat jaw line tho, carved to perfection by the gods.

Shyqerije Bytyqi says:

Our g c.f. d Ygcd c.f. u. ‘

Kayla Whaley says:

we shouldn’t want tarte to “expand” their shade range… we should want them to be inclusive from the beginning and from their hearts. we should want them to stop prioritizing and catering to white skin tones over everyone else in America. It’s great you touched base on the issue but the rest of the video sounded like something you were just so excited for becuase you actually have a shade, nobody should support products from racist companies, sorry not sorry

Samantha Jenkins says:

i love the full face tutorial’s ! i miss them so much !

hinapurrr Pa says:

I’m not a person of color but I think influencers should t even use the foundation because of the fact no everyone can use or try out this product because of the sheer lack of respect and decency to even creat darker shades. I’m glad you spoke about the issue but its not good enough.

Audrey Glasser says:

I love your phone case. Where is it from?

Stephani B. says:

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Amazonian Clay products. It’s a shame about the color range. So disappointed.

Ace22 13 says:

Shit you talk to damn much get to the review

Mom's Got Glitter says:

What lipstick did you use?

Laurie Diaz says:

This is my first vid of urs and I love uuuuu

April Parish says:

I’m confused because the tarte shape tape concealer has the very same shade range so why is this a problem now

mikayla kennedy says:

I wish they would’ve come through with them shade ranges. They literally made two shades for darker skinned people. How is tha- What?

Melissa Honl says:

Does anyone know what shade she used in this video? 🙂

OLHO TEC says:

procuro canais para fazer parceria. sou do Brasil se você quiser coloco seu canal em destaque no meu canal e você faz o mesmo.

Robina's Kitchen says:

i love you queen She really looks beautiful without makeup.

Alexis Mendez says:

Why is there almost 1000 unlikes people stay bitching

FilmedByAnna says:

Anyone knows a drugstore full coverage foundation?

regis :p says:

i love this video you have one subscribe more

Celia Garcia says:

Youre the first youtuber that I’ve watched that compared the same color!

Alexia R says:

Ignorant bitch.

Bathing In Beauty says:

Once I saw the shades I didn’t even continue to watch there’s no point when I can’t even buy any color

Katalina Nakoa says:

How long does it take you to actually fucking apply something

Amalie NorStef says:

You go girl!!!! <3

Lindsey Ellen Beauty TV says:

i think you struggled to blend the dark contour because it wasn’t a tarte product..just my opinion  Great video!!!

Luna Portela says:

It’s sad how you still support this brand..

B Sweetmakeup says:

what lipstick are you wearing?

Maria Vasile says:

if you are medium cool toned skin you are screwed

Susan Wiggins - Simpson says:

yeah I am fair light neutral and without that none that would work out the other light shades so can imagine only two shades near my color

Antonio De Luca says:

at least somebody who reacts normal to this topic…

Safia Khan says:

Don’t like the foundation wand idea.. I feel like there’ll still be product in the jar/bottle but you won’t get much out! Pumping bottles are way better! These things are soo expensive man and not fair that you will have hard time getting the product out! Ugh! I’ll just wait for some new foundation to launch…

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