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Products Mentioned:
Tarte face tape foundation in 37 Natural

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Angie Falconer says:

What are using on your lips in this video?

jukeboxhero says:

I sampled some on the back of my hand before dinner. Went to sleep for 10 hours, been awake for 2 hours now and it’s still on my hand flawlessly.

Julie Fowler says:

I love this foundation! I have dry/combo acne prone skin and always have problems finding a long wearing or more matte foundation because it clings to my dry patches no matter what. I did have the original matte shape tape but couldn’t use it much because it would get cakey on me. This one works so well for me, the perfect happy medium of hydrating but still matte for me. It’s not cakey at all and lasts 8+ hrs . I Also do not break out at all from this.

TxLeah says:

What moisturizer did you use the second time around? Anyone…anyone???

Randal Schlotzky says:

What moisturizer do you use?

Andrea Longo says:

I wonder how the MR is with dry skin?

Elizabeth McCrary says:

Just to clarify, the foundation was a go with the active moist or without?

kiley.elizabeth says:

thanks for testing this for us! xo from my channel to your’s! <3

Mo_neeekk says:

I have a question ! When you say the morphe was too matte what do you mean by that ? My face gets super oily around my nose and forehead mostly I was also wondering why do you think my make up always separates there ? Do you think it’s because it is oily ?

Chicken sandwich says:

i can’t believe people in 2019 still think you’re supposed to match foundation to your face. you match it WITH UR NECK AND THE REST OF UR BODY

Jessica Meza says:

Thanks for sharing!!! I have super oily skin and trying to find foundations for me is hard. Your my go to when new products comes out.

Elizabeth C says:


Heather Terry says:

If I ever travel with a foundation that’s in a glass bottle I’ve started wrapping a little bubble wrap around it and securing it with a piece of tape and I haven’t had anything break since!

oOStarsAndStripesOo says:

Am I the only one who liked the old matte formula? Unfortunately the shade I got was too dark so I don’t wear it as often, but I liked how it wears on the skin

Mrs. H says:

OMG so getting Jessica Simpson and Brunette Britney Spears vibes watching you

Susanne Romero says:

What beauty blender do you use? Never tried one before. PS…you resemble Brittany Spears!

Ingrid H says:

A little goes a long way and it’s amazing. It’s a natural matte finish. I have oily skin and it’s awesome.

Shantel Hampton says:

What moisturizer do you use?! My skin is oily too so I need to know lol

noora alzarouni says:

your are so pretty <3

Kacie Welty says:

Have you ever heard that hydration is actually good for oily skin? It like counteracts the oil, and it’s supposed to be a really good combo..despite what you’d think!

Katy Bickford says:

The hydrating one is still pretty dang matte lol, I have normal- oily skin and it’s still pretty matte on me lol

Betzaida Engel Rayo says:

As a reference what tone you are on Mac or Nars infalible de loreal? Thanks

Maria F says:

Why wouldn’t she use the tarte counselor?

kyleejo says:

Where is your olive green winter coat from!? I NEED it 🙂

Mariana Ssss says:

I had hydrating one awhile ago, definitely wasn’t hydrating, my skin is dryall over / combo tzone only

Najah Parvez says:

Girl how is pregnant life treating you ???

luluRae Embury says:

Lately you’ve been saying a lot foundations are too matte for you, do you think pregnancy is changing your skin?

Eri M says:

Your make-up looks bomb in natural lighting too! Natural suits as well girl.

Haylee Lorton says:

I’m wondering how this would worked for people with food allergies considering it has fruit extract.

Suki G says:

What’s your moisturizer??????????

Vanessa Cerda says:

I really like how you do your makeup. Even though it’s somewhat a lot of makeup, you find a way to make it look natural. More girls should go for this look….

Rebecca S says:

I love this foundation

Katie Mahonsky says:

I just got this foundation today☺ i really need something that will last all day while im at cosmetology. The lady at ulta said it would work great for me. I was using only tarte shape tape where im red but ive been wanting to try foundation. I hope it works out well like it did for you!

skin care help allisa says:

This is full on catfish she looks like two different people with and without makeup . she should love her bareface without putting on so much makeup I know this is a test out review but usually she wears a lot of makeup

Kathryn says:

I’m glad to hear you liked it….all day! You are the 2nd Influencer who I’ve heard positive comments from, so….it souled promising! ⭐️

brooke torres says:

You’re so chilled and calm not all extra I love it!

Amy Filice says:

I’m an oily girl too. Can’t wait to try this one out.

WiseeMakeup says:

Hi new youtube here.. I purchased this foundation and it was too dry for my skin I had to return it the next day. But some things don’t work for all skin types.

Taylor Marlow says:

Your audio is on POINT

melanie m says:

you need to go a few shades lighter

Sabina Jasmine says:

What moisturizer do you use for day time

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