HI SISTERS! For today’s video, I’ve decided to give you guys a full review of the brand new Tarte Shape Tape Foundation. This launch was HUGE news in the beauty world, but caused a ton of controversy when Tarte launched the products with an extremely embarrassing shade range. Here’s what I have to say. Enjoy.

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Michael Rusakov


Sam Botelho says:

Spooked magooked

Debbie Unleashed says:

In all due respect, please slow the F down when you talk! I have to keep rewinding your video to figure out what you are saying.

Kay Rose says:

We stan a flashback Mary.

Christa Hinde says:

Its December 2018… and we’re still waiting for them extra shades. #justsayin #50shadeaofbeige #theytriedit

Cause it's Hannah says:

Spent 15 minutes trying to figure out what was different then noticed the contacts lol

Hanna Montana ! says:

People says he talks fast! Hi…….Shishters…….
………..Welcome……..Back like gosh!

ritsus says:

damn he be sister seething

even_stranger_human says:

0:03 *as usual*

Midget With A Dream says:

As a half Portuguese sister, it is very difficult for me to find a foundation. Slowly I felt that it eventually was getting better and us darker Europeans were being accurately represented in the beauty industry. I shouldn’t have to buy 3 different foundations to mix them to actually find a shade. But I do. The only foundation shade that even tries to include us olive ladies is too orange for an oompah loompah, let alone a human. The issue with lack of shade range isn’t just an issue for people of darker skin tones. I understand that this is an issue for people of darker colour but the lack of our representation is ridiculous. Everyone has gone absolutely ballistic about the lack of darker shades but what about us? We matter just as much too and there are very similar numbers of us.

Liberty Franzell says:

Yes, James use your power for good. Love ya sister ❤️❤️

Sydneyblue 101 says:

thank you so much for making this video. as a colored girl who trys to wear makeup when they launched this i was so up set!! so thank u for putting this rant up

Jennifer says:

“i shouldnt have to buy extra products to get my foundation to blemd” we shouldn’t have to buy extra products to get our eyeshadows to work/blend

Tina Dimartino says:

Skip to 6:39 to see him actually put the stuff on

Maddy Speckmaier says:

*dosent wear or own makeup* LOVES JAMES SO WATCHES ANYWAY

DaniDoodles says:

This feels a little bias

Isabella Maria says:

the only video where james’ foundation matched

James Charles says:

I was hesitant to make this video, but I believe this is a conversation that we need to have. I hope you guys enjoy.

mikala reay says:

there’s two pieces of fluff stuck in james’ hair and I’ve been staring at them this whole video

Hannah Metzger says:

who else thinks James should make concealer/foundation?

Jayne P says:

Love the contacts babe ❤️❤️❤️

Tennessee AG says:

The fact that they sent three different options that all could have matched scares me……

Boggy Bunny says:

This is the closest foundation match in James Charles history

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