Hello my lovelies!

Welcome to my review of the NEW TARTE SHAPE TAPE FOUNDATION! If you’ve been curious to see how this foundation goes on problematic /acne prone skin, then you’ve come to the right place. Since filming this video, I have been playing around with this foundation a little more. I personally love using it to blend out stick foundations? I find it works really nicely!

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Tarte Shape Tape Hydrating Foundation (Medium Sand) http://bit.ly/2FhmLdd

Tarte Shape Tape Concealer (Light Sand): http://bit.ly/2EGIcTW

EX1 Invisiwear Compact Powder (2) http://bit.ly/2BeKr1F

RCMA No Colour Powder http://bit.ly/2u5Ch4O

Makeup forever hydrating face primer: http://bit.ly/2ojiMod

Sleek Highlighting Palette “Cleopatra’s Kiss” http://bit.ly/2wsgpmf

Kat Von D Shade and Light Palette http://bit.ly/2vDdObP

Benefit Cosmetics gimme brow (3) http://bit.ly/2jck8yv

Benefit cosmetics bad gal bang mascara: http://seph.me/2E4VJ7b

Huda Beauty Textured Shadows Palette Rose Gold Edition: http://bit.ly/2EHiJcE


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shonny timmins says:

I had a really bad acne problem until I used baby powder and it saved my life

Charlotte Bree says:

I actually want to be your bestfriend!! but that will never happen unless u want to move to down, down under to melbs!! haha lol!!! love u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Savanna Morrow says:

You are so gorgeous. You got the color match amazingly awesome. Perfect (at least on camera!) And I like that it shows what it would look like on those of us with less than perfect skin. I don’t know if you have it in Australia, but I recently switched to Simple brand cleanser, it’s moisturizing with no sulfates or harsh chemicals, hypoallergenic. My skin which breaks out around my nose and mouth (yet still dry,!!!) is doing sooo much better! Worth a try. It’s very affordable and it’s my go-to now.
Your make-up skill is fantastic. I always love your videos. Thanks for all of the information. You seem like you’d be an awesome best friend! ❣️

Morgause x says:

Do you hav a blur effect on your camera? B/c it’s hard to tell what it would look like in real life, you know what i mean? lol

Jenny Yang says:

good night!

Kelsie Hoger says:

You’re in brisbane!? MEEE TOOOOO!!! <3

Aus tralia says:

Love your videos so so much, so glad I found your channel, wish you were cruelty free though!

Jess Mitchell says:

I have acne aswell and I am very very insecure but it’s mostly scarring now

Crystal S says:

I love when your hair is braided like that, it’s so cute! Looks really good on you too. Thanks for the video!

Ruth Daly says:

Not gonna lie I think it looks ewwww….

hana d says:

So happy someone is doing a foundation review that doesnt have perfect flawless skin like a lot of youtubers. i struggle with acne myself!

Abigail Graves says:

I think it looks amazing on you that coverage seems awesome especially on your acne. I’m not one to wear foundation for too long and I have pretty normal to dry skin so I think I’d definitely buy this.

Jazmyn Broadbent says:

Just wondering have you ever tried the contraceptive pill to get rid of your acne? I because I tried it and it was honestly amazing, got really bad for the first two months on it but now I get not even one pimple anymore. I’ve recommended it to everyone who has acne and it literally clears them up straight away too. Please try it, and if you do make video updates

Brooklyn Grace says:

What shade is that?

Paige Benzel says:


Ana Sofia Gallardo says:

I live in Brisbane too it is so humid

Katie Livermore says:

Do you have any tips on how to cover the texture of pimples? I find my pimples are always way more pronounced WITH makeup than without and it sucks cause I want to hide it both ways! Haha

Heidi Kern says:

I have acne too and I have a hard time having confidence without makeup on. It makes me so down and upset to the point where I cry. How do you get your confidence? I look up to you ❤❤❤

Ely Polley says:

I love this. I watched it a bit late though. But you should do the half your face of makeup and half with out challenge no sure what it’s called ❤️❤️

Bianca Fiore says:

Hope you know you’re beautiful with and without makeup gurl xxxx

Nicole Carr says:

Girl have you been checked for PCOS? I struggled with cystic acne on my chin and cheeks for years and even went on accurate twice. Literally nothing helped. Until I had really bad pains in my ovary area and had an ultra sound and bloods taken when I was diagnosed. I went on birth control for 2 months and changed my diet completely and my skin has never been clearer. It’s just an option to look into if your skin bothers you at all – but you still slay nonetheless!

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