UPDATED NYX Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Foundation Review

Unusually I feel the need to make an updated video about the Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Foundation from NYX. All will be explained in the video. xxx


April Lane says:

I would love a review of Tom Ford Traceless foundation? @Pampered Wolf

Carrie Aubie says:

I’ve been binge watching your reviews for the past week and out of everyone you’re by far the best! Your accent is a dream to listen to, but aside from that your reviews rock! I would like to say that you didn’t cost me money, but yeah… you so did! I have been to the drugstores and Walmart at least 5 or 6 times trying to get everything that I need based on all these videos (yours and others for a couple of items). Everything that I have tried based on your reviews alone have been spot on! Love everything. A couple of the items I was already using, but now I have a better idea of how they’re applied. I was totally doing it wrong and to think I have been doing it wrong all these years makes me crazy. Everything looks so much better and especially under my eyes!!! You have shaved 10 years off my life! I adore you!! (and your Mom!)

Sara Barnes says:

I have dry skin and 40 I have big issues with foundations looking great and 2 hours later it looks broken and sits in lines . 🙁

brenda brooks says:

thank you so much, luckily I didnt get to the shops today as this was on my shopping list and as my skin is like the Sahara …. Thanks for your honesty, much appreciated <3 xx

Mialinda217 says:

I got you girl…I’m newly in my 50’s and discovering makeup…thanks for your comments always.

sary .l. says:

Your honesty is the exact reason why I follow your channel.
even though most of the products you try can’t be obtained in my country, your opinion and experience is very helpful to me.
So thanks a lot!

Janet Chalmers says:

I subscribed to your channel because of your honest sincerity about products, you do a wonderful job for all ages and it is appreciated. Very professional, and a I look forward to your reviews.

Deanna Thompson says:

I completely appreciate that you did this update. I have normal skin sometimes oily sometimes dry and so far it’s worked very well for me. I’ve wore it with and without a primer. i agree with you that the companies need to market something towards the more mature crowd. Sometimes it’s hard to find a foundation that will accommodate more mature skin with issues.

AmetsSorgin says:

Thanks for the update greatly appreciated. In fact you’ve confirmed my opinion that these new matte foundations are aimed at the under 25s which as you so rightly say is a great pity. Thanks again.

Lisa Luft says:

Thank you for the update. As an almost 48 year old woman with ridiculously oily skin, I may actually try this one. Would love to find a dupe for Dior Backstage!

Karen1Nicola says:

Nikkia Joy just did a review on this, and she is about the only person who has skin as oily as mine. She had the exact same problems. It made her skin look dry and textured. And she’s still under 30 too!

Suzette Espinosa Pina says:

What is your favorite foundation for mature skin, light or medium coverage, less than $20.00 american?
Ps I love you! Thanks for all you do for us mature women!

TheMotormouthmomma says:

I get so frustrated with drug store brands. I have dry, sensitive, mature skin. Almost every drug store foundation either looks cakey, is drying, or breaks me out after a few wears, or first time. My favorites at the moment are still loreal true match lumi foundation, and their lumi Cushion foundation, also loreal pro glow. Maybelline fit me mineral powder, and fit me dewy foundation, all other Maybelline foundations break me out! It’s sad women over 30 must spend in excess $30 or more for a great foundation. Its like they charge a $1 per year of age! Thank you for update.

T Range says:

love this eye look. Hi from the USA!

Kirsten May says:

It’s not just drug store companies! I have cried looking for a new foundation now that my skin is no longer oily – I’ve gone through so many different types.

charlenek11 says:

I’m 44 and I have very oily skin. The fact that this product is not suitable for dry skin is not a knock on mature people. It’s pretty clearly for oily skins. I can agree with you that it should not be marketed to people with dry skin but I wouldn’t make this out to be something that discriminates against people because of their age. Not all of us over 30 are drying out.

Chelsea Hansen says:

Thank you so much for the update, I wasn’t sure I wanted to try it because you did say in the original that it may not be for dry skin. My skin is 66 as I am and I have normal to dry except in the winter when I have dry to dryer. I really do appreciate all the work you do to make sure we get an honest and very informed opinion of the products you try. I know it is only an opinion, but for me it’s a good one because you’re not 20 anymore and neither am I. By the way, the hydrating oil wash continues to work well for me. I have recommended it to a couple people and they were impressed without works and now are using it. Just thought you should know.

jo-anne Higgins says:

Helpfulnatural thanks so much I clearly have a lot to learn and I really appreciate your advice. I have marula oil from the ordinary still sitting in its box, that will be coming out tonight! I’ll keep the coconut for my hair. X

Fiona Frazer says:

Such integrity! Appreciate the update and complete honesty.

Virginia Holliday says:

I’m with you. I’m often frustrated with all the youngsters touting products aimed that will never be worn 40+ woman. I’m glad to have found you.

Fifi Lebelle says:

Could you a review on the Catrice Liquid Coverage HD 24 hr foundation? I just watched Tati do a try on and it looked amazing on her. I wondered how this would work on dry skin? You can find this foundation on eBay.

Kari Figenskau says:

Thank you

Faith Walker says:

God bless your honesty! happy new subscriber! =]

Ruby Haskell says:

Thank you for your update. I appreciate your honesty.

Ann Gabi says:

Hi Gemma and thanks for all the effort you’re making to review the make product when I apply the foundation to my face the product enter in my pores and look ugly so how to treat this problem. I am 53 years old women.


Gurl that’s why I don’t even bother with drugstore foundation anymore. It sucks im not a product snob at all but after I turned 35 every drugstore foundation I tried looked like crap after an hour.

vsgmom says:

Thank you for being so honest in your videos!

lisa romine says:

Ty for the update ❤️

Ash Mahmood says:

Thank you for your honesty and sincerity. I totally agree with your views on the lack of good foundations for women who are 30+. I have found my skin has become progressively dry and some of the products out there have made it worse. Would you please do a vid for those of us suffering the same problem. Thank you x

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