WHAT THE?! Nyx Can’t Stop. Won’t Stop Foundation Review!

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Liz Torres says:

It doesn’t like your primerizer but it still looks terrible on the NYX primer side. The only Nyx foundation I’m curious about is the total control drop foundation, but this review makes me worry. Maybe nyx can only do pencils and powder right.

Nicole Bailey says:

I tried it but i totally have to get it in a different shade. I DID NOT MATCH MYSELF GOOD AT ALL LOL. I didnt have ur experience with it. But all i could focus on was that i looked like an oppa luppa lol i was soooooo orange!!!!!!

Jen S. says:

Second comment; I’m kind of over NYX, except maybe lips. Every item I have tried of theirs hasn’t worked for me but their prices, especially for eye palettes, keep going up.

Tammy Warren says:

Yes, like Mary Beth Wylie commented, Erika Approved compared this to the Loreal infallible pro matte foundation and they are the EXACT same ingredients! Of course Loreal owns NYX now and the Pro Matte is a popular foundation but the shade range sucks. So basically they just decided to work with Alyssa, added more shades and repackaged it as NYX !

Jen S. says:

Mine is going back! I had my husband snag it because I had really wanted the Catrice foundation but it had been opened. I picked the 3rd shade and not only was it patchy but I looked like a damn mime! It was so light, cakey and dry! I don’t know how other people are making this look good but… it doesn’t have to go home but it needs to get the heck outta here! You seriously make every week better!

stephanie houk says:

Paige, a BIG thank you for taking one for the team! I feel offended about how badly that looked, i can only imagine how you felt trying that out on camera! I think it should be renamed to ‘NYX, Can’t Stop But Maybe Really Should Stop’.

Londyn Brielle says:

I love this foundation, but I have found if u have ANY dryness you are fucked lol I use no primer or the drunk elephant face oil when I use this and I have oily skin. This foundation is MATTE and DRY like no ones business! I also use a dry real techniques sponge to apply it more like smoothing wall paint versus a brush or wet sponge. I have my review video up of it on my channel if you want to see my experience.

Darcy Lyons says:

I wanted to try this foundation I am now not going to waste my money thanks for this review.

Liz Torres says:

Use albolene or oil cleanser

Sammy Sweet says:

You get a like for that opening story lmao

Stephanie Rico says:

This is what happened to me too! I hate it! But they did have my color lol

Mary Beth Wylie says:

Erika Approved has a great review on this! It’s the exact same as another foundation that’s cheaper. You should check out out. Great review! Thank you, Paige!

Hey Boo Boo Butters says:

That was a nasty butt foundation!! Yuk. Thanks for reviewing it. I wouldn’t have bought it anyway since I have desert dry skin but I just enjoy your videos because of your personality.

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