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Jenni Rose says:

Is it just me or anyone else think we should get a free BB with this foundation? Lol

Allie G says:

Sometimes with foundations they look better if they actually do slightly settle in lines just a tiny bit – looks more natural and not plastic.
Same with pore filling primers that mostly fill the pores instead of making it look like your wearing a sheet of plastic and looks like you have actual skin!

Thanks for another great video Nadi!!
Lots of love from Australia!! <3

Elizabeth Shaw says:

You can’t leave well enough alone you have to layer everything up! But I still love you XOXO

Rei Numb says:

I watched a 3 minute ad for you boo.

patricia mcnulty says:

Loving the eyeshadow look.

Alejandra Herrera says:

Tbh it sucks that people of color can’t wear foundations. I mean come on its 2018.

Foxiepaws ACAnderson says:

Its basically the same at both ends of the spectrum. I am really pale, partly because I don’t get the sun on my face and neck and partly because I am Scottish and of Nordic descent. For years heaps of people like me couldn’t get the correct shade of foundation and concealer and its worse at the other end with darker skin tones being skipped entirely. I thought these companies wanted to make money.’s not rocket science just include the WHOLE makeup wearing consumers. Rimmel are one of the worst at the pale end…you’d think, London being the ONLY place it gets hot in the UK, that Rimmel would include all the pale skinned girls but no…its either pink or orange and I can’t imagine any people of colour having a better experience with Rimmel. Luckily because I was a Goth (Still am lol) I explored some smaller brands that were more like stage makeup and I can mix my own but who really has time for that crap….its horrendous when a huge company like Beauty Blender can’t be imclusive….its not a brand we in the UK can get unless online but I watched Jackie Aina (sorry Jackie if I spelled it wrong. least I know how to pronounce it properly) yeah the dark shades…there’s only really two, the rest being orange and then this huge amount of light/mid toned shades…its totally crap that companies can’t get it together in this day and age! Jackie tells them tho!

SaBr 417 says:

I’ve stopped getting excited at new foundations because 1) They never have a color pale enough for me anyway, and 2) Most of them see to think it’s okay to exclude almost an entire group of people and it’s really not.

Tiffany Riggle says:

My best friend is the same shade in foundation as Nyma Tang. I watched her cry out of frustration and from that day I told her I would never use a foundation if they don’t have her shade. Now we both go to the store and leave mad lol we use maybelline fitMe

Hajira S. says:

“This shade range needs a little milk.” Actually, it looks to have enough milk, it needs a little more *caramel* and c h o c o l a t e

Angry Black Woman Getting Her PhD says:

Thank you for saying all of that!

Melyssa Layrensia says:

Nadi, can i ask u a question? What foundation do u think is the best for normal skin?

Evil Queen says:

I’d love to try this foundation but they don’t even have my shade im not about to spend 80 dollars buying two to mix and that would probably never work because the deep shades are basically an orange concealer

Elizabeth Shaw says:

Just leave it. My hello happy does the same thing but I don’t use powder. I’ve never seen a foundation look this natural on you and be such a perfect match for your skin color and tone.

Courtney Matthews says:

It’s interesting what ppl consider “light” & “dark”. Money wise you would think they would make shades to fit everyone.

Cypress Esparza says:

I didnt understand the whole thing of not coming out with shades cause I was like oh shit I can finally find my shade I’m Latina and it’s hard to find something that’s not dark is tan and light it’s weird! I was just excited for me and after this I’m like i get it now my beautiful ebony queens have nothing to choose from they cant have the excitement about their shade like i have mine. If Fenty dropped all those shades on their first go someone who’s been in the same for a while should have no problem doing the same.

DiDIG says:

If you are too light you can’t use most foundation either

Ivonne Perez says:

My favorite reviewer ❤️

misskyliesue says:

I just had a mini freakout when you mentioned Maeder Makeup Labs. I LOVE HER STUFF!!!! I’m so glad you’re using it in a video! 😀

L J says:

If you get kissed with this on, I look like a pair of saggy balls

Kris C says:

love him! hysterical

April Preece says:

talk dirty to me…Nadi❤❤❤❤

Pilar Clark says:

I LOVE your videos they always make me laugh and make my day! You are the best!!!!!!!

Olivia Sherman says:

I love your videos so much, Nadi! You’re just so real and so fucking hilarious! If I’m having a bad day or stressing a lot, I binge watch your vids and your banter just makes my day so much better! You talk exactly like my friends and I do when we gossip! You deserve a bajillion subscribers and nothing but success on your beautiful makeup!! Much love from Louisiana! ♥️⚜️❤️

Elizabeth Shaw says:

To all of you who helped me to look dewy and glowy I thank you because I finally found my Holy Grail!! It’s not cheap but it’s my ride or die. You ready for it? It’s benefit hello happy and shade one. It’s perfect coverage and it looks like my skin only better and glowing I can use more and make it more coverage if I needed to cover something. It lasted 20 hours on my face and on the bottom of my face it stayed through sleeping! I am so happy and I thank you all for your input and help! 🙂

spook show says:

Shit they are bizarre shades. They are red, pink, and orange. Just weird looking shades. I can’t even match one to me. It’s bizarre.

sweetfacelola luxury extensions says:

I have no shade and everyone has had cracking around the mouth so I’ll stick to my other foundations. I really wished I could have tried it but it is what is unfortunately! But I might try the palette you used. It’s cute and pigmented.

Leslie Sanchez says:

Yes, this review is what I was waiting for. Not a 20 minute long rant about how it needs more shades. We know this. We just want to know if it works or not

E B says:

It was absolutely patchy on you, idk what you saw in person but it looked like shit n

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