Best Drugstore Lip Gloss | 2016

My 2016 top 5 best drugstore lip glosses – ranked in order! Includes drugstore lip swatches of NYC Liquid Lip Shine, Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss, NYX Mega Shine, Rimmel Stay Glossy, & Boots No. 7 Lip Glace! What are the best & worst drugstore lip products, in your opinion?



Best DRUGSTORE DUPES for High End Makeup:

Face: Milani Conceal & Perfect 2-in-1 Foundation ($9.99):
Milani Prime Perfection Face Primer ($9.99):
Eyes: Too Faced Natural Eyes Palette:
Lips: Rimmel by Kate Moss Nudes Lipstick in #45 (I found mine at Walmart!)
Top: Target


NYC Liquid Lip Shine in Brighton Beach Peach ($2) –
Boots No. 7 Lip Glace in Marshmallow ($9.99) –
Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Glosses in Supernatural & Sky Pink ($7.99) –
NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss in Beige ($4.99) –
Rimmel Stay Glossy Lip Gloss in Non Stop Glamour & Blushing Belgraves ($4.99) –


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Maryann Smith says:

I just bought a rimmel gloss and it smells like perfume. yuck. I’ll probably never use it again.

Nancy Quinn says:

So I picked up blushing belgraves and sky pink today…..LOVE THEM, tyvm!!!

Sevi Kom Trikru says:

Im usually a matte lipstick girl, but i bought blushing belgraves today because i was looking to try and get into glosses and you describe it perfect here. Its the perfect nude gloss, its so pretty. I tried it on when i got home and fell in love with it, and the formula was so nice. Not super sticky, no strong smell. Its the first gloss ive bought that i actually feel i will wear on a regular basis.

Sam Gee says:

Grape is also favorite. <3

Evelyn Mendez says:

Have you ever tried the Nyx butter gloss?

Amira Foad says:

Jessica, I know you’re an ELF lover like me, so once I saw the title of this video I felt like giving a recommendation of the best gloss ever: Type into google ELF lipgloss Muted Mauve. You won’t find it on the ELF website because it was discontinued (UGH WHY) but you’ll be able to find many websites that still have it in stock. It is AMAZING. The color on the website didn’t seem very accurate to reality, in reality it’s a nude mauvy brown without any shimmer, and it has a faint sweet scent, isn’t sticky at all and has an awesome formula. I’m almost out of mine and can’t order it again where I live and I’m panicking because it’s my favorite lipgloss ever, but I hope if you see this you get it and have a great experience with it and who knows, maybe if some youtubers pay attention to it ELF would bring it back. Good luck!

A Dee says:

I purchased Rimmel Stay Glossy Lip Gloss in Blushing Belgraves. It has become one of my favorite lip glosses!
Thank you for the recommendation!

amanda185 says:

Jess, I got the Blushing Belgraves lip gloss as we have similar colouring, and it is perfect! Thanks as always for the recommendation! 🙂

katie rose says:

You look so pretty in this video. Love the eyes and your lip shade

Susan May says:

So helpful. I love glosses but haven’t had luck finding a coloured one in nude.
Going to have a look at your #1 by Rimmel. Funny, of all my clear glosses, Rimmel’s is my favourite.

Minh N says:

NYX mega shine lip gloss in Natural is definitely my favorite nude/pink lip gloss. Unfortunately, it only takes a few pumps before it starts to leak around the top.

Fiona says:

Have you tried the Rimmel Oh My Gloss? I found them at Target and have fallen in love! The newly packaged Wet N Wild Megaslick Lip Glosses have become a favorite as well (:

I love watching your videos! <3

Anna Edwards says:

I like my LA Colors lip gloss that I got a while back. I can’t remember what the second color I have in it is but the one I am carrying with me is called “coral crush.” It is a real light shade of pink but has no fragrance which I like.

natalie latine says:

Loving the lip color you’re wearing

Pamela MacCarthy says:

You’re adorable. Thanks for the tips.

Ruth Garcia says:

Forget the lip glosses the color on your lips girl is stunning!! Great video as always, I can seriously listen to you all day! Wish I had a teacher like you!

Melody Goad says:

For some reason I loved that you had a little blooper at the end, so cute and so true!

AH F says:

Jessica please do top five drugstore mascara

jenndenis says:

Not alone! My hair gets stuck EVERYWHERE! Love this video! 🙂

Paula C says:

Blushing Belgraves!!!! Definitely my favorite by far. It’s beautiful alone and on top of lipsticks. The Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Glosses in Sky Pink, I do not like at all. It goes on my lips in streaks and just doesn’t look nice on me at all. So disappointed with it.

Andrea Salvador says:

love this!!!

AlwaysMe PlannerBee says:

yaassss on the blushing belgraves I love it

Everyday Heidi says:

Haha! I always wonder how my hairs get woven into my clothes! It’s the weirdest thing!

Rhonda Really says:

Loved the out take. You are so cute! Going lip gloss shopping now. 🙂

ycsarmiento says:

I love the Rimmel Stay Glossy lip gloss as well! I have mine in Lily on the Park and I can also pair it with anything. At first I was skeptical because I got it in a pound shop £1 but it’s really amazing! Too bad I only grabbed one and when I came back to the store, they’re gone…

ShawnandEmily Stoik says:

lol YES totally so strange how a hair can do that…seriously SEWN in!! lol :p ~Em~

Mackenzie Stephens says:

the thumbnail looks a lot like Tati’s …. anyone else agree?

Breann Kunkle says:

You made a Brian Regan joke! You may be my favorite ever! “Grape! I’m gonna get grape or cherry they’re both favorites so they’re both good!”

Christine Chambers says:

I love your makeup in this video!

Sophie Gilliam says:

I just bought the Rimmel Stay Glossy lip gloss in the shade Blushing Belgraves, and I absolutely LOVE it! Thanks for the recommendation, the formula is really good considering it is $4.

Gillian Beemer says:

everytime i would go to the store blushing belgraves is alwaaaays sold out but i finally found it!! 😀 and i really love it! thanks for the recommendation

Cindy Troxler says:

Hi Jessica!!! I’m glad you did this video, it’s very helpful. I think the first time you mentioned that Rimmel lip gloss 4344 I think is the # but I went out to hunt it down and found it at Walmart and I picked it up, I’ve had it for 3 months and I love it, thank you so much. Lots of love to you sweetie.

A Gant says:

amen to the hair findings in the clothes

Marianna says:

Your makeup looks so good. I’m new here so idk if you have or not but could you do a tutorial on this look

Mavelin Nunez says:

I just bought the Revlon lipgloss in Supernatural yesterday n was also eyeing the one in Sky pink. Will definitely have to go back n get it since I love the color n always gravitate towards the nudy n mauvy brown colorsm

Crystine Dummitt says:

BRIAN REGAN! They’re both good! They’re both good.

Mikala Ann says:

NYX butter glosses are my fave!

Samiha Syed says:

Are the revlon super lustrous lip glosses discontinued?

Katie Dew says:

It’s so cute how excited you got about Blushing Belgraves!! Thank you for all your drug store videos, we all enjoy them so much! I actually own that Rimmel one but hardly ever wear it, I need to pull it out more!

justina sawrie says:

you look like Georgina from gossip girl!!

Kaylee Fad says:

You look exactly like Kathleen lights

Cherrie Walker says:

I love your top 5 drugstore series’ 🙂

Renee Cox says:

That’s awesome, I love the Rimmel Stay Glossy. Holy grail lipgloss.

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