CHANEL Glossimers DISCONTINUED?!?! Introducing the NEW Rouge Coco Lip Gloss Full Review

YES! It’s sad but true, the CHANEL glossimers are discontinued (queue the violins). If you’re like me and have your favorite go-to shades like Mica, Wild Rose, Seashell and Constellation… this is really bad news. But have no fear, the CHANEL beauty goddesses have sent a new gift to replace them, the Rouge Coco lip gloss. The shade range, the packaging and the formula are all completely different. This is my personal review of the new glosses! Let me know what you think too!

Erin xx

*Makeup tutorials are coming next! I just have to finish editing. Also, please forgive my dirty phone cover lol I promise it only LOOKS disgusting*

Makeup Products Used:

Eyes: Buxom eyeshadows (I have two customized palettes)
Le Volume mascara, NYX black liquid liner and KISS ‘ritzy’ eyelashes
Face: Vitalumiere Aqua Compact foundation, NARS ‘Orgasm’ blush and Les Beiges Powder 70 bronzer by CHANEL, Too Faced Candlelight Glow
Lips: Rouge Coco gloss ‘physical’


Jade West says:

are the new lip glosses pigmented

The Real Evvonne says:

You can still purchase them at Blue Mercury here in DC. I picked up Happy today and they said they are not being discontinued. I hope not! I did pick up a new one and I love it! The applicator and how moisturizing it is.

Elaine Bines says:

please ask them to bring back notorious – even for a ltd holiday set? Nobody has been able to replicate it and I’ve hit pan 🙁

Catty Boo says:

Great review – I JUST ordered Physical!!!! That’s crazy that is what you are wearing!! Thank you!

Caliluv says:


Christie Chan says:

I think Chanel should put more effort on the package…..They look so cheap. YSL looks much better.

Kelsey Graham says:

I just discovered your channel and have really enjoyed going through all your videos. As a Chanel beauty lover, it’s lovely to find someone who shares that enthusiasm. Plus you come across as a very sweet person in your videos. Your channel is wonderful so far — can’t wait to see what’s coming next!

Stephanie Ederer says:

What are the other five Chanel beauty essentials? I love Chanel beauty and skincare products!

apoc says:

im sad… the fact that it was thick and sticky was my fav about them

Wina Winner says:

what color are wearing on the video?

MAJE5TYY says:

how long does the gloss wear before the shine starts to fade?

Ms. J. Lynn Orenstein says:

I wanted this video so bad – thank you

Dana Conway says:

I will miss the old but I’m excited for the new. The good news is that chanel lip gloss and lipstick never ever go bad! I have old ones that still feel and smell exactly as the new ones! I really enjoy your reviews so mucn! Thanks


is it true that they are also discontinuing the bronze universal?!!!

Jade Lynzey Skinner says:

I’m sooo sad. The new creative director is gearing things for younger crowds. I’m 17 and have been wearing the glossimers since I was 12 and I HATE the new colors and formulas.


Whats the intro song?

Coco Chanel says:

I’m just getting into Chanel cosmetics, next time I visit my local Boutique, I’ll ask to try the new glosses,. Love my Chanel

Happy Onion says:

Always gorgeous ❤

Andreea Frunza says:

I really love the vision of the new Chanel makeup creator.

misscelly83 says:

I’m not really caring for their new creative director. She’s changing A LOT of the chanel products. She’s trying to gear this to the younger crowd. why? if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it

Princess Wendala says:

Hi! I loved the Glossimers too and I’m anxiously awaiting these new ones to go on counter so I can see them in person. My most favorite was ” bliss” and I bought dozens as backups until they just didn’t have it anymore. I’m a bit worried because looking on the Chanel website, I’m not seeing any peachy shades. Chanel used to make the most beautiful soft peach shades. Lucia pica seems to be obsessed with red which is very nice but, sometimes you want something softer. Those aqua lumieres…. the ones from summer last year were awful! Very drying, sticky and lasted for a very short time. The others tended to “bleed” into my fine lines around my lips. Thankyou very much for this wonderful review!! Xo

Luna042682 says:

i am a gloss addict but chanel was always out of price range for me but there is this perfume store where i live that is failing so they sell everything and i found 2 for 5 euro. I got 16 lipglosses at the moment and some lipbalms

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