i know i said last week that todays video was going to be my fortune 3 demo review but a couple of my clips got corrupted and had to refilm everything 🙁 either way it’s still a colourpop review & fortune will be uploaded on friday 💓 thank you guys for understanding! but let me know which shade was your favourite and if there are any other shades you would recommend!

⋆ shades in order ⋆
pearlescent: champagne mini & fantasia
tinted: pretty in, imaginarium & jubilee
prismatic: heres 2 u

⋆ time stamps ⋆
overall review @ 0:44
pearlescent review @ 4:05
tinted review @ 5:02
prismatic review @ 6:34
lip swatches @ 7:52
favourites @ 9:44

P.S. there are no dupes for this video because i didnt have any!

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INSTAGRAM ▹ @juudyc
SNAPCHAT ▹ @judychhyy

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On ME ⤑

Lips ▹ “Champagne Mami” Ultra Glossy Lip by Colourpop
Lashes ▹ “Demure Lite” by House of Lashes
Top ▹ Romwe
Nails ▹ “Taurus” by KL Polish
Highlight ▹ In Nude Endo by Colourpop
Eyeshadow ▹ Fortune Palette by Colourpop

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Camera ▹ Canon T6i 750D + Canon G7X
Editing ▹ Final Cut Pro X

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▹ Detroit Vibes
⋆ provided by epidemic sounds ⋆

▹ Easy Feet by Smartface
⋆ provided by epidemic sounds ⋆

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J Kay says:

I freakin love the scent of the new glossy lips, it smells like maple syrup and macadamia to me. At first I only bought Flying Horses, because I already own quite a few glosses, but as soon as I tried out the new formula I went and bought Champagne Mami and Jubilee because DAYUM these things are fantastic.

Meghan C says:

This eye look has me wanting the Fortune palette which I initially wasn’t interested in DAMN

Dani says:

Okay first of all My girl posted so that made my evening! <3 Second your makeup is stunning! That yellow in the waterline got me shook! And third I could probably watch you swatch glosses all day long! It was like ASMR honestly haha. I wasn't so excited for the new CP glosses but now that they're scented and have so many new finishes, I'm very interested in them. Do you know if they will be keeping the more opaque formula (the old one)? I really want to try Aquarius and I never got around to ordering it.

Natalie Marie says:

I bought one of these, and the brush made it look streaky AF. So I switched it out with a doe foot applicator. Problem solved

B. says:

I need a tutorial on this look, omg so gorgeous ❤️

Megan N says:

Thank you for the wonderful review! At first I only wanted snow day from this collection but after seeing your swatches I want Imaginarium and Champagne Mami too. Thank you for spending your hard earned money and I hope colourpop sends you PR soon!

bonnie chen says:

Really like your eyelook in this video. Could you please make the tutorial ~

Maddy C says:

I really appreciate your videos, thank you for making them!!!

Mariana Viana says:

Imaginarium looks so good on you!!

Keiizuki says:

I don’t mind the delays in your Colourpop reviews (shipping to New Zealand must be haard) because you are so thorough with your reviews and it also helps me control my spending as well 🙂 I reccomend picking up Flying Horses! I never liked glitter in my gloss but maybe I’ll give Champagne Mami a try ❤

Kirbee Coffer says:

100% agree on Champagne Mami! It is the most perfect gloss I have ever used!

gerika28 says:

You’re my favorite youtuber!

Arlene Assaf says:

whatd you use for your brows?

Lauren Williams says:

I actually picked up secret weapon and totally love it!.

GretchenVaughn says:

Thanks for the info! I learned some more general ways to think about lip products from you today. I recently got Aquarius. It looked like an Urban Decay Backtalk dupe on you. Regardless, it’s gorgeous and I love the formula. It feels creamy! I also got Double Agent because I wanted a ‘holographic’ type lip topper. It has a little bit of pigment and I think the multiple reflects make it very versatile. I thought the wand was broken, though, because of the new brush applicator. The bristles were stuck together but it’s fine now. The jury is still out whether I like the brush or not.

demolitionFM says:

I LOOOOVE Champagne Mami. But Flying Horses is my fav. Highly recommend.

Caitlin Hoffmann-Herbert says:

Can you do a glossier inspired look with frank products because I feel their vibe is similar even though they dont have foundation/concealer/powder?? Especially since glossier doesnt ship to NZ yet, I feel Frank is our closest bet <3

Abby L says:

Can I just say that I LOVE your eye look today?!?! That yellow eyeliner hngggg Tbh, when the new glosses came out, I heard a lot of people complaining about the brush so I just bought one to try it out. The one I have is Champagne Mami and I LOVE IT!!! Personally, I also like the new brush so idk what the fuss was lol I’m planning on buying Fantasia next since it looks good on you or others in the pearlescent/prismatic finish hehe

Lee says:

Even though I have no interest in getting these lip glosses I still gotta watch your vid bc I rep you so hard girl

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