DON’T BUY! 16 REASONS Karina Garcia’s Lip Gloss Kit is NOT worth it SaltEcrafter #8

Karina Garcia Craft City Lip Kit Review! Here are 16 reasons why this Lip Gloss Kit is not worth your money. Of course if you want to support Craft City, feel free to buy their products. But now you know the pros and cons of this DIY Craft Kit.

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Scribbondi Scribbler says:

7:36 liP gErsH

Sierra Blake says:

Maybe the extra is in there because kids spill things haha

TK Art says:

you colour blind my dude? the gloss on the back of the box is clearly blue not purple

chibi hungary says:

The girl on the front cover looks like she ate all the lipgloss

Allie GORDON says:

8:05 lol

Meli Reyes says:


fuzzy shrimp 18 says:

Why are you so mean

DangITZAang says:

Omg i love your videos!! And hey your rev are honest!! #NerdificatonSquad

g y u n i u n i says:

I can see this type of Kit being sold at Five Below for $5
20$ was a HUGE rip off

Swati Cerise says:

Ur creepy

Ces Marcus says:

You are damn cute – I am never going to buy anything online cause I dont have much money, but I watch your videos cause you make me smile so big and some happiness is what I need in my life right now, so thank you so much for being awesome <3

NayaLiaTV says:

Well still better than my version of lip gloss which is licking them

Madelyn Janelle Art says:

SaltEcrafter. I totally imagine you as the sprinkle meme throwing salt!

Avni Kaundal says:

on the back it is a blue lip gloss

sisters R us says:

$20 is around £15 in the uk so I can buy 15 HIGHER QUALITY lipglosses from Poundland for the same price as 3 in this rubbish, cheap kit.

Aestheticalyy says:

the lip gloss ingredients are crap.

Eishal’s World says:

Do the craft city squishy kit

JustJad3 says:

Is your bird wings clipped?

Jimin Park says:


Alyssa Fizzy says:

this isn’t for you!!!!! this is for little kids!!!! get a life

winterweib says:

If you make something like that yourself, you ALWAYS have to put something in for homogenisize, I do not know how you call it It makes the ingeredients ‘available’ everywhere in the material. So color, glitter etc will not sink to the bottom. Years ago I joined a workshop to study making soaps etc, so I know this. And if they would explain THIS, it would teach something, and would be something like ‘making yourself’!

Sophie Leonard says:

I LOOOOVE the skull painting in the background!!!!

AbbyAndDany0403 says:

I would’ve taken more time if you hadn’t cut off the top lolol (Don’t kill me please)

SliceofBri says:

Watermelon Lip Smackers YASSSSSSS

Krafti GIRL says:

Ha ha!! I called your parakeet a chicken!!!! That’s ok though. I am JUST like u. I think I surscribed… I’ll check. I LOVE YOU!!!!

Mia Alizzi says:

These kits are not supposed to be marketed to adults because of course they aren’t very good they are meant for kids to enjoy because they are little and they don’t care!

elizabeth esc says:

im only 16, but growing up i had strawberry shortcake dolls with their hair smelling like strawberries, blueberries, lemon, etc. jamming out to Hannah Montana. meanwhile now kids are playing with slime. (i don’t get it) but they like it and it’s sad because Craft City seems to see things that entertain kids like slime and makeup and other things of the sort and take advantage of that. it’s sad because it’s not even half assed products… it’s just sad excuse of products. just for the cash….

Jennifer Waterloo says:

Did I catch it say “STEM” on the front of the box, or did I misread that? In what way does this kit have anything to do with STEM? This isn’t teaching a child about science when, as you put it, it’s just assembling. It’s just glitter and liquid! Are you kidding me?? I didn’t have to use the kit to be insulted by how it’s dumbed down. I don’t understand how KG endorses this product when it’s overpriced, wasteful with supplies, and not even remotely educational or creative! It’s probably not animal cruelty free (which is a dealbreaker in my book) and though, it does list the ingredients used in the gloss, at the cost of the kit it should feature more natural ingredients. I’m sure people aren’t thinking about how eco friendly or cruelty free a kit should be when it’s for young audiences, but it’s just a heap of junk! How incredibly wasteful and useless.

Nysa Mohamed says:

Why is there knifes in the background of the box

Emma B.B says:

vid starts at 2:59

jonathan Robbins says:

At this point theres no point in reviewing these we all know they are garbage.

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