First Impressions: Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Gloss Bomb

Hey everyone! I’m posting this on Saturday but I meant to post it last night 🙁 my day was super crazy on Friday so I apologize for that! But I hope you enjoyed this first impressions/review/wear test on the new Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Gloss Bomb. I really enjoy making these videos and I plan on doing more 🙂 Let me know if you want to do first impressions on anything else! New vids every Monday and Friday xoxo

Ig: @lexylorraine


mymidgetbae says:

You’re so pretty and I like your voice. So soft and thin 🙂

Sam Smith says:

Her voice is so relaxing

shalyn lilly says:

what lashes are you wearing?? so pretty

Manny Rodriquez says:

love the review! you’re so pretty !!

Anh Le says:

Thank you sooo much for your video btw you’re beautiful!

Ratha Khuth says:

Hey love , what lashes are those?

Aye K love says:

Why are all these videos so long just for lipgloss

Giselle Romero says:

You are so pretty! I was debating on buying it or not but after watching this I’m totally going to get it!

Becky Enclona says:

Whats the name of the nyx butter gloss??

Hey! ItsChelsea says:

Hi there! I love how the gloss looks on you! Super pretty! Ill leave a thumbs up

i’m not your party favor says:

i got a gloss bomb from amazon, it was $30 and it looks very different from yours

Erika Tam says:

i love your shirt! where did you get it?

Ellie 12345 says:

Hey great video!

Donice Creary says:

im shook i literally thought u were like 16 until i realized u had ur own home a boyfriend and a baby SHOOK GURL

Susana Ramírez says:

where is your shirt from

Kookie Crumbs says:

The applicator reminds me of the tarte shape tape kinda

Eduardo Cardenas says:

When she said my husband i was like wtf she looks like 15

coline the one who motivates says:

Great video

emily says:

what shade was the nyx gloss in 🙂

Kristina Namrac says:

Your smoke alarms need a battery change. It’s a little annoying and distracting. It’s also the safe thing to do. ;p

Other than that, nice review! I’m definitely going to pick up the gloss.

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