FUSSY GLOSSBOMB 💣 review/comparison Fenty Beauty

Rihanna is back at it again guys. I somehow always fall victim to Fenty Beauty collections… talk to me in the comments about your thoughts on the latest addition to the Fenty line. You buying it or nah? 🐞🐞🐞
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Mayeli Mendoza says:

I don’t like fussy for be honest but i think that the original is perfect for everyone is good brand and video too.

music lover1984 says:

your gloss is popping.

Marguerita Rucker says:

I have diamond milk and fussy and i love them both but i love diamond milk more because its that original clear sheer gloss that goes with everything i cant put fussy on if i beat my face hard af and use different color eyeshadow because it does show up kinda pink! So i can only wear it if my face is bare or i use pinkish eye shadows like she has on in the video i couldn’t wear it with green eye shadow or purple but that diamond i can so i love it!! And its a amazing topper on lipsticks! Ive used it on a brown matte lipstick and girrrrrl my lips looked juicy and full

Fish Lover says:

im new and i like u
edit: no i actually love u

giveme pizzabro says:

I always use a pink lipstick underneath because my lips too pigmented

prissynik23 says:

Check out @glamboxStudioco on instagram. Cosmetic Studio on the go

Annastacia Green says:

They all look so good on you!!!!

Jasmine Payne1 says:

the silver one was pretty on you, even though you didn’t like it.

music lover1984 says:

I love the original and the diamond milk I might buy diamond milk tomorrow for myself for the holidays I love the $18 dollar price tag too.

Alaa Atari says:

I think it’s bc of how similar the colour is to your natural lips! For me the fenty glow is similar to my lip colour, but fussy shows up as a pinkish shade

music lover1984 says:

Ikr Rihanna came up with a plan to take our coins 10 more mattemoiselle shades are coming out Dec 26.

Elsie Gustave says:

1000% agree with everything you said I feel the exact same way love the formula obsessed with the original. Tried fussy and returned it bc I didn’t think it was much different than the original on my naturally dark lips. I personally would go with glow as my overall pick. Great review.

Mina Laurence says:

Fussy looks the best on you out of the three

Danny Longo says:

Youre so beautiful❤

xSRGrandx says:

The difference is subtle but I can tell the difference between the two. You don’t really need both imo.

Kris S says:

How did you do that eye look it’s gorgeous!!

Dana Wilson says:

The DIAMOND gloss bomb looks much more prettier on you than the other two.

jumpingfoxart says:

gosh your bone structure is beyond beautiful… I’m amazed & made some screenshots to maybe try to draw you sometime, I’m totally inspired

Roy xo says:

I’m waiting for a redish shade

music lover1984 says:

you look like you could be sisters with the haqq twins from the movie atl.

snoopy1702 says:

I think they look really nice on you.

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