i’m only wearing Kylie’s glosses from now on

life update: i’ve broken up with Kylie’s matte and crème lipsticks and i’m now in a monogamous relationship with Kylie’s high glosses

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♫ Track: burbank – seeing your name makes me happy
♫ Track: Ibrahim – quiet dreams of crowns and metamorphosis
♫ Track: redpest – sleepy time beats
♫ Track: Elijah who – You don’t even have to try
♫ Track: Sunlight-91 – Oceans Dreamers


Tiana Pascual says:

brb going to buy everything in this collection

Ericka Paradis says:

why is Always Shining more clear than Klear

Zoë ASMR says:

New fav youtuber

Artsy Leigh says:

you are absolutely gorgeous

Katlyn Mannella says:

All those glosses look the same…

Sophia Sanchez says:

Gurll you’re so beautiful and those gloss are to die for.

Zara Pace says:

I am suuuuuch a big fan! Kylie needs to bow down to queen Mikaela

carly mendicino says:

Did you get the new high glosses I would love a part two everyone on Instagram is dying for you to get these

Amanda Maria says:

Beautiful and funny. Ha can’t relate.

Zara Pace says:

Keeping up with the Kyle lip clits

stormy wolf stop motion and drawings says:

If she pinned this I would DIE

Yasmine Campos says:

MIKAELA SHE CAME OUT WITH MORE GLOSSES ?!?!? review them plz???!!!!!!!!!!!

Jimboi I says:


The_partygirl says:

Can’t wait for her to try the new high gloss by Kylie since it just came out and if you watched the video you’ll know how much she loved these, She’s prolady going to find her nw new favortive Kylie high gloss

ellie field says:

you need to do a bratz doll transformation. srsly.

Heather Terry says:

I’m not even a fan of Kylie cosmetics but I hit subscribe the moment you pulled the socks out of your pants and the edit said “my d&$# fell off!” I choked on my tea from laughing

Jessica Jordan says:

Keeping up with Kylie lip clits 😉

Generic Bleach says:

Her gloss is poppin

Debra Harris says:

Keeping up with the lip kilts

Honey Butter says:

Her lips are so PLUMP not big and full but like- smooth

Sascha de Witt says:

She wasn’t dressed yet but already had make up on

Spanish class Isa Itzel berch says:

You look like dj from fuller house

certified pigeon says:

I’ve watched this so many times and I think I’ve commented before but all i gotta say is…fuck im gay

Umaru Tuskino says:

♥️ How did I just find this channel ♥️

Trudi Lorraine says:

When you do the next high glosses will you please use the viewfinder for application again because it’s amazing. I subscribed a week and I keep re watching so many videos. A little ashamed to say I’ve watched with one about 15 times. YOURE SO CUTE. Also wish you weren’t strictly dickly because I have a big ole gay crush on you. Okay I’m done, I’m sorry.

Katz Komperda says:

I thought she said “I’m your host Kylie lip clit.” @ 007. 0.09

Holly Harris says:

Can you do a video on this makeup look? It’s stunning!!! Xx

Kiera Thomas says:

Sounds fake but okay part gets me

Nazifa Hasan says:

Watching her apply literally gives me life

Sofia Skakalovaw says:

you are honeslty a true fan , such a cute way to show your obbssseeeessssionsss with those clits ….. I mean kits .

Dee Luther says:

Such a Great VideO As AlwayS
Love That ThumbNail ThO
Your Soo DamN Beautiful
Makeup AlwayS Stay On PoinT
Those Pretty EyeS

blakely hayden says:

keeping up with kylie lip clits

Jane Ray says:

keeping up with Kylie lip clits.

J says:

pls make another video like this, Kylie released five more shades of the high glosses <33

Andrea Victoriano says:

Can you do the new high glosses that just released?

Julia Carey says:

I love everything about you

Dematria Perry says:

I’ve been watching this video propably once a day for 2 months cause I’m in love with your face here and I want to die <3

Lora Marshall says:

Her lips r so nice

Reagan Reiter says:

Keeping Up with Kylie Lip Clits

bust down says:

You should try modeling,and ion mean ig modeling, like supermodeling

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