Jouer High Pigment Lip Gloss | Lip Swatches + Review (All Shades)

Hello hello hello beautiful people! Jouer Cosmetics just released new high pigment lip glosses. Did they just raise the bar with these tho? -the gabber

Jouer High Pigment Lip Glosses

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Jay Fabsz says:


Nianca Kiki says:

i’m tellin y’all you don’t even have to look at a Haitian parents direction but they’ll still have some slick shit to say

OwnYours x TaylorMorganné says:

like this hair

Le Ravenous says:

I’m not mad at any of these shades on you nothing a lip liner won’t fix for some of the shades but I find glosses easier to wear than lipsticks ( lighter colors i mean)

Tashi Newland says:

wasn’t shibuya part of a hand game? Shibuya shi-shi- shibuya road call or am I remembering wrong.

Nicole Michael says:

I’m always glad to see lip swatches on other people who naturally have darker lips because the colors try to play us sometimes, lol. Fifth Avenue, Bond, and Madison were my faves–I may have to cop those. Great review and swatch video.

beepbeepmeow says:

omg Shibuya was SO POPPIN on you! 😀

Kylah Mason says:

The lighter shades didn’t look too bad on darker skin! Might have to check these out now 🙂

Soda's Cosmic Art! says:

You look so cute! (you always look super fab). Plus I have learned a -lot- about makeup here as well, and I like coming to watch your vids because your voice is really nice to listen to (Like I mentioned on your 1+ hour video haha). ALSO I think Bond is my absolute favorite on you. It’s a nice looking color and I bet it would look good on pretty much anybody. I am also here for your suggestions of black, blue, green, etc. I LOVE colors like that.

Eleesia's Portraits says:

The loudness of that end song always gives me a heart attack! I’m so old!! lol

anez34 says:

I love ❤ your shirt!! where did you get it?

JustBeingHonest Zzzz says:

nails are hideous

bebe ori says:

I. Absolutely. LOVE the progression of your channel. Production, content, allahdat! I noticed that the lip swatches cut out the part where you apply the lipsticks/glosses.(doesn’t fully cut it out, which I like). Makes the video short and sweet but still informative. I love that the font of the name of the gloss matches the color of the gloss(hope that makes sense lol). I love the lighting, so good. I love the little bitmoji type character that appears during the closing credits, like so cute. The little bitmoji character is like “hey I see you leaving, have you seen the other stuff yet”. Makes me wanna binge watch old videos for like the 10th time lol. But some things have stayed true like your humor and honesty! So important. It makes me really trust what you’re saying and the reviews. I love that you still respond to comments. Like yes! Stay in touch with the people that come to see you. So genuine. I really could go on and on. I wish i could yelp review your channel. 10/10 would recommend to a friend! 15/10 would watch another video! 10/10 considers reviews when purchasing a product. Honestly, I’m so happy for your success. I feel like such a proud friend.

Mercy Rono says:

Bond is the best

Jaqueta84 says:

Fifth Ave, Madison, Bond, and the last one were my faves. You and I have about the same skin tone, so I think I could get myself a shade or two!

Bis Ma says:

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