Kylie Cosmetics High Gloss Review + Demo| Dark Skin

Kylie Cosmetics High Gloss Review + Demo on dark skin
Hey! Welcome back to my channel, I’m back with another review and Demo for the new Kylie Cosmetics High Gloss. These lip glosses are fun but if you’re as dark as me not all of these glosses are going to fit your complexion (unless you use a lip liner) so make sure you watch this video to see what glosses are going to work for you! Thank you so much for watching! Please like, comment and SUBSCRIBE!!

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Lauren Priscilla says:

Super classy and effortless review!!! Love it!!

Eze John says:

I was looking for a dark skin demo, thank you for this!!! Also u look great in those glosses!

LaToya Banks says:

Gorgeous and I can’t subscribe

weeaboo princess says:

They all look the same except for snatched and diva

isthataweed says:

u. r. s t u n n i n g

Linda Powell says:

I just got a new if

LaToya Banks says:

I want those clear and sheer lipgloss

Teresa says:

They’re not sticky?

Being Lynniie says:

New sub!

laur laur says:

Thank you. Cuz my dark skin some times dont look good in some lipglosses

Isla Pelcastre says:

What lipgloss are you wearing in your intro?

Avril Day says:

4:48 ♡

Weez says:

ur so gorgeous oml

Virginia says:

i really want to try ‘Oh you Fancy’ but its sold out :'(

Maria Thelin says:

1. dunno what im doing here, bc im so white i get sunburnt at night
2. girl, those nails are super cute
3. your lips are _TO DIE FOR_
You’re super pretty, though, all creepiness aside (my bad)

Keisha Capers says:

Great review, thanks for trying them on:)

SHAN says:

The problem with these glosses is the fact that is have barely any product inside. With the applicator, it looks full but once you take it out you can tell that the tube is filled less than half way. And the tube itself is already small with a thick application tube.

Serena Chairs says:

Nice and cute n all but not worth 100 …for they all look sheer n shiny the same. Coins saved.

coline the one who motivates says:


sara L says:

They all look great on you!!

Queen Princess ASMR says:

Omg you deserve more subscribers you are so classy and your editing is so elegant ❤️❤️❤️

TheMeganWho says:

Snatched looks so good!

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