LIPSTICK QUEEN Frog Prince Lipstick, Cream Blush, and Lip Gloss REVIEW #notsponsored

The idea of products that are “unique to you” and “adapt according to your pH and skintone to create your most flattering shade of pink” sounds pretty magical. But do these products live up to the claims? See application for yourself and hear my thoughts in this thorough and honest review!

FTC: This is NOT a sponsored video. I paid for all of these products with my own money. Lipstick Queen was not involved in this video in any way and they are not paying me to make this video. As always, my promise to you is an honest review.
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Frog Prince Lipstick

Frog Prince Lip Gloss

Frog Prince Blush

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V laloca777 says:

I remember the color changing lipsticks! I had some when I was little I loved them cuz they were a light wash of color. The lipstick reminds me of the old school ones. I like the light wash of pink. The blush is beautiful!!

Katheryn Downing says:

Great review Jen the lip stick looks interesting

Heather Mitchell says:

seriously?! This actually stains my lips and more than any other lipstick I have!! I can’t believe you don’t think it lasts. I guess everyone is different

Jenny Shavarska says:

This lipstick is like 2 dollars on Aliexpres

Kristi Nystrom says:

ooo I remember that video when you did the Born Pretty Store haul with that color shifting lipstick they had. The blush really did look fabulous on you, though.

Stephie Ann says:

i love this lipstick! After i tested it out in Ulta, and saw the stain it left after i wiped it off, i was sold! 🙂

Felicia Graham says:

A possible reason for the color change in the pan of the blush is because of oil transfer. Any face oil left on the brush and fingers causes the chemical ph reaction.

impossichannel says:

Changes color by ph. The oils on your fingers probably changed the ph on the top layer of the blush and that’s why it changed.

Sparkle Naturally says:

LOL, Back in the day we called these lipsticks “mood lipsticks” they were marketed as lipstick that changes with your mood; there were also “mood rings”. Smashbox also reintroduced this as a lipgloss called O’ glow which was my stable for a long time as it changed to a beautiful shade of pink. The frog Prince lipgloss with the green sparkle in it would be perfect for Glozell, I think I will recommend to her! Thanks for this review!xo

Leeor Elimelech says:

Jen, might I say quality here is on point!! Love you and great video as always, you really have stepped it up!!! XO ❤️

anna oversmith says:

love your videos your the best!

Staci H says:

These types of products always go too dark/bright pink on me. I am fair and do not like the look of them never natural looking to me.

Brandi B TV says:

love this video, also I wanted to say, since Ive discovered your channel a couple weeks ago, I have really tried to improve my videos, ( i seen your tip video) also i know pay attention to sponsered and affilate links!

Amber S says:

Love the new camera/lighting!!

Catherine's World says: check out my video… Subscribe and support.. I’m new to this and would love some support ..thanks

teddi13 cline says:

Your necklaces is so pretty!

E. Garceau says:

Thanks for the great review Jen! Your dog is adorable! Saw him in your other video but forgot to comment on it! ☺

Caroline Hankins says:

Great review! I also saw emilynoel83 did a review of the gloss and the blush recently, and her feelings were pretty similar to yours! Too bad about the weird glitter in the gloss; otherwise it might be a good product (even if it’s at too high of a price point). Looking forward to your collab with Kristin Gehm; I love both of your channels!! 🙂

Darla Elliott says:

these have looked good on everyone I have seen review these. That’s a good sign, is also seems to be lasting and just overall real decent and good for everyone.

Whitney Burns says:

Hey JenLuvs can you please watch my daughters cute little video. She wants to start doing youtube videos and loves your videos! Especially this one lol

kiley.elizabeth says:

i’ve always wanted to try the one by it cosmetics! thanks so much for this! xo from my channel to your’s <3

Dubz One says:

the elf one does the same and yea back in the day they had

Eva Gruber says:

ny mom used to have those
…in the 90s
i loved them

Canii peopleperson says:

I honestly love the sailor lipstick and the frog Prince lipstick. That’s it. I also pair them with lip liner.

Traci Rhein says:

I actually own all of the “color changing/enhancing” lipsticks: medieval, hello sailor, frog prince & jean queen, and the shimmers: ice princess and queen bee.

Are they “Amazing?”…Nah, I just like the novelty of them although the white and gold shimmers do enhance other lipsticks quite nicely 😀

Tara says:

I forgot to say in one of your other videos your dog is sooo beautiful! What breed is she?

Sara G. says:

I love Sam!

booboobrinn says:

wow…thanks for ruining a really good song!!

Lwhitney says:

You’ve changed up your editing and its really beautiful! I loved the song in the background. I understand nothing of these products and you’d be AMAZED at how many people come into Ulta expressly looking for this……….. GAH BAH. I like to be able to know and see the color that I am putting on my face. And it’s such a yucky green color that scares me. I NO GET!!! Plus they’re all sheer–gimme some color!!! Then you’ll color me impressed!!

Vicki S says:

How in the world did I just found your channel?!?! I am a new sub and I will be binge watching all of your videos this weekend! The few that I have watched today are so unbelievably informative. I can’t wait to catch up on all your videos and to continue to watch more new ones!!

BleedingxRainbow says:

Too Faced had a lipgloss like this. i was like 15 when i had it. it had a watermelon flavour. i still have the mostly empty tube. oh the memories

aleighga1 says:

If it helps your decision I bought the lipstick months ago and never pick it up….

Paula Thomes says:

Aww…poochi got glitter too! ^_^

JennyT79 says:

Sephora’s “Unique Pink” lip balm does the same thing. And it runs about $9, I think? I bought that instead.

Alexis Larson says:

it wasn’t just in the 80’s, i got this stuff from Sally’s like 5+ years ago

Ginny D says:

I remember seeing these types of color change products for like a buck or less. I think I want the lipgloss most because it’s really cool watching it turn from green to berry and it also spotlights the lips a bit. It’s expensive for a lip gloss but it is rather unique nowadays

BeeBeauty says:

I really want to get this lipstick and the sailor one! I love berries! <3xox

Elisabeth NOYB says:

Those color changing lipsticks from the 90’s sucked and LQ are the same crap. And so overpriced.

joe Williams says:

Hi Jen , you are looking gorgeous. Xoroseingeorgia

Mia says:

$75 for 3 products !! Such a steal (maybe that’s just because I come from Australia and everything is expensive af lol)

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