Just hit the shelves … new L’Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte Glosses. I picked up 8 of the 10 new colors and try them all on for you. Please thumbs up if you enjoyed and let me know in the comments which one you thought looked best … and worst! xo’s ~ Tati


L’Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte Gloss
318 – Bare Attraction
300 – Blushing Ambition
310 – Forbidden Kiss
302 -Fuchsia Amnesia
314 – Nude Allude
304 – Rebel Rose
312 – Rouge Envy
316 – Statement Nude

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Gracie R. says:

I never understood why they called them matte glosses, I mean, that in itself is super dumb

Bianca L says:

Can you try out the new one’s they came out with ?? I seen them today on display i grabbed one & the new ones are a matte that don’t transfer

Nicole says:

I get that weird numbness from these too but I thought I was nuts! I would love to know wth they put in em that makes that happen. Realllly weird

Caterpillar Gf says:

Huh…i dont get the numbing thing. I love these lipsticks. My favorite shade is 316, Statement Nude.

Sugar Skully says:

Can you do the pro gloss

Joanne Cortese says:

damn i should have watched this one hour ago….just bought the blushing ambition and you are right it too pink, it looks softer in the tube….

Ashley Marin says:

I have the red one and after a while it dries down like a matte lipstick and I really enjoy it 🙂 It’s just like Tati described it!

Xena says:

You’re so pretty like oh my gosh <3

NonaPaskemin says:

If you put polysporin on your lips it will numb them, maybe it had a similar ingredient? lol first thing I thought of

Shauna Mason says:

I like the product itself, but I cannot STAND, STAND, STAND, the applicator. My swatches are always messy with it ;-;
But I totally agree about the numming! It freaked me out the first time.

Zoë Lange-Pearson says:

I have Afroditeis kids

Thiên An says:

I loveee these baby! Statement nude is my go-to everyday wear and it makes my lips look so plump and got that signature supermodel pouts I LOVE IT. It’s super comfortable on the lips too and is non drying

Tara Leek-Wilson says:

ily so much but 6/8 is 75%, not 90%

ANaiya King says:

Man this set my lips on fire and made my lips sore and raw for days!

Meghan Pereira says:

i have two of these- rebel rose & shanghai scarlet. the colors are absolutely beautiful but i did find the formula really thick and uncomfortable. the more you put on, the glossier it becomes and the less you apply the more matte. if thick lipsticks are something that you can handle, then i definitely recommend.

Danielle Dollar says:

I’ve been watching you for probably close to two years now. I love you so much Tati and you have helped my go out of my comfort zone when it comes to makeup. I’ve even started to buy hof her end makeup and can’t get enough of it!! I have been feeling crappy about myself for a few years. I never liked what I saw and I just felt terrible mentally and physically for so long. I found out about 2 months ago that I have PCOS. something I didn’t want to hear, but that’s what God wanted for me. I have things finally under control after about two years and I feel like I’m glowing from the inside out! Your videos have helped me so much! I am liking myself and expressing myself through the power of makeup! I could have never done that without you!! So thank you. You. are more of an inspiration than you think. I

Kalyani Singh says:

Girl, every color looks amazing on you! Keep up the honest reviews 🙂

Jade Magpayo says:

Tati made me buy it ❤❤ And its the best. I really love it its comfortable and easy to apply ❤

Ana Pimentel says:

Just thought of buying it but I HAD TO HEAR THE QUEEN…

mymidgetbae says:

I appreciate the effort you did to find the colors 🙂

Talia Scalera says:

You can get them from Ulta Beauty

Abeera Gul says:

Where is the link? anyone please tell me the price

Zee kay says:

I actually love these! I have 5 of them and they’re great!

Marlynn Jordan says:

i believe the only reason they have matte in the name is becuase of the line of loreal makeup it comes from and thats why its highlighted and the 8h one isnt

Michie says:

I bought this lipstick because of this video. Wow what a disappoint. It didn’t even stay on for the evening. No more listening to reviews on youtube for me

Norain Fatihah says:

You look like Princess Leia in this video omg

Claire Brown says:

any time I am looking for new makeup, especially lip products, I always check to see if you did a video on them first. I love your reviews and never buy anything without consulting you first!!!! Love you!!

mudkip04 says:

I have blushing ambition 🙂

Katie Spunaugle says:

there are new liquid matte lipsticks by them. theyre pretty awesome like the new maybelline ones. lasted through a whole work day for me. found em last week.

Kirsten Miller says:

It smells exactly lip blue raspberry jolly ranchers

Mimi Mo says:

What shade are you wearing on?

Ellina T says:

Ughhh they’re $19 for me. WHY?!

NATi • DO • says:

Tati you are sooooo amazing!!

Sheila McDaniel says:

thank you so much

nawal10 says:

I got 1 of the glosses today by accident thinking it was a lipstick! I really don’t like it! It says matte but does nothing related to matte…I don’t understand its concept…it is supposed to be applied on top of a matte lipstick??

Demi Dawn says:

Just got my hands on it, since they just launched in the Philippines late last year, I think, and this lippie has the same smell & tingling sensation with their Extraordinaire liquid lipstick, which is actually the reason why I stopped using it. Very sad.

BrittAny Gallegos says:

I love the neon pink that’s what I wear a i think it looks great on you

Marelle Bergsma says:

these are like velvet. loooove them.

PanicAttackDisco says:

I hated the red one of these… was a horror story to wear all day… separated, peeled off, and couldn’t handle a reapplication.

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