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Sakura Neko says:

I have mature/sensitive skin. Winter I finally found a good moisturizer but now it is spring, ineed something for the summer sunscreen, moisturizer.

Eshani Nandita says:

Maybe a video on ceramide moisturisers for different skin types? 🙂

# Blinkie0425 says:

What country is this channel made in?

Monica Joyce says:

How about the Klairs Rich Moist Moisturuzer?

AmazingD says:

I have a sensitive skin and also a dry skin so what do i use?? Can i use the original thingy thingy and the Cerave

Deb L says:

Mia’s makeup caught me by surprise.

Potato 52 says:

Hahaha the bitterness for normal skin folks. They are truly blessed

Sahara Elizabeth Roberts says:

can you do a video on how to “read” your skin?

Salma Vasquez says:

Who else has Oily Skin ?
Cuz I do

jn jn says:

So when do i use my serum? Before moisturizer or after moisturizer?

Mouza Ny says:

I have q, regarding corex cream, so i can use for all my face as moisturizer!! Bcz many reviewers use it as a spot treatment so does that mean its harsh,, bcz i am worried to use it with pixi toner that have chemical exfoliater. I am confused is it for acne or soothing cream and moisturizer?

Golden Suga Kookie with Tae says:

16:54 is when they talk about products

serigalaitem says:

do you guys have moisturizer recommendations for dry skin? thank you in advanced <3

A Rodarte says:

Loving all the info this channel provides, especially for a beauty/skin-care newbie like me… But audio levels on your videos could use some work!!! If you evened these out, vids would be much more pleasant to watch/listen to.

jazmin tovar says:

I have

Aesthetically Noice says:

Can we get a video for dry skinned people and another for oily with tips and recommendations

The Funny Bunnies says:

1:45 pause

Harshita says:

Please review Avene Skincare products!

Ash B says:

Can I apply klairs supple toner and then apply klairs airy soft sunscreen on top? Without moisturiser in between.

Keema Simon says:

Stupid I hate you

Mary M says:

So, when I wash my face it gets dry, but when I use moisturizer it becomes oily. I don’t know what kind of moisturizer to use.

Laila - Marie says:

This girl at my school has a bag of lipgloss but her lips stay dry

Ninoska Rodriguez says:

and hydration?? what is the different from moisturizing our skin? is it the same?

Surviving Millennial says:

People with dry skin got 0 recommendations… dislike

Anjali Akkaraju says:

Can u do something on importance of sunscreen

Chimmy loves Big E and thats forever. says:

All the lipgloss are the same bro!!!

Sammy Be says:

Ur gloss is poppin

Asi Anna young says:

@4:46 what was that gloss

Geneva Diosdado says:

What were the suggestions for dry skin? Suggestions were provided for the others except the main one that actually needs help with locking in moisture.

Jayden Martinez says:

where you go to get all of the lip gloss at ?

coffeeflesh says:

I think I have a problem, I just bought 4 lipglosses today and I think I’m gonna finish them in under 1 week

It’s me Yo says:

bruh u beautiful

Charlotte Dawson says:

I thought you were wearing a swimming cap in the thumbnail ngl

Keema Simon says:

Stop it dum dum you ugly you you better stop cusing ang we can fight if you want stupid ugly you need a weapon and come for me so you should stop you stupid and die

Zoey Beebe says:

Hey do you think you can sell your lipgloss

Keema Simon says:

You think you all this and that but you anit so stop your stupid mouth you are crazy

Keema Simon says:


ruby castillo says:

I love her so much!

Nyah Boo says:

What’s the name of your hairstyle?

Itsluckyyy Channel says:

Where did you get the coconut gloss

anna monsivais says:

You should do a how to glow up video !

d t says:

The 3 glosses that are a dollar each work good but if you go a while without using it they smell bad


If u don’t like glitter lipgloss why did u get it then?

Keema Simon says:

You can stop know

anjali says:

yo ur gorgeousss periodttt don’t let anyone tell u any lesss.

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