So … I searched everywhere for a month, finally got my hands on all these babies in the last 48 hrs. It’s the entire line (all 12 shades) – please thumbs up this video if you like this approach. Thanks So Much For Watching!!! xo’s ~ Tati


Maybelline – Baby Lips 60 Berry Chic
Maybelline – Baby Lips 55 Fab & Fuchsia
Maybelline – Baby Lips 50 Pink Pizazz
Maybelline – Baby Lips 45 Coral Craze
Maybelline – Baby Lips 40 Tickled Pink
Maybelline – Baby Lips 35 Life’s a Peach
Maybelline – Baby Lips 30 Pink-a-Boo
Maybelline – Baby Lips 25 Taupe With Me
Maybelline – Baby Lips 20 Lilac Lumi
Maybelline – Baby Lips 15 Fuchsia Flicker
Maybelline – Baby Lips 10 A Wink of Pink
Maybelline – Baby Lips 05 Just a Glimmer

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AmaneeChaan says:

As an adult I love these because I had been looking for a gloss that is also a lip balm and requires no mirror to put on, don’t care that they aren’t super pigmented, was nervous because the baby lips stick balms just dried my lips out more and left me more dependent on the product for nice lips, but this doesn’t and it is super comfortable, and the hint of color helps bring out my natural lips on days I love to be natural, or it goes great over a lipstick so your lips don’t dry out.

Happi Meggie says:

The only reason I got life’s a peach was cuz I thought it was clear and it was the only one left

Cranberry says:

I wouldn’t really expect baby lips to be that good. I would rate it a 10 out of 10 though. It’s something for teens or if you just want your lips to be glossy. Nothing interesting.

madamhummingbird says:

Dear Maybelline: New BabyLips Lip gloss line. Take another victory lap. Love them ;D

Amber Carey says:

I personally don’t like the packaging but that’s just me (not trying to be mean just opinion)

Kim Andy says:

u look like as if you are 51

Happi Meggie says:

I got life’s a peach and I thought it was clear and I have a darker skin tone so when I put it on I was like,” I look like I have a severe cold”

emily eldridge says:

i think for 1 of the creams lifes a peach i love that one and i think u just got a bad one bc me and alot of my friends love that colour

Ravyn Liam says:

I like the Berry Chic. It has that slightly orangey tint that actually looks good on me. Never thought I’d like something like that, but it turned out to be very flattering. So why not?!

fakejb062311 says:

“oh my gosh–get in my purse” XDDDDDD

michelle Millikan says:

TATI–you are THEE most gorgeous woman I have EVER laid eyes on and that blue! JESUS help me you look even MORE beautiful in that blue color. please kiss your momma for me for I get to look at you along with the rest of the world and DROOL

dominovuitton says:

Why does your mouth in general look different in this video? lol. at the beginning of this video your mouth looks like a different shape.

Farrahrized says:


Awesome gamer says:

I. We. Wen

ana cecilia palacios says:

Tati, your makeup is amazing as always!

Jasmine Ma says:

They’re not bad….

Clary_Savage says:

I bought one and lirteraly no pigment came out

Heather Smith says:

I have it and I love it mine is tickled pink

Ana S says:

I’m not sure why but whenever I use the baby lips gloss or balm my lips tend to be dryer than when I started using them. Not a fan.

Maria Ivan14 says:

Tati means dad in my language- romanian

Elly Chan says:

I think the colors are all the same, just a pointless product.

aki challa says:

I really thought the creams were going to be more pigmented…

Lioness006 says:

I would layer them over lipstick to add moisture and shine. But that’s just me.

BtsGot7Exo Trash says:

a lot of people are complaining bc of the lack of pigment but they are made for people that just want moisture and a natural look instead of normal pigmented lip glosses

Rebecca Villebro says:

Love you videos!! <3 I also make makeup makeup videos, if you would like to take a look! 🙂 <3

Mossstar 109 says:

I use Life’s a Peach and it works fine on me, however my skin tone is alot darker than Tati’s

randi nieweglowski says:

Love love love these glosses

Cherry D0ritos says:

Try the NYC lip glosses, they are amazing.

Austyn Lancaster says:

I’m significantly lighter in skintone than Tati, so I actually appreciate the sheer glosses. I actually really like Just a Glimmer, but I use it as a topper.

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