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Today we have a bunch of series 5 Num Noms. Each 2 pack contains one Num & one Nom. There are scented friends and collectible lip gloss or nail polishes to collect. Which one did you like the best? Let us know in the comments.

**Thanks to MGA for sending these to us for review. All opinions expressed are our own.**


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Lydia Johnson says:

Monsieur Butter is my favorite!

Dawn and Dasck says:

Can you pick me inside out on the one video please.ILOVE YOU I watch you videos every day

mermaid sparkles says:

i love num noms a girl at my school did a speech about ten reasons why she would be a num nom

Princess Salma says:

Mine and my moms favorite is monsieur butter!!!

butterfly kids 1124 says:

So cool

Jennifer Phillips says:

These are really cute.

mermaid sparkles says:

i loveeeeeee ya guys i really like how you do all different toys all the time

Eve Belle says:

Sprinkle crunch is my fav

Zeal Gaming says:

My mom and i love you videos!!!
Please do a shoutout to us!!
In your next video

Cheyenne Stewart says:

I love your video

Jacob Collins says:

Love you so much

Doodlestep Sarah says:

Hi, i know i dont comment on your videos much but i wanted to tell you two that i am celebrating 10 years of being with my best friend! WE both really like your videos and your unicorno/toki doki reviews! you guys are the best! and i wanted to share it with you since you two seem so happy together and you remind us of ..well us and how close we are!

Mary H says:

Can you guys please give me a shout-out in your next video

Tanieka Mullins says:

Love these

Quality Content says:

My favourite is the chocolate crepe

Kids Wire says:

love this video !

montyslifefeaturing Beauty says:

Pee-wee kiwi would make a AWESOME Num-Nom

mermaid sparkles says:

so many crapes

Anonymous Artist says:

Can you give me a shout out in the next vid and btw you guys are awesome

Myriam Massé says:

I love num noms and you are The best.

Sweet Girl says:

My favorite Num Noms figure was Monsieur Butter because he is so cute

Haley and maddy says:

Because my name is Madison

Haley and maddy says:

My favourite nomnom is mango Madison

Jana Morrissey says:

Hi guyz! I like to know what you do with your toys when you are done opening them!
Biggest fan, jAnA mOrRiSsEy

Kyra Martin says:

Yall got me into the blind bags and my fiancee as well

Cheyenne Stewart says:

I liked the be raspberry one

Kaida Le says:


Bonnie Morrison says:

my grandkids love num noms

Maddy Corrasa says:

Choco crepe

PinkyBearToys says:

I hope num noms comes back with stampers.

Alexis Springer says:

Lots of them

princess fire says:

I love your videos y’all have fun and I love num Noms do y’all saying stuff to people if you win at the game I just want to know my name is chiva give me a shout out

Crimson Crusader says:

I looooooovvvveeee Num Nomsssss!!! My son loves when Paul does his voices. His favorite is the Monsieur Butter! #WeLoveShannonAndPaul

Jessica Russell says:

I love your vids

Creative Foxz says:

Oh my all these toys look so delicious looking that they are making me hungry!! I need some snacks. Now where is that ice cream?

Alabama Oliva says:

Hi I love you guys can you make a video about ducks please?????

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