TF Lip Injection Extreme:

Final verdict…. I still like it. Dont get the regular version get the EXTREME, the regular legit does nothing…I will end up keeping it because who doesn’t like a little extra plump? Plus it doesn’t make your lips look fake, definitely a natural looking plumping effect 🙂 It wouldn’t hurt to try it so just make sure to keep your receipt. I also used it another time and got a “ring of fire” around my lips for going on the outside perimeters (to test out). If that does happen and you go outside I would say just put your injection on first them do your eye + face makeup last so the foundation will cover it up if you are having issues- or to avoid it 🙂
Next Woop or Womp will be on the reformulated MUFE HD Foundation, it was supposed to be for today but of course this smarty pants deleted a middle section of the video…. I admit I filmed this at 2am for you bc I had technical difficulties aka a dumb moment haha LOVE YOU WOOP WOOP!

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Ging says:

Can u apply lipstick or something on top of this or wipe off and then apply??

Ani Ovakimyan says:

I wish there was a laughing face like on Facebook, because I am dying laughing, how funny are you?! Free 99

Ayaka Zhanè says:

Could you wear as a lipgloss?

Eda Yuksel says:

It didn’t change

Neelofer Seward says:

You look beautiful with or without.

Remi Danae says:

Girl your edits… I love them. Instant sub!

Dark Alessa says:

when you’re black and don’t need this

Rachel says:

Why not wear a glossy before lipstick…

Erin Regan says:

what eyeshadow do you have on

ssuleiman12 says:

soooooo, if its more visible extended out…why not show a side view???

jemma richardson says:

how long do the effects last umtill they go down

Mayria Moi says:

It does nothing. Those who think it does, it’s all on your head. Avon came up with the plumping idea more than 10 years ago, it used to be pretty popular and aimed at women over 30s. Truth is that it’s nothing more than a bit of sting due to the ingredients (which many contain eucalypto or menthols) to try and help irritate the skin so the lip looks fuller. They are a gimmick, after a decade and they still don’t work, if you think less than 5% plump due to irritation is really plumping, then no. I woulf say it’s a hyped product. I do like the colors and that they look like children crayons, cute.

Keviinz11 Z says:

That two face lipstick is trash! it doesn’t work and sometimes it has an air bubble on it which makes store employees think that you wasted it all! NOT RECOMMENDED!

Claudia C says:

How long does it last?

Nashad Ali says:


sofia kells says:

You don’t have plump lips you idiot

Danielle Reddy says:

I have been using it twice a day on bare lips but hardly get a tingle. I still think it’s plumping and I also like the moisture effect it gives.

Savannah Ferrell says:

I just bought this today. The burn lasted like under 5 minutes!

paleasslatina says:

the regular one works for me lol!

Alexandra Eliadis says:

I never had the tingle :/

Anna Bowman says:

you sound just like gwen stefani

Cathy Torres says:

I don’t see a difference I think you should try without any lipstick or anything on

Miso_Soup!Go says:

I was getting ready to buy this and I heard that it burns bad…

Bobbie F says:

womp for me…slight burn for about 15 secs and nothing so going back to exchange for something else and lips didn’t plump

Star Paul says:

Thank you I was worry about the tingly Ness !

Meta Bradley says:

Don’t see a difference.  It would be hard to see a dfference on lips that size.  Seriously.

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