24 Hour Lipstick|Lipsense: Does it work? Review and Demo

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Hey y’all here is my review and demo of lipsense!

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Tealover says:

If you want it to come off, use baby oil gel or Vaseline or coconut oil it comes off with out needing to rub it it less than 60 seconds.

Stayce Lynne says:

So, who do we place the order with for the 15% discount of MISSNIKKI?

Amanda Thomas says:

Hi everyone! I just started selling this product! Join my facebook group Amandas lip lust to learn more or join my team and find out how to get up to 20-50% off!

missdancedance5678 says:

It only stings and smells funky because it has alcohol in it 🙂 also witch hazel is a good way to take it off

KaylaJayRenee says:

And if you have a oil based cleanser and warm water that works to take off that’s what I use

Korita Steverson says:

Can I send you some samples of a new product to try? If so, how?

Chante Estrada says:

I love the eye-shadow you have on.. Can you please do a tutorial on how you do your shadow or the colors please

KaylaJayRenee says:

The tingly should go away if you keep lips moisturized and yourself hydrated! ☺

Christina Sorrow says:

I am a LipSense distributor! Join my Facebook group for product info or ordering info 😉

Kaza0kun says:

Lipsense is pricey. but I’ve begun to realize how worth it it is. You can layer colors, and also use different color lip gloss, so if you have three different colors, you could potentially create 27 more colors! And my cousin recommended using witch hazel to get it off. Hopefully that’ll help ya!

Maelui Yumiko says:

What colour/brand of lipstick did you have on at the beginning of the video?

ucrbabygrl says:

I like that these are glossy and transfer proof you can usually only find matte transfer proof liquid lipsticks.

Regina Guiles says:

If you love the lipsense you should try the shadowsense!!! Its amazing!!!!! https://www.facebook.com/groups/1779084259030030/

Brandon Gallacher says:

I’m a distributor if you’re interested. Find me at Ikonic Lips on Facebook. I’d love to take your order!

Olivea Rodriguez says:

Are they drying?

Loren Bell says:

has anyone ordered this from the site listed? i want because of the discount but im afraid until i see others have lol

Ashley Burns says:

it’s so annoying when people don’t look in the camera they just keep looking in the view finder

YukoAkumuchi says:

They make their own remover for it. Saw it on the site a second ago under the lip drop down.

OfficialKatianaMusic says:

What lip color and gloss were you wearing in the beginning? It’s gorgeous ❤

Heather1 A. says:

I think it is silly that is says it “molecularly bonds” with your lips. LOL. Anything you put on your lips does that. And it talks about getting rid of waxy build up but beeswax is an ingredient in the gloss. You have to buy the color and the matte or glossy coat. You can buy a single tube of Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipstick and get the same effect, and you don’t need a special remover.

Misha McKenzie - Author says:

The lady I bought mine from recommended a Neutrogena Facial Bar for quick removal.

Miranda De Los Santos says:

Don’t breath so hard

Ash91134 N says:

Hi everyone, feel free to join my Facebook group for more photos, videos, limited edition products, and personalized service!

Lili Stoakes says:

Don’t go over the color… Do one sweeping motion, if you go over it it’s like a dry erase board if you go over the wet color it will take it of!

LipQuid Gold says:

you would look beautiful with the new crimson red Diamond color from the new diamonds collection

Kathleen Douglas says:

My biggest problem with lipstick is that it cracks and looks dry and crumbly on my lips… Does this do that? I’ve googled and youtubed how to get it to stay on and look nice throughout the day but I just can’t find anything that works for me!!!! I’m in need of a product that won’t do that

Erica Garcia says:

They also make a remover to take it off!

Elligons says:

Use the “Superaway” lip color remover from Maybelline. It goes on like lip gloss. Then you just kinda press your lips around, let it sit for a minute, and it will break up the pigmentation of the lip color. Then use a tissue to wipe it off. I’ve used 24 hr lipsticked since they first came out, and they always stain the lips.

Juree Parriott says:

Sorry if it’s been asked but what’s the name of the color you’re wearing in the beginning of the video?? That color I liked.

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