AFFORDABLE Lip Swatches & Review 😍💄 KissMe Liquid Lipstick Club by LiveGlam

Hiii! Today i’m doing an unboxing haul video and doing lip swatches on these affordable liquid lipsticks! I hope you like! xx
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Alieshiea Clifford says:

I love the faces you make when your in love with the lip colors!!!!! Haha I’d be the same way

los angelas Patea says:

Shaaaan can you please help me :/

Charissa Hickson says:

shannn if you love terracotta colours try the smashbox always on liquid lip in out loud!!! it’s the most amazing burnt orange, I absolutely love it x

Mikayla Brown says:

They all look amazing on you, but tbh every lipstick looks good on you.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Peace Love And Jamie says:

Are they long lasting?

Random Girl says:

I am so glad I found you, I am from New Zealand also and I love how you do so many lip swatch videos!

Jennifer R says:

These look amazing! I just signed up! ❤️

brooke9632 says:

Does anyone get annoyed when she says “wurable” it’s WEARable

Kristen Rasimowicz says:

you are my FAVORITE youtube beauty blogger!! iLy!!! keep making videos i love to watch anf learn from you. !! *kristen*

Olivia Knight says:

All of these lippys suit u so cute

Lana Hardie says:

u look good in metallic lippies

Charlene Burnet says:

Number 2 matches your already perfect makeup and makes it somehow better

J. Gloria Pantoja says:

they all look so pretty on you!!!!

JoMcK says:

Hey! I get this box I’m just finding these aren’t super long lasting. Any ideas? I love the price and the colours

Baysnoopmin says:

I just got my first order and had to hurry and try them. They are great!

Lynne Jones says:

That metallic lipstick suits you so much! Xxxx

Sarrah Sharafali says:

How much is the shipping

Panic! At The Black Parade says:

Does anyone know some lipsticks with a similar shade like hottie tottie?

los angelas Patea says:

Why are theycharging me over $30 and ever since ive signed up I have random withdrawals that I cant afford xoming out of my account. I thought I could trust this because of your videos of thissite 🙁 so pissed off I cant afford this shit

Crafty Dutchess says:

My favorite was the metallic one on you! I don’t know why you don’t like metallic bc they look freaking amazeballs on your lips! Especially that rose gold colour!

Kasey Woodworth says:

Can you do a first impression of the eyebrow stamps? please(:

fets15 says:

I liked the metallic the best on you. So pretty and fresh

Guadalupe Salazar says:

The orange/red got darker once it dried up. Look really pretty.

Nina Ivancevic says:

The first lipstick looks great on you!

Alysha Carter says:


Rhino kisses says:

Champagne kisses looks great

Siobhan Christina Murray says:

you look so much like zara larsson in this vid

Casey Chapman Nicholson says:

Hi Shannon, just wanted to let you know that I am being spammed by liveglam. I went to sign up to get these lipsticks and at the last minute, decided I would wait. I filled out a bit of information, now they have emailed me several times AND TEXT ME AT 5am this morning. I know how you feel about this kind of behavior from companies, so I thought I should let you know. xxx C

Lobna Saeed says:

Why you are so beautiful !!! I love u so much you are so honest !!

Victoria Fox says:

“Okay, for how pigmented this is”
Girl..we are watching :p

Olga Martizia says:

Wow! Shannon, thanks for the review! I immediately order this lipsticks and use your link to get one more. Now I’m very excited about what shadows I would get.

Nadia Bashir says:

If it is an ad, then why didn’t Shannon say so? I feel betrayed.

Samantha Cheshire says:

loved this. so….I signed up ….Thank you!!!!!!!!

Manaar Zaki says:

The metallic liquid lipstick looked so good on you. Do wear more metallics.

Caroline Lane says:

So I just received my first shipment and got Promiscuous, Single AF, Happily Ever After, and Royal! OHMYGOSH they are so buttery! They are so beautiful. Royal is definitely one of my faves already. Thanks for doing a video suggesting it!

Breanna Garay says:

I just signed up and I can’t wait! Thank you so much for the referral code! I’m so excited to get 1 free lippie! The July colors look stunning! Actually they all look stunning!

Angela Johnson says:

Have you tried the LA Splash liquid lipsticks and glosses? If not could you look at them? Thanks

Cristina Romeo says:

u should upload a video each month swatching the lipsticks u get

los angelas Patea says:

Shaanxo please help me lol

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