Colourpop Lippie Stix Lip Swatches & Review ♡ 31 Lipstick Shades!

Here is my current Colour Pop Lippie Stix collection. My lips LOVE these lipsticks! Which shade is your favourite? Let me know below 🙂
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I put ** next to my ULTIMATE favourite shades in case you were wondering which ones I would recommend first, because there are so many shades to choose from and I know it can be daunting xx

Shades Mentioned:
Tipsy **
Cake **
Pony **
Frida **
Punky **
Rocket **
Tuxedo **
Brunch **
Chi Chi
Confetti **
Wifey **
Heart On
Cheers **
Dahlia **

NOT SPONSORED AND IM NOT MAKING MONEY OFF YOUR PURCHASES OF THESE LIPSTICKS. I feel like I have to say that cause I love them so much and people are gonna jump to the conclusion hahahaha 😛 😛 😛 love you guys xx

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Camera: Canon 70d
Editing: iMovie


Camo Cutie says:

LOL @ 10:24!! Every color looks so good on you and your makeup look in this video 🙂

/pol/ tard says:

This video made me go by 12 Lippie sticks and 9 lip liners… Whoops, I’ll just say it’s an early bday present lol

Victoria Saint Norén says:

Shannon i absolutely love your videos. If i need a review of something i first check out your channel! <3

Abigail Watson says:

So they’re super affordable except you have to pay $25.00 postage to the uk…..

Brianna Nicole says:

10:20 – 10:26 had me DYING LOL

Britt Wilshusen says:

The colors really don’t show up.

tilzbest123 says:

I ♥️ skimpy

Song Bird says:

do they ship to england?

Sylvia Harr says:

pause at 6:19 lol!

WarMaiden1000 says:

how do you have enough money for this????

ThruTheLookingGlass says:

Thank you for mentioning the formula w each shade. Very helpful!

andreina pichardo says:

I love all color

Shruti Kumar says:

Weird right when you talk them the lighting is good but when you apply the lipsticks then the lighting is bad really really bad but I still love your videos so much and especially your lip swatches videos.

idontlikegoats says:

I’m having a hard time understanding the names of the lipsticks. It would be very helpful if you would write down the name of each one, while you are applying it.

cheryl gustavson says:

That lighting totally killed the whole video:(

Lili Nedelec says:

Thank you

Annabella Leuzze says:

Is tipsy not available anymore!

Cher Silveira says:

I LOVE your eye makeup look! do you have a tutorial for a natural but pretty look like the one you are wearing in this video?

Mariangel Henriquez says:

color pop

Sylvia Harr says:

At 6:28 love that lippie with her eyeshadow!

mounota Rahman says:

U looking like super

Laura 1969 says:

This make up is your best. Tutorial ?

Melissa Belasco says:

all colors look gorgeous on you!

Ben J says:

Should I get lippie stix or the lip gloss looking ones? These one look more dreamy… idk anymore

Ajia Castilow says:

Hey you should do an updated colourpop Lippie stick/ ultra satin/ colourpop lip products video including lip liner and which liners you would recommend for your favorite lipsticks etc. I’m also a lip junkie I want everything so I want you’re suggestions on what’s best in your opinion

Angelina Good says:

confetti looks like something taylor swift would be wearing

georgia allen says:

Can you please do this makeup look it’s so pretty

Shaemless says:

Loved this video! Thanks for sacrificing your lips 😉 Colourpop has soooo many shades so it’s super helpful to see them swatched! Loveeeeee

Nabiha Islam says:

I love the shade Trixy and Brunch also yasmin also chichi
and click i could go on and on and on

Anna Raymakers says:

I can’t find confetti anywhere 🙁

Veronica Rogers says:

Is it me, or does each shade suit her perfectly?

Shruti Kumar says:


marisa phengsa says:

How long does it take to ship to New Zealand ?

Sammy D. says:

So don’t mind me being absolute trash ,
But I find it funny that the color clique is a bright red

|-/ just sayin

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