Jeffree Star vs Kat Von D: Black Lipstick Test & Review | Toxic Tears

My test and review of Jeffree Star’s “Weirdo” black liquid lipstick against Kat Von D’s “Witches”, I hope you find it helpful!

Please remember this video is about the makeup only, please keep drama and opinions about the individuals behind the brands to yourself or bring it elsewhere, thank you!

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Jamilla Kjærhede Krupsdahl says:

I love your make up!!!

Bella Holman says:

Pretty zombie test? Pretty please

mieze ljotschek says:

Your eyemakeup is so awesome. Love that yellow

Nancy Carolyn says:

I have Damned in the KVD lipstick and I think it’s easily the worst lipstick I’ve ever tried. Not only is it streaky and a hassle to apply but it smells AWFUL. And it’s not a chemical smell. It smells like a toilet if you catch my drift. And taking it off is hard and hurts pretty bad. I didn’t buy mine offline or anything like that. I went to Sephora and bought it.
Did I just get a defective one? Because everyone loves them but I hate mine. It sucks that I paid $20 for a lipstick I can’t use

Camryn Craig says:

I tend to find that Jeffrees lipsticks dry out my lips more than Kat Von Ds and is a little more uncomfortable but it also stays on longer than my KVD ones

Darkly Dave says:

I just tried the Kat von D one, I found putting a Burt’s Bees dark purple underneath helps with the transparency and seals the lip preventing staining and whatnot. 🙂

nizo1995 says:

I have Vampira and Damned from Kat Von D and I found them a bit patchy and streaky. Prefer my colour pop liquid lipsticks when it comes to darker shades!

Dez Olivas says:

I cannot staaaand Kat Von D’s liquid lipstick formula. It’s so drying!! And it comes off so easily. Hers was the first brand I ever bought liquid lipstick from and I liked them but when I tried jeffree stars brand when it released I fell I. Love with his formula. It’s so comfortable and it doesn’t come off easily when o eat oily foods. His are great. I love both Jeffree and Kat. Such a shame about their fued. Oh well. I still support both of them though.

Luxifiera says:

Awesome! I may just have to try some JS:) That meal looked and sounded fabulous. I have never tried mint with veggies, but it sounds divine.

jishwasoreos says:

why do people still support jeffree? ugh

Ashley Bowers says:

i love your youtube channel <3

joey Tan says:

Can you pls make a video making the salad. It looks yummy

L B says:

mange TOOT

xnorsruym says:

You’re so good at pointing on makeup, I’m so jealous.

Jade says:

I don’t think I’ve had patchiness with KVD’s. I have dry lips so I always put on some Burt’s Bee’s chap stick underneath, KVD’s Slayer lipstick & then apply the liquid lipstick. Lasts all day and more comfortable 2 take off

Kawaii batfangz says:

I found the Kat one very drying and it came off during the day ! I was going to buy the Jeffree one because I really don’t like the Kat one..but I guess I’ll stick to my black Barry M lipstick for now if there’s not much difference with the liquids 😮

BlackVelvetRosePetals says:

I like both of them.. But what you’re seeing with the difference is that jeffree’s is a tad cooler of a black and has a slight blue undertone, where as the kat von D is a flat black. I said they’re different enough to get both. Lmao because of course.. I love black lipstick so. Haha. Loved the video 🙂

alien morper says:


Whitney Van landeghem says:

can you pleace do a make-up tutorial for this eye make-up .i want to do it for my wedding this year.

Kairo Symister says:

That eye makeup would look so lovely in pink!

MekanicalToy says:

Idk why but my lips are so selective about lipsticks, I’m so glad liquid lipsticks became a thing because no matter the lipstick it’ll bleed and get patchy in a matter of hours x.x The liquid ones stay on so well for me no matter the brand…normally, but the kat von d one I have I never wear :< I was so excited when I bought her black liquid lipstick and I was so disappointed by it....I'm not sure, it just doesn't work at all for me. It stays sticky so it'll stick to itself and get patchy just from talking and the corners of my mouth just flake right off.. I try to make sure it dries before I close my mouth, just a relaxed kind of open so the corners aren't touching. I thought maybe because it's black and the pigment is normally hard to work with for makeup :[ black eye shadow tends to hate me to though XD

Cathy Hewitt says:

Sorry if I’ve missed it but have you ever tried zombie cosmetics lipsticks? I’ve heard they are good. Would like to know your thoughts kaya xx

Kye Oliver says:

Could you please do the black moon cosmetics black lipstick as I’ve heard that is really really good for coverage and appliance. Then you could pit it against weirdo

Emma Pattinson says:

So glad you did this as I’ve just received Weirdo today and I wasn’t sure how it would wear. Do you find it bleeds into the skin easy? I’ve found it did on myself when I tried it out so I thought I’ll try with a lip liner next time x

seaberrythistle says:

I find the makeup monsters black one is the best!

Desiree Vasquez says:

I like kat von d eyeshadow, but her lipsticks are just a bit too dry for my mouth.

Emileigh Rose says:

I honestly don’t mind that KVD is a bit dryer because my lips are dry anyways and it doesn’t feel any different than when I have nothing on them. I find that the KVD Studded Kiss lipsticks are more comfortable and stay on better than the Everlasting Liquid Lipstick. I tend to work better with normal lipsticks as well.

Maverixkk x says:

for some reason the Unicorn Blood JSC velour I bought 2 years ago absolutely E X P L O D E S when alcohol hits it? I bought and wore it to a party, my face wasn’t oily and I never ate, I drank a Capri Sun and Vodka and it looked like I’d cut my lip on the glass and started bleeding, it was ridiculous.

However, I did buy it from DollsKill and apparently they aren’t listed on the Jefree Star website as official/trusted sellers so idk? Could DollsKill have sold me a fake? I’ve never heard of Jeffrees reacting bad to contact with alcohol, only grease which is understandable.

Idk I’ve sent countless emails to the customer service team and I’ve been ignored every single time, their loss though, I’ve never bought another since in case its just the formula :/

Vampireleniore says:

I don’t know if I got a defective Jeffree Star Weirdo lipstick or what, but I really don’t like it at all. It doesn’t dry down. I had purchased tons of his stuff like a year and a half ago and also had that issue with Hoe Hoe Hoe. I noticed it looked like it bled a little on you. It looks less clean around the edges than the Kat Von D, but the Kat Von D seems too sheer to me. I love my LA Splash Venom, though. Thank goodness I found my holy grail.

Starrynightpunk says:

You had a better experience with Kat Von D than I did. I have noticed a difference in how well Kat’s lipsticks were between the colors, but overall my experience with it was that it was a lot patchier, dryer, flaky, and the ends of it would bleed outwards from my lips by the end of the day. I’ve always had a much better experience with Jeffree, but everyone’s skin works differently so that may be a factor

Mackenzie Mijares says:

I would love to see your Hufflepuff yellow/black makeup tutorial!!! Love it!

Ginger Wendys says:

what if you had black lipstick on one side of your lip and a dark shade of pink on the other side

Randomark3087 says:


Masen Neihaus says:

Loved the video, loved the comparison and also really loved seeing your salad. I was actually just watching your old fitness videos lol
It’d be really cool to see more food/fitness videos if you wanted. Totally up to you though, I love all the content you put out =)

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