Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick: First Impression + Review!

As per the request of many: here are my thoughts and feels in video form on the Kat Von D possible-dupe-with-the-Sephora-Matte-Lip-Cream-lipstick! How did it compare?? Watch to find out ∗˚(* ˃̤൬˂̤ *)˚∗

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Sabrisha Tapatio says:

anyone else bothered by the outer corner of the lips not being covered

Caroline L. says:

You do really good wear tests. I appreciate the thouroughness.


the lipstick look’s good on you

Sabrisha Tapatio says:

i have about 5 shades and with each matte lipstick i have, kats brand and others, i ALWAYS use a lip balm. like a very lightly tinted one. it helps. also with matte lipsticks get urself a lip exfoliator!!!

heather landskron says:

Maybe try the new one, not the small bottle, maybe the other one by the company.. I hear the bigger bottle of the lipstick are better.

Nikki Baskin says:

You are hilarious when your drunk! Love it xx

Tiffany Dewitt says:

omg cassie your hair here is so beautiful!

Sasha Von Kirsch says:

You so nice and funny and real live girl)

My Name Is Glitter says:

If I learned anything from this video it’s that you may not eat a fetus.

Melissa Hewit says:

So which one do you like more Jeffree star ones of this one

Jess Hayes says:


LegalEagle says:

The usual constantly grinning Cassie is only slightly less annoying than the drunk grinning Cassie. (Btw the “pretend drunk acting” at the end of the review was ridiculously bad )

winky winky says:

so glad i got to see this …drunk lmao

Nivan says:

I know this is old but it’s so nice to see you having fun and laughing :DD

Danica Suarez says:

just saw this… except maybe a fetus. I love you

Hugh Mungus says:


Jenna Peterson says:

fun fun fun

Corrie- Onagoodday says:

Can I ask u a question? I like ur channel cuz u down to earth. Your not some makeup snob YouTube Diva. I saw a lot of the beauty bloggers get the huge set of all of KatVonD liquid lipsticks. I am 45 year old and almost cried, for real. I am now in love with makeup after watching so many videos. My husband asked me to tell him how much it is. Well as u know you the public can’t get them. She has 74 colors and they $20 each!!! I am so sad we can’t buy the whole collection. I want them so bad that I am considering starting my own channel too. However, I am 45 overweight and worried no one will want to watch me. Any advice? hugs Corrie

Primrose NewYork says:

best lipstick review ive ever seen. i know Exactly what to expect from a kat von d lipstick now! (btw, u remind me of my sister. wacky, yet endearing)

Diana Saari says:

Gawd ur funny and i love youuuuuu!! Yayy you’ve got a new subscriber!! ❤️

Okami Famaterasu says:

your hair is GORGEOUS is this oh my days
i love you!!

Ann Merc says:

that shade is beautiful on you!

The Real Evvonne says:

Team Drunk Cassie!!! Love your channel!

Katie Flack says:

OMG drunk Cassie is so funny!!! LOL great video!

Matilda Stener Näslund says:

Hahahah i Love drunk cassie!

zehra ashraf says:

sooooo funny

Stacie Cute says:

This is such a great review. This kept me laughing. 🙂 Thank you for testing this out. <3

Afreen Hassan says:

wats da shade of the lipstick u wore

ThePlainMe says:

Drunk Cassie is hilarious Cassie xD

MerrySims21 says:

I love drunk Cassie!!

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