KISS PROOF, FOOD PROOF LIPSTICK?! Rimmel Provocalips 16 Hour Lip Color Review – itsjudytime

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Provocalips 16HR Kissproof lip color
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Mrs. Cassie Lewis says:

Yeah I bought this stuff a while ago because of this video and it dried my lips out really bad.

Halichika says:

hmm…I’ve been eying these for months but my cosmetitions always defer me away from this product. I work at a drug store so I have to see them everyday and that’s exactly what I need. a lipstick that stays even when drinking liquids all day

Wanda Lawrence says:

I literally just found out about this today..I thought Heck yeah a cheaper alternative to lipsense so i went to our local store and literally bought like 8 of the colors they had and was so excited to try them out. I did my own tests on it and ultimately it’s a great lipstick but i would really like to see you rub your lips with a white washcloth. Because they must have changed the formula since 2015 because i followed the directions to a T and it wiped off. It passed EVERY single lipsense test except wiping with a white washcloth. And being the monster truck with lipstick that I am that’s kind of a show stopper because when i eat I WIPE my mouth. I don’t “Blot” it. 🙁 I do like that it feels really gentle on your lips though.

look flawless in your 40's on a budget says:

The colour you used looked like the bright red swatch, did u get them mixed up when you put it on because that dark pinky shade before the red looked beautiful in the swatch bit went on red! Please help as I really wanted the one you pointed to but if its that bright red colour I would change my mind, please get back to me xx

Desy Flores says:

After seeing this review I went and purchased Play with Fire and OMG I loved it. I have not even used my old matte lipsticks anymore. Thanks for doing these reviews. This lipstick was a hit and I will be purchasing more ASAP.

Sana Aziz says:

I bought this product. It was disappointing 🙁 clumpy and does NOT last

StarlingofAzerath says:

BABIES!! So cute!

Stacy Co says:

This product is amazing
I’m wearing the exact shade u have on

Kate - says:

Amazing review! Just subscribed!


how do you remove them

sxdutt says:

I reeeeeeaaaallly want this product to stay…. Got so many compliments on it…

GryffindorGirl says:

Thank you so much for this!! So helpful!!!!

Isroatul Laila says:

are you indonesian?

Rowan says:

So awesome! And that colour looks just FAB on you!!

Snejana Comenov says:

Oh Gosh BABIES! 🙂 so cute, best kiss test ever! Rewatched just for that part <3


Yes these are aaaaaaaamazing!!! They last all day. I just wish they’d come out with the same formula in a matte finish. Other than that they’re great!

Bonnie Stonem says:

Omg thank you for the video! It helped me a lot since I’ve been looking for a lipstick like that

Emily says:

That’s the most adorable lipstick kiss test I’ve ever seen. :3

amjamx29 says:

Best product ever

dreamon cosplay says:

I hate the gloss. It smells sugary but chemical and when you lick your lips, the taste…ugh

Grace Makasi says:


Mitch Lee says:

i love that shade.i would definitely buy that. It is long lasting. Im impressed.

gracey marie luna says:

ill find this one in ph

Aim high Soar high says:

ma’am is this lipsticks available in Philippines or in Cebu?

Jennifer Harrison says:

my husband surprised me w some new makeup n he grabbed these cause he thought id like the color. they r kiss fatal and its like a plumb color. and the other one is play with fire n its a true red. its not orangie or pink . its a true red! they r amazing

Fathima Sana says:

is it still available?

shydera dean says:

Your babies are soo beautiful ☺️ had mine four months ago ❤️

Laa Lii says:

my love is on fireee wuuuuuu now burn baby burn playing with fire~

anyone? :”v

Vanessa Frerk says:

Hi! I really enjoyed your video on the Rimmel Lipstick and your babies are so cute:) I’ve been looking for a long lasting lipstick lol I loved your eye shadow and your wings, What do you use for them, I just got a new liquid pencil so it’s easier to apply. Can you please do a video of your make up you were wearing in this video?
Thank you
Vanessa 🙂

Cristina Darken says:

i really like the colour of the lipstick

Jessica S says:

This product is soooo underrated!!!

Ms Maker minecraft says:

I wanted to say… wowwww

Yakeema Taleem says:

I just got this and I am inloooove. it’s amazing. but its hard as hell to get off. and I tried olive oil. it works great.

brumbrum987654321 says:

These are fucking incredible! Literally DO NOT COME OFF. Which they’d come in more shades though, especially nudes and browns.

debodrumsitck27 says:

This is sooo helpful! I found a couple of these on clearance the other day at my local drugstore and I Wanted to see some reviews. Can’t wait to try it out now!

Namira C says:

For me it came off really quick, I used the Clinique makeup remover oil based and it works really good

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