Hey babes! How yew doooin?? Hope you enjoyed this video testing out the brand new Kylie Cosmetics lipsticks!! Leave me a comment down below what y’all thought of these lippies and if you’ll be getting!! Make sure to subscribe 🙂

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Burningdaylighters says:

I’m Nicol Concilio and I have something to say!

1: I’m impressed
2: Pigmented
3: Soo pretty

PandyMonster says:

The red tones looks pretty similar to me

Maria Rivera says:

Milk candy is the translation

Gaia Menichini says:

It seems that they’re the opposite of opaque

Riley McLaughlin says:

I need an eyeshadow tutorial on this sooo cute

rollingstone • says:

please do a tutorial on that eye look!!!!!!!!

Kati Rowe says:

Nicol! Do they smell like the liquid lipsticks ?:)

Maribel Ayon says:

I actually like how non-aggressive you are with your opinions lol

Crissu Criss says:

What palette did you use for the eyes? I really love the look

Frankie Finch says:

You are so gorgeous and you look like Ashley Tisdale Xx

Jaime Mishkin says:

Ur hair is so pretty!!

Angel Love30 says:

You remind me of Nichol Richie. You are beautiful!

Laurie Myers says:

There were only six I didn’t care for…I can’t wait to try them! The colors were right up my alley!

PiNPrinDA _ says:

Could you pls do a tutorial for this eye look , it’s so stunning

Christie Gatlin says:

Butterscotch, creme brûlée, sherbet, dolce de lecha, Mont Blanc, trouble maker, infatuation, crush & redhot are alll my favs!!!

Venus Domingo says:

Would be good to have lip swatches of all first and review in the final. Otherwise, it will be a long video.

QueenofRandom 124 says:

I love your channel. Keep up the good work.

Yasmeen Aoudi says:

A TUTORIAL ON THIS EYE LOOK PLEASE!!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Mary Attaway says:

You remind me so much of my favorite actress Krysten Ritter!❤️

Tina Rani says:

Gurl u slay!! I took one look at this video and subscribed right away!!! 🙂

Melisa Rodriguez says:

she’s so pretty!

isabel roldan says:

excuse me being a latina from miami please please stop trying to pronounce Spanish I beg u say it right

kiley.elizabeth says:

the colors are gorg! xo from my channel to your’s <3

Sydney Becker says:

Instead of leaving you a nasty comment, I’m just going to block you.

Chela says:

Is it me or is almost every color looking the same?

Rachel Norman says:

Heyyyyy Nicol! I liked a lot of the shades in this collection, and I agree; I want the lipstick to come back and the liquid-matte formula take a back seat for a few! I honestly like lipsticks, and lipglosses. I’m not big on matte. They all looked amazing on you though! Lots of love xoxoxoxoxoxxo

Diane Mary says:

i love traditional bullet lipsticks so i’m thrilled new ones are released! thank you for this fantastic swatch video!!

Nicol Concilio says:

Hey loves!!! What did y’all think of the lippies??? Also I KNOW there is a seed in my tooth for the first 3 mins of this video lmao, I have bad vision and realllly need lasik eye surgery lol!! Hope y’all like the video

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