Makeup Monsters Liquid Matte Lipstick Review w/ Check Ins (G.I. Jane)

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Makeup Mosnters Liquid Matte Lipstick in G.I. Jane –

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Kanika N says:

Thanks for all the effort you put into making these lipstick vids. It really helps me make informed purchases! Much appreciation!

Gypsie Hex says:


Maria Betancourt says:

Thanks for this review !

Michelle Hernandez says:

Your makeup looks ammmaaazing in this video!

karen williams says:

Lime crime valvatines are terrible compared to colour pops liquid lipstick it moved and smeared all over my face at a wedding D: I wanted a true red from colour Pop but didn’t see any so I brought valvatines what a waste of money they transfer everywhere and wordplay move all over my face and they’re way more drying

kelleygirl1976 says:

I’m trying out different matte liquid lips…the ones I have so far are all either NYX lip lingerie or (new formula) ColourPop. I ordered MM’s brickhaus, Lime Crime’s Lulu (newer shade) and Jouer’s Melon (this was a Jackie Aina recommendation…I love her, though she doesn’t do the break down and reviews like Stephanie). I’m really excited to try them all out.

Gianna Sandomenico says:

I love your videos!!

Elli Adams says:

More indie brands please!

waiohwai_x says:

You’re the youtuber that hooked me up with makeup monsters and I honestly can’t thank you enough! Sedona is my favourite liquid lip in colour and wear. Thank you!!!

Eva Anderson says:

have you review lip fanatics?

Heather B says:

I’d love to maybe see a short video about updates to your reviews, Colors you picked up additionally. If other things have shifted. This brand, I just linked to their site and they have a ton of colors and some new formulas it looks like. Love your channel.

Rayvon Bradley says:

I was wondering if you’ve ever gotten lip injections, I’m not trying to be rude by saying this but your lips look nice

SeiraMckenzie says:

Love you Stephanie! You and I usually have almost exact same opinions on products and just order some of these I’m so excited!

TAZ Wise says:

You look very nice in the deep colors & odd colors.

Ashley M says:

These videos are great, thank you for doing them! Have you tried Atomic Cosmetics’ liquid lipstick? I have tried one shade, brick house, and really enjoy it. but i would be interested in your thoughts!

Nicole Beck says:

Loving your videos! So glad to find some tolerable liquid lipsticks a far as the dryness thing. If you had to pick DOSE of these, which would you? I’ve never tried either.

Emily Prendergast says:

I was really excited to try a lipstick from this brand and while the color was amazing the way it looked after a few hours was awful. It was the shade blackened heart and it bled so badly i was embarrassed to even be in public. Maybe its a shade you just HAVE to use a lip liner with? Or it was from a bad batch?
Either way I just wanted to share my experience with the brand.

Kirsty Smith says:

your teeth look very white to me 🙂

sarah thompson says:

Do the cream ones wear as well as the mattes do? I would love to purchase them, but I’m not a big fan of the way Matte wears on my lips. I’m very picky when it comes to matte lipsticks, I usually go for the cream stuff.

Renata Russo says:

Stephanie could rock as Poison Ivy anytime, haha! I wish I could try these soon.

Kelli B says:

I just noticed that Dose of Colors, Makeup Monsters and Jeffree Star all have the same liquid lipstick packaging, besides the colors of course, the containers are exactly the same.

Katherine Licata says:

Did they discontinue this color?

Teddy Cab says:

Very nice color on you!!

Emmy Coelho says:

I own almost every color, I love it!

Nolie Hazlida says:

can you review smashbox liquid matte lipstic?thank you..

Thao Dinh says:

Hi Stephanie, I don’t have instagram so I couldn’t inform you of this on there, but I just want to let you know that I bought a makeup monster lipstick on your recommendation and it’s absolutely amazing! I usually can’t wear liquid lipsticks because my lips are super dry but the one I got is so comfortable. I fell asleep with it on for a nap and it’s perfect when I woke up. Doesn’t even bother me when I’m sleeping from dryness (which is usually the case for me, that liquid lipsticks becomes super noticeably uncomfortably dry on me after an hour). So thank you so much! Best payment I have made in weeks!!! I didn’t think I could wear liquid lipsticks before. I’m going to buy one from Dose of Colors on your recommendation now because I trust you implicitly. I will be picking up more.

Sheila Concepcion says:

Bought this one in the color Victorian Velvet and I love it!!!! Great liquid lipstich. Thanks so much for this series.

aneurysm_ says:

buying all the colors now

Vanessa Vieites says:

Can you do an updated lip swatch video including the newer makeup monsters liquid lipstick colors (if you have them)?? 🙂

Jackie Summers says:

can you do a review of the Vanatei cosmetics liquid lipstick?

Sarah says:

They’re doing a restock really soon! I’m excited.

Mya Emma Jade says:

“There is moisture in soup.” <3

BlissfullyMe Beautiful.B says:

love the lighter neutral eye shadows on your eyes.and the lighter hair tone

Nusrut Jahan says:

girl you look so beautiful in this color

itsapitome jones says:

two words…. tattoo vlog! lol! sorry Im an inky collector myself so obviously I find myself staring at your sleeves but cant make most of them out love the dice though!

Shïlø says:

Stephanie you HAVE to try out NECROMANCY COSMETICA!!! Indy brand from Puerto Rico, you won’t be disappointed!!!!

Kirsti Burton says:

Firstly, I LOVE your channel. Thank you so much for making these videos. Secondly, I was dedicated to Jeffree Star lipsticks until the recent (and not so recent) drama surrounding him and his brand. I would rather spend my money with small companies founded by good people. I just got my first order from MM (3 lipsticks: bite me, juniper, maroon masquerade) and I’m so disappointed! They are dry and cracking/flakey after an hour or two. Maybe they changed their formula, I know this video is about a year old now. Have you purchased any recently? If so have you noticed any changes? Super disappointed, but on to the next brand in my search of Jeffree replacements. His lipsticks last on me ALL DAY, but again, I’d rather give my money to someone else if I can find a reasonable replacement.

Kimmaline says:

I want some!!! But everything seems to be sold out, at least the colors I don’t have dupes of or could ever wear. Anyone know how often they restock?

Tamra Price says:

Hey Stephanie! I was just wondering how vintage Avenue/Sedona compare to Stila Patina and Doc Truffle/Stone. Are any of them very similar in color?

jyjryu22799 says:

Lol this wasnt the experience I had with these. They were so drying. Like colourpop ultra matte levels of drying.

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