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Hey Guys! Its fridayyyyy and I’m back with another video! This has to be the shortest video I have ever done… right?! This is my Melt Cosmetics Lipstick Swatches and Review video, tons of people requested I talk about Melt Cosmetics so here I am talking about em!
I hope You enjoy this video :DD I love you guys to much!
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See you in my next video 😀
Love you all so much – MannyMua


cynthia meyer says:


Tara says:

Your face when you put on that dead grey-brown skin coloured lippy was priceless lmao! ^_^

Bobette McCann says:

Aw, this was super cute – your sense of humor really came through. Much love to you from your oldest Mannyac <3

Tania Barrera says:

My all time fav song. Intro song. ❤️❤️❤️

Chelsea Sparks says:

Nerdy nummies :3

Jacqueline Washington says:

Manny you are so endearing! Can’t help but adore you☺️

ashley miller says:

Bang bang is killing me! I LOVE a good orange tinted red

Sandy Nguyen says:



Itz Maya says:

The lady you are talking about is Rosanna Pansino.

Tefleh Daafoos says:

I also love melt lipsticks and my fevoruit is Summer! , Belladonna2 and By Starlight

Lo7wat says:

One of my all time favorite lip swatch videos! love it!

Tetz Ahoy says:

At 0:10 my daughter laughs so hard. You’re so funny. This is her favorite video lmao I love it as well. I need these so bad <3

Dana Allen says:

Thanks for this video I need to treat myself to one of these. So pretty.

Amy Mobley says:

Awe Nerdy Nummies, this video help me decide to try this brand.

Madison & Spartan says:

You’re talking about Nerdy Nummies!!

Kylie Larson says:

“Let’s get started” is Rosanna Pansino.

serena hollister says:

How do they do with leaving residue on things?

Sharubaa Kirubakaran says:

That’s ro from nerdy nummies

Nicole Buchan says:

hey Manny or anyone really, what is a good show for sext I was thinking colourpop vice or too faced melted sugar

CarolAnn Emond says:

That intro though.. You are awesome. I love you!!

Valerie Alanis says:

Very gorgeous love! You can pull of any color!! I really want blow, and you should swatch Space Cake, I’ve been wanting that one.

Becca Goss says:

I LOVE Melt Cosmetics!!! I’ve got 6six6, stupid love, Lewd and DOGAF. DOGAF was super pigmented like the rest! I felt like I kept having to go over and apply more..

Kealy Mercado says:

Manny was even sillier back than, he grew up so fast. Watching in 2k16?

Amy Mobley says:

I love Nerdy Nummies, and I’ve been curious about Melt Cosmetics. Thank you for doing a review.

Bitch Pudding says:

omg the intro had me laughing my ass off love u manny

crystal castelow says:

You are so beautiful XD

kaxamdays says:

Manny reanacting the names in the front is one of the funniest things I’ve seen.

BekahJoy says:

Was that a Miranda sings voice? Lol

Rainbow potatoes says:

your eyes are amazing!!!

Ricarda _ says:

You could do too faced next

Elly Ibbs says:

Watching in 2017 wtf

Ysabella Martinez says:

your eyeshadow <3<3<3<3<3<3<3

Ajah Njeru says:

Rosanna pansino

50 Shades Of Ellie says:

omgosh , where did you get that cute ass necklace ?

Hana Vigil says:

You remind me so much of Kathleenlights

Darwin R says:


Genesis Lopez says:

Rosanna Pansino is the woman’s name. She bakes and does challenges

Maria Martin says:

one reason i love melt cosmetics is because they’re also vegan/cruelty-free!

Adolf Hitler says:


Bianca-Jaye Pearce says:

Does anyone know where to get that necklace?? its amazeballs

Macky Bl3ak says:

nerdy nummiesss!!

Denisse B says:

i simply ADORE you!!!

Toshymckitty says:

Nerdie nummies!!! Subscribed and love her videos

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