Most Beautiful Lipstick in the World Tested !

There was a huge demand to do a review video after I shared a pic of my Kailijumei Flower Jelly lipsticks it on my Fb/Instagram. I usually don’t do reviews but I just had to with this gorgeous product. I just love how magical it looks. The gold flakes and the dried flower inside is such a lovely touch. Its also neat that it changes colors according to your body temperature and ph level. My started out light pink and then turned Fuchsia pink in few seconds. I hope this inspires more companies to be creative with their products. Application wise I would rate it 6. Its very sheer and glossy. It did stain my lips after and a had a tad bit of a bitter taste. They say its made with Cocoa butter, Citric Acid, Plant Extracts, Grape Seed Oil etcs.
They offer about 4 different options but its all pink when you apply on your lips. Had I known that I would have just bought one. Still a cool product to add to your collection. Its runs for $27 on their website. Here’s a Link :

Thats all for the review. Hope you liked it. Thanks for Watching !!


Quyen Lai says:

Changes on the temperature and the pH of your skin, so like litmus paper?

Akt vid says:

how much it cost?

Elsa Rose says:

Today I have watched 3 or 4 different reveals and each one the lipstick shows a little different than the other person so the fact that it changes colors based on your PH levels part is true..

Romina Aguilar says:

hi do u have a twin sister?

Isabella Diaz says:

i just bought these i love them!!!

Maya Howari says:

is your real name promise

Akt vid says:

which is your country?

isabelle fortier says:

il est magnifiquement beau

moni L says:

I think the lipstick that this is based on is mystic lipstick that you can find on hsn, and changes based on a person’s ph balance. Is anyone sure which is the original?

Amber Spencer says:

Why doesnt she apply her lipstick to her entire upper lip ? She misses the top every time.

RM and Friends Channel says:

You look like filipino are you????

Gulwash Malik says:

There is a mini flower is inserted inside the stick

Daisy Dohyeong Lim says:

Where did you get the lipsticks??

sally karim says:

how much does the Barbie doll powder lipstick cost

Kalisetty Praveena says:

how can we find wheather it is fake or original when we buy online

Ahmed Aliلرم says:

v so tho jcop

gerica marks says:

ooooh i bought one of them

SUD says:

Hey girls I make videos

Samantha Botfield says:

do 100 layers of lipstick

Jennifer Sun says:

Kailijumei is Chinese

Gulwash Malik says:

Verrrry pretty not the lipsticks I meant promise the beautiful goddess

Monica E says:

you look like you just did the full face of highlighters challenge. lol. it makes you look like you’re from the gods!

Mia Daly says:

How much are they in English money ??

///aest hetic/// says:

I just had to buy one its soo pretty ♡-♡

MissChief says:

Its patchy

Tasnime Nina says:


tveen aj says:

Isn’t it from China…?

Hey! It's Me says:

I bought a similar lipstick from Saudi Arabia for 2 riyals only. Granted, it’s not as pretty as this one, it’s rather cheap-looking but you get the same function.

Nanan Li says:

Pretty sure it is not from Germany, it is from China

يا امير المؤمنين says:

your dress is amazing…how can I have one please?

Gabby Ho says:

I so badly want that where do you find it

Dylan Ginther says:

You can get these on geek for like 2 dollars

Thr not the exact brand but way cheaper and still work just as well!

leena aggarwal says:

which lipstick you are putting in this video?

soul sisters says:

I have the same lipstick

Twilight Sawyer says:

it bothers me that she still had the lipstick up that high while switching it

Fazal Butt says:

rose is very bad

Taryn Moss says:


marlene andersen says:

i love your makeup

Hiren Patel says:

because you have power it that y 2 lipstick is liter

jessicarispoli27 says:

you r georgous!!

jessicarispoli27 says:

do u kno if the beauty and beast items are coming to united states or how to get them ? i want the collection !!

Polish girl Justine says:

It’s so prettyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy omg!

Sudhakar pubboju says:

and you even try lipdicks

Cristina Strugar says:

Where is your shirt from? So pretty!!!

play. east lansing says:

When you wipe it off is it pink or clear?

jessicarispoli27 says:

we color lipstick r u wearing

Expensive Green says:

You just dont know how to use the lipstick . You too much put on it.

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