NEW! Colourpop LUX Lipsticks! Swatches + Review

Heres a little swatch & review of the NEW Colourpop LUX Lipsticks!


Launch 1/31
Price: $7.00
24 Shades!

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Mary Migas says:

Every cosmetic brand should pay you to do their lip swatches. You look absolutely gorgeous in every shade. I’ve never seen a better lip swatch video than this one! ❤️

Belinda Kae says:

How can every damn lipstick look so incredible on one Woman…jeez

stephanie osorio says:

You literally rock every single shade. Just subscribed to your channel and already I am so in love with you and your beautiful personality!

Shelby Arnold says:

How do these compare to Kylie’s new lipstick bullets?

Inna Key says:

Oh my gosh that earlier pale ones gave me all the 90’s and early 2000’s vibes yet Alissa looked stunning!

Claire Hisako says:

In the intro, while wearing aeronaut, you were def serving Wednesday Adams vibes

Valeria Suarez says:

They all looked so good on you ! Makes me want them all

Michelle D. F. S. says:

Hello stranger, &27

Thankfull13 says:

How it possible that all 24 shades look great on you….sigh!!!! Like….I just can NOT!!!!

Taiyeler C says:

When I watch your videos I feel like I’m watching you in person, thats how clear your quality is

Naomi Ellis-Pugh says:

After liquid courage I will be purchasing the rest

Kylie Nagel says:

27 on you was FIRE

Avean Pittman says:

Boy boy boy was my favorite!

Gina Cecchini says:

1. I wish I had your lips. 2. I feel like women with darker skin tones look good in so many colors. So many of them look beautiful on you, but if you put those same colors on white skin it would look scary, lol. Love you!

Marcy Almonte says:

Because Colourpop is vegan and cruelty free they use safe dyes that do stain, especially the reds and pinks because they want to stay away from carmine (which are crushed beetles). Carmine is so used in the beauty industry and is used to give that red pigment.

Erica Lepe says:

Oh my gosh!! You hit a million!! When did this happen? Congratulations you deserve it!!

Big Red says:

what shades were your favorite?

katrinajon says:

ALISSA UR LIPS ARE AMAZING I personally loved uno mas on you! And the shadefriends is for gorgeous!!!!

Dalia P says:

Getty is so pretty!

Shallon Danishia says:

So um Alissa you’re just going to assist colourpop in snatching my wallet. They just duped the whole Fenty lip launch! Amazing video quality as usual! Well done.

Destiny Rios says:

I’m definitely gonna look into Liquid Courage

꽁낑 says:

Your lips r coming 4 my life the heck??? How can one be so gorgeous!!

Dannielle Whiley says:

I’d be super curious to hear how the wear compares to the Fenty range especially since I spied some potential dupes for some of the Mattemoiselle colors I haven’t bought yet…

Anna Marie says:

I don’t even buy from colourpop but this video was so entertaining what the fuck

Bee-Bee Ibk says:

Omgggg everything looks so good on you! But GETTY and AERONAUT omggg looks bomb on you!!!!

Kylie Nagel says:

You literally look drop dead in every shade HOW

ThePerfect Complex says:

These are beautiful!!!!!

Stefdotnet says:

I think I’m gonna cop hello stranger and friends

Vanessa Sanchez says:

Alyssa I have hooded eyes just like yours. I was wondering if you could do an eyelid tape review? Not sure if you’ve heard about them before I know they were a big thing a few years ago but yeah!

Navneet Kaur says:

Love your eyes. Very fierce and tigress like!

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