Today I Try-On ALL 10 of the NEW Color Sensational Vivid Matte Liquid Lip Colors. Let me know in the comments what your favorites are and if you’d like to see another Try-On video with all of the new Maybelline Color Tattoo Shadow Sticks. xo’s ~ Tati

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Color Sensational Vivid Matte Liquid Lip Colors
#5 Nude Thrill
#10 Nude Flush
#15 Pink Charge
#20 Electric Pink
#25 Fuchsia Ecstasy
#30 Orange Shot
#35 Rebel Road
#40 Berry Boost
#45 Vivid Violet
#50 Possessed Plum


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Ditte Svendsen says:

05 but on mine, that’s the one called nude flush 😮 I’m confused

Laura Färber says:

I hate the smell.. It always goes like in your mouth and it tastes like you just sprayed parfume in your mouth..

Jessica Smith says:

It looks like they added some colors to the collection.

Santhuri Naidoo says:

Tati can you please do a review on the new Vivid Hot Maybelline collection?

Friday L says:

I have two of these. I don’t hate them, but they’re not totally matte and they don’t dry down. I see a lot of people hating on these, but I like them.

tamlee xo says:

This stuff was 100% not what it claims to be. I got rid of mine I was so dispointed

Millie Plummer says:

First off, holy crap you are pretty. I wish I could do makeup like that. and Secondly, I just bought the #35 this morning as an alternative to my favourite brand NYX Lingerie range. Something I find is the Maybelline Pore eraser Primer is really good as a base before applying Matte, liquid or any kind of lip stick. Gives it the smooth finish you want, long lasting and helps the colour stay in tact (not rubbing off on anything). Hoping that it will help a little bit for #35 colour.

Juliet J. says:

“I don’t think this shade looks good on me” *flashes to a shot of her looking amazing *

KP Beauty says:

I bought nude thrill a while ago and it looks really bad on me

RavenLynn says:

I bought one of these a few months back in the shade nude thrills and I was sooo disappointed when it didn’t dry completely matte. But then I started to love the creamy formula so then I was happy and I plan on buying more in the future

Layla Washington says:

I have the red one

Mimi the pug says:

I absolutely LOVE these, I have Coral Courage and Electric Pink, such a lovely formula, but its different for everyone I guess x

Osiris Garcia says:

they’re like a tint

wordunderscoremorewordsnumber says:

They suck! I returned mine within 20 mins. They have a STRONG floral taste and smell and a weird tingly sensation. It made my lips feel chapped without them actually being chapped. Oh and to top it all off they don’t dry down matte. It’s basically like a lipstick that is liquid NOT a liquid matte lipstick. Maybelline regular tube matte lipsticks are 10000x better, don’t even bother with these.

Kate Hawkins says:

I got a really really nasty chemical taste from these. Like literally, could taste chemical on the back of my tongue. Also did not get matte and it wore off super easily.

Mandy Polk says:

I haven’t experienced any tingle.

Erin Morticia says:

I love seeing you try on makeup! Almost every shade was gorgeous on you. The only ones I didn’t care for were the baby pink and the vivid purple.

TheInnocent Mime says:

I have the entire collection and I’ve noticed that when it does dry down it in fact isn’t matte but it’s more like a satin finish.

Jessy Blamey says:

yeah i agree with you because i bought one of them and i thought that it would be more matte but it was not

sihayajim says:

Tati I watch you everyday because your voice is therapeutic to me and love your make up love, opinions and honest. All these colors looked great on you maybe it’s your attitude that rocks more than the colors….if you happen to read this stay happy and stay blessed,

Kayla Towe says:

if you do not want to wait just tap it with a brush and it will get really matte 🙂

Just call me Luc says:

They have a grey one in the collection now

Cynthia Cornwell says:

I love these so much!!

woot woot says:

I have #35 (rebel red) and absolutely adore it! I think the pigmentation is okay 🙂

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