NYX Lip Lingerie Liquid Lipstick Review & Lip Swatches

Welcome back lovelies!! Today we are swatching and reviewing the NYX lip lingerie liquid lipsticks. The applicator was a bit hard to use so I apologize for the messy-ish applications. If you guys are enjoying these lipstick swatch videos give this one a thumbs up. NYX came out with this all nude liquid lipstick line called lip lingerie lipsticks. I had to get my hands on them because of how pretty the colors looked. I picked up 10 of the nyx lip lingerie lipsticks and decided I should make a video for you guys. although these nyx lip lingerie lipsticks may not be the best in formula I do enjoy the colors and think for the price the lip lingerie lipsticks are worth having depending on which colr you get since the formula on these nyx lip lingerie lipsticks can be a bit inconsistent. If you guys want me to review and swatch any other lipstick line let me know in the comments.


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Camila Morales says:

Exotic looks Pink on you on me it looks Brown/Red (more brown)

Baecon Chim-Chim says:

I am absolutely in love with matte lipsticks♥ I wish I had a “wardrobe” just full of lipsticks 🙂

Majli Rodriguez says:

I tried this a few months ago. I hated it. It smelled like chemicals, my lips sticker together a bit, and it dried out my lips so much like you can see all these lines on my lips.

Alex Gerrish says:

These are the absolute WORST

Its Me says:

Am I the only whos lip lingerie is sticky

Heather Malroney says:

Ok I need to know the song in the beginning. Lol I’m subscribed just for the music choice with lipsticks. Lol

Delighted Mommy says:

She complained so much about the applicator throughout the video and how dry they are then said she would use them again at the end…. very confusing review. Plus I could barely here her.

SubCulture Recall says:

I honestly stumbled upon this channel because I googled my name “Thania” which I’ve never met another girl spell her name like mine! I’m in love with your channel! I definitely subscribed! Love from Phoenix!
– Thania B.

ashley dooley says:

I love the colors but the formula is way to dry and some of them crack bad

Haileigh Norris says:

What is the intro song ?

Catrina Krom says:

i got babydoll . i hated the formula of it wore it once took it off right away never touched it again. was diapointed because i loved the color.

Kdol World says:

omg what lashes are you wearing in this video if you remember ?? they look beautiful on you!

Kady Crystal says:

I just did a NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Vault (36 lip creams) swatch video and I love this brand so much!! I always find the best stuff and it’s so affordable. Thanks for sharing this video ❤️

kai rose says:

I have these and I think these are better than most liquid lipsticks I know. She’s giving these a negative vibe when these are AMAZING!! FOR 6 dollars cmon.

Shannon Smith says:

I am really interested in the 12 newer shades they released, there’s a couple that seem more nude and neutral than before, since I am a basic girl who’s not bold enough to wear dark vampy colors lol

justine a says:

the colours are so different when they’re zoomed in ahhhh

muhammed asad says:

i have 6 colors colors are pretty but little uncomfortable

Kiara Rios says:

I am soooo grateful that a medium skin toned person swatches these! Medium skin tones need more representation in makeup swatches, it shouldn’t be just black and white lol.

Fiona Montz says:

This vid did not need to be 15mins fuck me bye

1987Marika says:

If you stopped pressing your lips together constantly, while its drying, it wouldn’t be sticky!

Alexa says:

This intro + song… Yassss! 10!

Madison Hartman says:

I loved your analysis of each color and how it applies, so helpful! Also the lighting really helped me figure out what shade to buy, thank you!!

Pinelopi Tziouka says:

omg teddy and beauty mark look soo good on her!

Maher Nusrat says:

can you PLEASE list all the colors down below next time?

Jessica H says:

It’s pale not pel

Danna Yepez says:

the product is as great as the applicator
She is such a hater

Baecon Chim-Chim says:

Teddy and Beautymark look actually the same

RecklessInTheCity says:

For anyone who says that it defines lip lines/creases, apply a nice bit of Eos or Carmex, or any chapstip that’s not to waxy and is smooth and soft and that should prevent creasing. Long wear, it last for a while. Really bad if you lick your lips or bite your lips a lot. Drinking doesn’t remove it too much nor does eating, however the more you lick or rub your lips together the more it fades in the center and leaves really dark lines outlining your lips and faded in the middle and it’s nkt go for reapplying. If you need to touch it up you gotta remove it all and start over im or it gets stringy and clumpy. But they are gorgeous colors tbh.

Sharon Rojas says:

my favorite Corset always but im adding Pushup i like how it looks on you

Mackenzie Mollica says:

The only shade I have is honeymoon

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