EDIT DEC 23: I’ve been watching YT drama more closely ever since posting this review in order to get a more informed opinion on the discussions. After seeing a recent video, as of today, I am separating myself from anything Kuckian. I will no longer be discussing anything in relation to the brand or person – I am completely lost for words on what I have watched. Thank you all for your love and support on this video, I have learned so much! I hope you did enjoy me as a person even if you don’t like the brand/person; my main reason for this channel is to bring some laughters while doing what I love which is makeup.

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Hey party ppl, FIRSTLY MY MAKEUP LOOKS LIKE CRAP LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL but today I am reviewing the infamous Kuckian Cosmetics lipsticks. Overall, I’m not really impressed with the line, I had higher expectations because Kuckian is labeled as a “luxury” makeup brand. These liquid lipstick were average, but the texture of the lipsticks just weren’t for me. i’m open to discuss how you feel in the comments below of course opinions are always welcome!

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irishwench333 says:

Think whatever you want about the guy but these colors are gorgeous, I have used all the liquid lipsticks and they are all drying, I always have to put a little gloss on top. I like that they were not easy to come off, that means lasting power, a little vaseline will remove it.

Nomi says:

I want your forehead

emma.hoidahl04 says:


Schänis says:

The lipstick package looks like the ones from LOV.

Kati Grace says:

Yeah, You would THINK he would have expected some backlash given what he does and the things he has said about other ppl, tearing down other makeup brands, blah blah blah…but no. Apparently he DIDN’T expect it. Because he got soooo mad and flat out indignant when ppl came for him. Every single person who gave a less then positive review or made a video about him, was called a bully and pathetic ect…for having nothing better to do than try and tear him down. How pathetic to be so negative about him. He never is negative towards other people and ppl are just obsessed and bullying him because he is doing so much good and they can’t stand it. LMMFAO!!!!!!

Squidbilly Iverson says:

I actually love your make up look

yongguk's tigger pouch says:

okay i actually really love your makeup though?!

S Q says:

But he is lying about his product its not from whatever country he said and he is stealing money from people and I dont understand why would people buy from here and he did copy another brand there are so many videos with actual proof that his products are fake ! Be careful guys and the package is from ali express you can check online

West Texas Sinderella says:

Did anyone see Nadi’s PopLuxe Kuckian eyeshadow review? His eyes were swollen shut, I felt so bad for him. The products are presented beautifully, I wouldn’t put it on my face because I’m not sure what is in it. John Kuckian needs to grow up. I stand and with Peter Monn, John has stirred up a hornet’s nest. So, Kuckian cosmetics may become YouTube relics lol.

Gemma says:

With longwear matte lipsticks, I’ve found if you apply lip balm over and then remove with a makeup wipe; it comes off in one swipe.

Yea No says:

If you want to take off a matte lipstick (and any make up) without buying make up wipes you can use a little coconut oil and it’ll melt right off.

Rachael Saavedra says:

I know I should be interested in your review, but I want that shirt! Where did you get it?!

Just me says:

not to be rude but none of those colors fit your skin and haircolor..

Makayla S says:

Omg you have such a pretty lip shape!

TheSerendipia says:

I think your make up looks awesome, very 60s, any tutorial on it? 🙂

SpaceSharkArt says:

Hun im subscribed because of your beautiful personality ❤❤❤❤

Emily Deep says:

Why has no one pointed out his packaging is a rip off of Marc Jacobs Beauty?

I love you so muuuch! says:

Why are you the only one to receive it?… hmmm…

diana M says:

I’m glad you actually got your product instead of just getting your money stolen

Kalista Trash says:

I liked the review, just upset that it took 8 minutes just to get to it.

turfs says:

i hit subscribe as soon as i saw dwight

•Glitter Raptor• says:

That first layer… looks kinda patchy..

Dani Lee G says:

What happened to that green lipstick he had on his website ??


what happened to 2 mins? Im 4 mins in and its alot of repeats get on with your point plz&ty

Hallie Rogers says:

YoUr ShiRt Yessss

Star Storm Gaming says:

Is that Dwight K Schrute owner of Schrute farms on your shirt?

michael jones says:

I like you

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