SugarPill Liquid Poison Lipstick Swatches & Review | Evelina Forsell

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blackwidow666 says:

spank is my fav

Lisa Goetsch says:

Loved Girl Crush and Anti Socialite

Mer Kitten says:

they all looked good but the last one was amazing. new sub here, love your hair 🙂

OanaMakeUp says:

you are so beautibull evelina :* kisses from Sicily

Anna BvBArmy says:

Don’t even ask, we will like everything that you post ! <3 xx

DemyxFanOfOwls says:

the black liquid lipsticks would be a great video! also someone commented about different classic red liquid lipsticks and i think that would be a great video too 😀

Rebekah Smith says:

I thought the gold one looked SOOOO cool with your hair tho!!!

Meagan Snee says:

the shade spank is SO beautiful with your yellow hair!! xxx

Corey Holt says:

omggg I unstanned jeffree star a lil bit ago so these look like a nice alternative!!! loved spank, euphoria, dark sided, and anti-socialite!

also I would LOVE a black lipstick comparison video!!!

MizzMadeUp says:

Looovew sugarpill Products…älskar bara hela tanken bakom amy i spetsen…så fina allihopa på dig….lots of ove

Annemari Mercado says:

Your are so beautiful I love all your video

Corey Holt says:

also, this is really random, but I found it really interesting when you got tripped up between the Swedish and English words for consistency – I love learning about languages and I have mad respect for all bilingual people (or more than 2 languages!!) so idk if you would ever be interested in talking about it but I’d love to hear about like similarities between Swedish and English and idk like struggles n stuff you had learning English! sorry if that’s weird I just think it’s really cool

Teph Teph says:

Yes I want to see your black lipstick.

Katha Avocado says:

12:25 your ear magically turned pink 😉

vampiresiren2 says:

A long bob looks amazing on you. Are you considering a hairstyle change?

Адела Беликова says:

U always look so beautiful

Lee Caruana says:

Ok, your brows look amazing!

Lorienzo De Garcia says:

5:36 Girl totally FEELIN’ HERSELF right now.

Maja Stjepanovic says:

yASS gurl please don’t be afraid to give your actual HONEST opinion about products, i respect it so much! x

so over beauty youtubers praising a shitty product or not giving their followers all the details about a product just because they got it in a PR package or something ahh

also would love to see a video on black lipsticks~~

le ciel says:

Your eyebrows look amazing !!! Did you change your routine ?

Lizzie Marie says:

Yes! Please do a video comparing black lipsticks ♥
Also, the deep burgundy shade at the end is definitely my fav

Noctreau the Little Elf says:

I’d describe cubby as a more fluorescent pink tbh I wanna know if it’s blacklight reactive

Katelyn Webb says:

Yes please do a black lipstick comparison video AND a reds!!! That would be so interesting to see the differences in the formulas and tones ❣️

Anissa Uusikangas says:

Love the shades!! You looked so good in these

Sophie Beyer says:

I would love to see a video where you give tips about what colors look cool with what haircolor/skin color/eye color (I have ginger red hair and green eyes for example but I don’t know what colors suit me haha)

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