SUVA Beauty Moisture Matte Liquid Lipstick Review & Wear Test

I was lucky enough to be able to try the whole range of the Suva Beauty Moisture Matte Liquid Lipsticks and here is my general review and wear test.

You can check the lipsticks out here:

I am wearing the Natasha Denona Gold Palette on my eyes in both looks.

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Heidi Bingham says:

Those two middle pinks looked stunning with your coloring! OMG! Also that last purple one too!!! Lovely! I also had to look up a Tim Tam Slam…sounds delicious.

Tiffany Brady says:

I love that mauve shade, Imagination.

Justice A says:

And I love your hair down!
I don’t even use makeup or wear anything but you are one of my favorite youtubers and I could sit here and watch first impression videos all day long

LashGo says:

Nice video

Swetha Telkar says:

What eyeliner are you wearing it’s so dark and gorgeous.

Jessica Ruiz says:

It’s super late in the US but I’m excited to catch your video!

Tanya Kendell says:

Thanks for the video, I like the mauve a lot. I think you rocked most of those colours- my least favourite on you was that true purple.

xxxfairyyxxx says:

that nude is beautiful

Melissa Stephan says:

I normally don’t like Barbie pink, but I absolutely love the third shade on you!

KitschSnitch says:

Oh just to clarify, the second check in is 1.5 hours wear – after eating (not 1.5 hours after eating). xo

skylilly1 says:

Thanks for the try on and review! Super cute cosmetic bag, too!

The City Wife says:


Alexandra Beley says:

Can I just say, I appreciate your wearing a shade we can actually see how it wears throughout the day! So many youtubers just chuck on a nude and us viewers can’t actually tell how the lipstick has worn! Thanks for that!
Also, in love with your eye look. What are you wearing?

Autumn Lily says:

Your second eye look is so gorgeous. Still waiting for my gold palette to arrive. Hope you’re doing a review. 🙂

Bridget Munro says:

Gee – now I really want a Tim tam (or like 5…)

Keiei H says:

The clear color shift plastic is called unicorn skin.

James says:

Ooh these remind me of the lime crime plushies and colourpop ultra blotted lips, I think these might be a new trend going into 2019 like metallic eyeshadows were going into 2018, I’m interested..

Vanquish12V says:

Cuddled up in bed with the furbabies “attempting” to go to sleep and Kat posts a video? YYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSS!!!!!!!! Sleep is for the WEAK!

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