Take Two Review | ABH Liquid Lipstick (Dusty Rose)

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**Liquid Lipstick Swatch Video with Kiss Test – http://bit.ly/1O9gz8k

Products Mentioned:

Ava Anderson Chemical Free Products – http://bit.ly/1JSdsM4
Ava Anderson Sugar Lip Scrub – http://bit.ly/1JdBOin

*** I went through a girl named Andrea I went to college with, her party code at check out is 60508 if you would like to give her credit, that would be nice ☺ No pressure though ***

Kaplan MD Perfect Pout Lip Mask Duo – http://seph.me/1BWtRdg
MAC Lip Liner in Soar – http://bit.ly/1xlnFvE
ABH Liquid Lipstick in Dusty Rose (currently sold out) – http://bit.ly/1P798y3


Makeup Monsters in Sedona – http://bit.ly/1jhWeAk

Sephora Lip Cream in Marvelous Mauve – http://bit.ly/1TaimKc

**This video is not sponsored. Andrea did send me this lip scrub to try, but fear not, a new giveaway soon. I like it enough to buy myself, so I will have goodies for you guys.**

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What I’m Wearing:

Foundation – MAC Waterweight Foundation in NC20 – http://bit.ly/1PKFHik
Blush – MAC Cantaloupe
Nails – Daisy Brand Gel Polish with matching polish on my toes in Queen of Grape http://bit.ly/1L4SY7t in the beginning. Then I changed to OPI Princesses Rule Gel on my nails http://amzn.to/1QheGDq, polish on my toes http://amzn.to/1R4I003
Highlight – Becca Champagne Pop – http://bit.ly/1fOXHwh
Eyelashes – Koko Soho Lashes – http://bit.ly/1JhrB6b

Brands I have to review, next I am going to do Beauty Bakerie because it looks interesting, but let me know after that, the most votes will go next:

1. Armoni Matte Liquid Lipstick
2. Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Liquid Lipstick
3. Aboni Liquid Lipstick
4. L.A. Girl Matte Flat Finish Pigment Gloss
5. LA Splash Smitten Lip Tint Mousse
6. LA Splash Studio Shine Lip Lustre
7. Gerard Cosmetics Hydra Matte
8. Ciate Liquid Velvet
9. Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet

Intro Song Credit CMA “You’re Not Alone” http://bit.ly/1TTiv1q


Amber Randolph says:

I totally agree with you about these! I bought one and was fairly disappointed with how highly everyone on YouTube speaks about them.

Karina Bramasco says:

I just recently purchased ” stripped ” and it’s a beautiful color! The lipstick applied on really well on my lips and several minutes later it dried of really dry and tacky and cracked and it also crumbled on my lips. I was so disappointed! You have no idea. Waste of money! Totally don’t recommend. Never buying her liquid lipsticks. #DONTBEFOOLED

Fayola King-Lawrence says:

Maybe you should have giveaways with all the excess products you don’t like! Maybe they may work better for someone else?

Ginger Snaps says:

I’m 38 an never won anything lol it would be cool to see all u things and to win something from reputable person plz do it thanks GINGER

Mari Ana says:

Honestly, never change because I always turn to you when it comes to my makeup because I know you are not lying and really test the products to ensure reliability.

Alana Rich says:

I was so excited for this liquid lipstick. It is so beautiful on but I HATE how much it crumbles and how drying it is

Jessica Bourke says:

Oh how I wish i had watched this prior to finally buying craft after wanting it for so long. It barely lasted an hour… I ate chicken salad and drank water… it was terrible. I should totally know better than to buy prior to checking your feedback!!!

Arial Viola says:

I honestly don’t like this formula either. I have three and NEVER reach for them. The black one, Midnight, is a mess and its black sooooo lol. NOT long lasting at all.

Skylar Ayers says:

i would donate the old products to a younger family member who’s just started using makeup (-:


liquid lipstick is clearly not for your lip type. you constantly lick your lips, you’ll always get that crease.

Rebecca Boxley says:

Can you talk about eyelashes on your channel? What’s good for hooded eyes and beginners. Since you work in the industry, you may be privy to that specific information.

Krista Moots says:

What is your job title? I think I would enjoy it very much. I know I sound nosy, I’m just curious, because I’m trying to find a career path that I would enjoy

MsNazrix says:

can’t you sell these?

Ms NattyLinn says:

Thank you for this. I thought I was crazy. I love Potion, but every pink that I’ve purchased has been a fail.

Blinkered says:

What eye shadows are you using, I couldn’t find anything about it in the description? I’d love to see a tutorial on this eye look it’s so pretty

Giovanna Benitez says:

SHIT $340 buck (just for the 1st gen Liquid Lipstick ) is a lot to spend on lipstick that you hate!

extremelyhappysimmer says:

can you get your money back for those crappy anastasia ones?

Malika E Maham says:

YES!! Please talk about your nails and new releases! you should do a segment on nail care and color etc…

Rahc says:

I wish I found your channel before I splurged on a bunch of liquid lipsticks lol I could’ve saved a shitload of money lol #regretoftheday

salome sobola says:

how sad she spent 360 dollars on a product she hated, i would sell them for sure

Jules Escobar says:

I feel like you and I have had the same experience but I went though this with Colourpop. YouTube kept raving and 20 lipsticks later.. Not impressed. And I kept buying and each pack is worse than the last.

Penny Lane says:

Never had a problem

IgnoranceIs Bliss says:

I haven’t found ANYONE who hates Ashton besides me but it is SO horrible !!!!! Doesn’t work at all it flakes after three minuites!! No one else has said ANYTHING

Lexy Lipovec says:

You didn’t put the eyeshadow you’re wearing into the details. It’s gorgeous!! what is It?

cassieewassie says:

I have American doll and it crumbled on me within a few hours. At the end of the day it looked so horrible and dry. I want sepia so badly because it’s such a beautiful color but I have a feeling I’ll be disappointed again

BloodflowersAndHurricanes says:

Your eyeshadow looked absolutely stunning in this video. ❤

Zoraya Seeram says:

Please do a eye/makeup tutorial for your look in this video <3 plz plz plz 🙂

Rachel DaSilva says:

I have this in Crush. It lasted nicely and when it faded, it faded gracefully. I like it

Rana Nochez says:

pleaaase review jaclyn hill’s palette … pleaaaase pleaaaase

Kristin Wright says:

hated the lipstick sorry it sucked but I love China glaze!! I have about 30 haha

Ginger Snaps says:

I’m thankful for ur channels when buying anything now . thank u for being so honest. ur the best

Christine Cantu says:

I really don’t like how they always dry so much darker and im glad I’m not the only person who gets the dry ring on their lips

OsakaSun333 says:

I know I’m a little late on this but this is the most gorgeous eye makeup look I’ve seen. Would you consider doing a tutorial on it? 🙂

S Albert says:

american doll is bomb don’t be deceived i just ate a second meal + snack and i’m not dainty eating (lots of oil) and its not cracking with manageable bleeding. it’s been nine hours. i go out wearing crush all the time and its also really great

Camille Lucinda says:

Oh wow, I feel really bad that you spent your *hard earned money* (which you have worked hard for as you have a full time job) on all those lipsticks that you won’t love and/or enjoy.
Such a shame.
I agree about other youtubers who try to push products they ‘liked’ onto their audience when they have probably only worn the lipstick for about an hour if that, as lipstick is the last thing people normally apply and we don’t know how many times they have reapplied in that tiime.
It’s not really a fair comparison, whereas you apply once and see how it lasts for 8 hours.
Thank you for doing this and also thank you for letting people no about how they list the ingredients too.
I didn’t realise the ingredients were listed from the highest amount to the least, so thank you for that information 🙂

Annie Knabb says:

I just ordered the Makeup Monsters Sedona xD I really love that color and I liked the black Makeup Monsters I have. probably my favorite black lipstick

peachelet says:

Omg please film this makeup look it’s stunning

maryliciousg86 says:

LOL!!! I think you were a bit tipsy or something after the 4 hours mark or so.. 😀 😀 😀
I love watching your vids. I learn a lot. Keep up the great work! 🙂

Sydney Jones says:

Can you do a tutorial for this eye look please Stephanie? Its so pretty!!

Erika Urrutia says:

I wish I would have seen your video before I bought like 17 of them too! They suck and I hate saying it I love norvina but it’s the truth! Wish I could sell them back!

Hightopsdynomite375 says:

that sweater!!!!

Jeneen Mustafa says:

A lot of ppl say abh liquid lipstick crack and are too drying but I LOVE THEM,they aren’t drying at all and I love the mousey texture,it lasts all day on me too.

Thao Dinh says:

Steph, have you consider donating the ABH liquid lipsticks formula to a woman’s shelter. It’s a good cause, and maybe it will work for some of the women who doesn’t have the circumstances to get it. I think they would love it

Aliyah Nicole says:

You should sell the makeup you don’t use on glambot!

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