In this video I try out different lipstick flavors by brand for your reviewing pleasure.

Bad Makeup Review named after other great bad things on youtube like Bad Lip Reading and iDubbbz’s Bad Unboxing

Plz dont eat ur lipstick- izz parody.


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Video is not sponsored cause who sponsors a lipstick-eating video


MrsPokits TheRiot says:

I need to know what you’re wearing on your eyes.

Jay PaDalEcKi says:

Melanie Martinez who?

Tiffany Loza says:

4:18 am I the onky one that noticed the lipstick on her teeth? Haha it took me a while to notice, but if you look good enough and im talking like really good enough, you can see it. I dont know if its just me though.

laura diaz says:

That was so scary. I swear i will not be able to sleep after this.

Jerrica says:

She said paprika but I thought she said pre cum.

Ruby M. says:

Quality content. I love her.

Brad Stidem says:

Why am I watching a video about lipstick flavors?

Wicked Reaper says:

You should dress your bf up as pinhead from hellraiser

Caitlyn A says:

We NEED Guy Fieri in the makeup game ASAP!

Cats And Hats says:

Finally! I don’t see any real reviews of the taste of lipsticks! They always leave it out, and the taste is one of the most important parts

Jessica Friedman says:

You r so beautiful!!!

That Maddy says:

I do hope you didn’t eat a REAL whole lipstick in one go! You need to save some just in case you get hungry later.

lucy wang says:

Try using windex on your hands (for real)

Shadow3103 says:

Mykie. M-mykie… you okay over there?

taytortot says:

Are your crystals still on?

Barbara McGuff says:

Idk if I need to take you serious or if your just being a joke???!!!

Anne O'Hara says:

This is just like the Amanda Lepore for Heatherette’s MAC video lol

Peter the Panda says:

wtf was the video

Alex Johnson says:


Elliot1129 says:

What was the piece of music used in the prayer sequence? It’s the same music they use when you get into space in Kerbal Space Program.

Cats And Hats says:

One day a friend will ask to use your lipstick and you’ll have to say you licked it.

meeg says:

“that was a real gag”
mykies the real mvp

k h says:

Mykie looks so good with this blonde wig, I’m loving this

Jessica Ray says:

I love your hair it’s so thick.

Katarina Ortiz says:

What does that say that she has to tell people not to eat lipstick lmao

Nae Hernandez says:

Why are you so beautiful?!?!

Maria says:

this wig colour really suits her

Monica Vitale says:

Yasssss pineapple pizza

Paul Nixon says:

What. Was. This. Video.

Potato Sun says:

Candy yum yum got metal real quick

Cord Johnson says:


Jessie says:

That’s funny that ending though

Monica Vitale says:

I just love your personality❤

chicken nugget says:

This is cringe.

i'm jaebum says:

This hair color suits the hell out of you!!

Skella Bella says:

Thank you so much this was highly informative

Jasmine Loved says:

Me: hey can I barrow a lipstick

Her: well…I kinda licked all of them so….

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