Why KKW Crème Liquid Lipstick…TRASH! Unboxing & Review! FionaFrills Vlogs

Subscribe so you don’t miss a day! http://bit.ly/1Qd8qxk Why I think the KKW Creme Liquid Lipstick collab with Kylie Cosmetics is trash — I am doing a first impression + review. Is this a Fiona Fav or Fail? I think you might know. Watch to find out all the details.

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Zara Aksoj says:

Can you stop talking about her freckles and blush for only one comment,like PLEASE!

Mirella Gutierrez says:

This girl is 13 and she wears makeup
*Da Fuq*
Go light on the bush!

tasha laie says:

I just used it… huhuhu

Estella Ohly says:

Kkw is Kim Kardashian west not Kylie what the heck does that card say Kylie

Trick Ass Bitch says:

Oh my god. The fake freckles and blush are pissing me off, just fucking stop.

Ella Kasten says:

Girlllll stop getting things that all you do is hate on first slow your talking down it’s sooo annoying I like your video but slowww down when you talk

Brittany Watson says:

Love you

Gia Rodriguez says:

Where do you get all this money to buy all that makeup

Abigail Ranner says:

I think they look nice on you

Tamia Cachini says:

why you guys getting mad ont he comments its just their opinion

Kate says:

can I get five likes?

Baked Potato says:

Well thats why they call it crème liquid lipstick and it’s not called matte liquid lipstick
Not hating just saying
Love you fiona

kenzie ashraf says:

Why that much hate on this vidoe every body has his own opinion and she can put alot of blush and freckles if she wants so go get a life instead of hating on her
*sorry if i spelled any thing wrong*

Marz Riv says:

They end up looking the same. That’s what I always say!!!!

Jasmine Cute says:

That’s it know offence but i am in subscribing and I ain’t gonna watch your vids any more

Lily Lawl says:

She really doesn’t know anything about makeup oml

Sarah Kereen says:

Thought she had a lot of pimples on her cheeks until I saw the comments. Lol

Ashlyn 2380 says:

That’s fake kkw makeup they would not change the box and the real stuff is amazing

MiaLoggedOn says:

Why is everyone bashing her? Stop wasting your time about complaining about her complaining . If you click on a review , then your going to get a review. And her blush and freckles ? She can do whatever she wants with her face . It’s not that hard. Click . Off. The . Video. Dw, Fiona you do not deserve this much hate .

Madi Broughton says:

Instead of willing the lipstick off u should use it for ur blush

Kirsty Dc says:

Yikes all these comments are about how she hates everything, her makeup looks bad, or how she doesn’t know what she’s talking about…

Doralis Croft says:

Honestly since you have really pale skin it does not make you look washed out and and I don’t get how you think it makes your teeth look yellow in not hating I’m just telling you what I think

Doralis Croft says:

Wait if she didn’t like the lipsticks then why is the bar of the lipsticks down below not hating just wondering

Grace Fletcher says:

Everyone please stop hating on her, personally I love her makeup and it’s her opinion on the products. I love you Fiona ❤️❤️

Anaelle'sCorner says:

I don’t want to hate but she complains in every video, she is soooooo spoiled and rich which I’m not going to lie I am jealous of her because my family is not rich, she doesn’t know anything about makeup and also she wears too much makeup like she’s only a freshman, I also noticed in one of her videos she had an apple watch, iPhone 7plus and a MacBook pro like common hate on me if you want but I know you feel the same as me. Like if you agree. Oh also read the description/research before reviewing a product, she also wears toooooooooooo much blush.

Itz Kitty says:

Why is everyone hating on her freckles and blush? I think it looks cute! Why can’t she just put on her makeup how SHE wants it not how YOU want it. She’s not going to stop doing that look just cause YOU don’t like it. Fiona does Fiona and YOU do YOU stop trying to change Fiona cause she’s perfect the way she is. Get a life haters.

Ya’ll haters seriously need to think about this people aren’t going to change just cause YOU don’t like it. Ok?? Get that through your head she’s being herself, and if you don’t like it why waste your time commenting hateful things and just leave?

Nyree Kirby says:

Why is everyone so freaking horrible about her!? She’s giving an opinion, her option so let her be. And she’s allowed to try things isn’t she? Yes! So why you saying she shouldn’t do the blush and freckles? If you don’t like it that’s your option but that’s not your job here so stop.

Ava Bicknell says:

I feel like the colours were very different then the swatches

brooke leahy says:

Or maybe they just don’t look good on you

Elisa Lisete says:

U are trash not these lipckits

EmmaKay says:

I thought they suited you. I thoughts that the first one really suited your complexion.

Janice says:

The reason you get coby righted by people is because you call their stuff disgusting names that they worked hard on. No wonder BabyAriel, did what she did…

Sam Bond says:

Butter coat

Sarah Sharp says:

You need to chill with those fake freckles and blush. It looks like pimples

Millie Kate says:

No hate AT all, but they are supposed to be very, very light and natural. So that’s why they are so similar in colour. They aren’t supposed to be really bold. And because they are crème lipsticks that’s why they are kind of shiny, but not matte.

Um Yeah says:

“Not flattering on all skin tones” honey you only have one skin tone

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