Benefit “They’re Real” Mascara: Is it Worth Buying? First Impression – (F.I.F)

Have you seen my last video? “Get Ready With Me: Hair, Makeup, & Outfit”

Sock Bun Tutorial:

Lipstick: MAC Diva with MAC Nightmoth lipliner

** This mascara lasted very well throughout the day! It did not flake or weigh my lashes down! Hooray!!! PS: when im close up- the color of the video is off? not sure what happened. but please forgive me?! lol love you guys!

Product Featured:
Benefit They’re Real Mascara


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Lauren Christine says:

Hey- what YSL mascara did you refer to in the beginning of this vid? That you loved immediately? I’m looking for a new mascara.:)

Claire Symcox says:

We have the same birthday!!!

RedLingX says:


My was on the 12th 😉

casey mahone says:


Heidi Shoshana says:

my one eye always comes out better too… then i tried switching up which eye I do first and I get a way more even result if I do the ‘better’ eye first rather than second!

danyrg20 says:

Is this mascara better than TF Better than sex???

Sol Sahade says:

Happy birthday!!

Haley Batres says:

If you like real dramatic lashes get the lash sensation it’s in an all black matte package

god563616 says:

wow looks great! thanks!!

Rosetta G says:

This is one of my favourite mascaras!! Eyelashes look amazing!!

Btsyoongi Jimin says: bday is nov 26

Ximena Zuniga says:

my birthday is November 25th

sonbah says:

thanks @valerie

Helena Neise says:

is it waterproof?

emily kt says:

shit I really want a tutorial of this one by someone who has as shitty lashes as I do lol

Mizz Young says:

check out the 3d green tea fibre lash mascara that has been sold close to a million times

Cici Jade says:

I love this mascara and use it everyday, but I did have to cut off the spiky end just because product got stuck and clumped

Bayan Chamas says:

I have it, but when I apply it on it doesn’t look like how she did it, I think you applied it on wrong…

Sarah Ismail says:

I have straight lashes and it did not hold my curl at all. I wasted 22 dollars.

Josseline Andasol says:

What lipstick are u wearing in this video? Looks great

A L. says:

Video starts at 2:20. Thank me later

tori warfe says:

I recommend coating both sides of the lashes (close your eyes and coat top and bottom then open and do the same). I have long straight lashes and this is the only way that I can get a curl.

Cate Spencer says:

Your birthday is on my half birthday and your half birthday is on my birthday!

Manoor Alqahtani says:

from where u buy ur lipstic is sooooo beautiful

Ella Bella says:

The application looks drop dead gorgeous !! Your lashes look better than false lashes !!

mariam omar says:

?what is your favorite mascara

Miss A says:

This mascara is difficult to remove. I use the remover that Benefit made just for it and it’s totally amazing. No tugging, came off easy as pie with no junky mess, absolutely no burning, or stickiness. No irritated eyes. I’m very impressed with the benefit remover they made for it which dramatically changed my opinion about the mascara. Thanks Casey. I think it looks really great on you!

glahmkath says:

We have the same birthday

Cindy SG says:

this made my natural long lashes fall out. .. so disappointed. .I liked it at first then I started seeing my lashes got thinner.

Lamia Ahmed says:

Great review thank u, but honestly u already have great lashes 🙂

Sherry Price says:


Nouhaila Azhar says:

Well I tried it and it’s really good and it curled I guess because some people don’t have thick or long eye lashes that why it come straight

Cheryl Johnson says:

you need a lash comb and the metal ones are the best. try a few and do a review on them and compare with some people use a tooth brush. yes I said tooth brush. I and know people who have used a tooth brush to comb lashes. now I use a metal comb. the tooth brush will brush off fine clumps, if need be.

Molly Woods says:

WORST. MASCARA. EVER! It made most of my eyelashes fall out! Honestly, don’t waste your money on this product. It makes your eyelashes clumped together too

Jessie Yang says:

Omg we have the same birthday!!! NOV 25! WOOOH!

clfejeran says:

Sorry but it was hard to focus on the subject and it’s not “how the product was tested”. The foundation/facial makeup wasn’t blended well so the different shades of color was what caught my attention that after the video, I realized I missed the purpose of the demonstration .

Emy Rico says:

November 20th

Divana Hartson says:

What is your fave mascara?

belieberbeth 12 says:

The first application was more like the thousandth application

sugar free says:

I bought the sample size and i hated it, I’m super happy i didn’t buy the larger size.

Emily Bushway says:

to me my drugstore mascara works far better, and not worth the cost!

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