Comparing all 3 Benefit Mascaras! – Roller Lash vs. They’re Real vs. Bad Gal Lash Mascara

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This is a video comparing all three benefit mascaras – bad gal lash mascara, they’re real mascara and roller lash mascara!

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Rachel Durrand says:

i hate u

Jade West says:

the bad gal mascara is perfect for me cause I have naturelly long lashes

Dazzlings says:

Just got Roller Lash tried it today.

Diane Caldwell says:

haven’t even watched you and I subscribed

Humayra Iqbal says:

mascara won’t help. you need false lashes to make them show

ManuASMR says:

Omg your lashes are so thin and small

Rachel Parker says:

My personal favorite is the roller lash!!

cheeky cheeky says:

you need to wax your brows dear

Malica Hamilton says:

you hardly have any eye lashes so we can’t actually see the affect of the actual mascara . I have full lashes top and bottom and I also have lashes in the corner so when I apply my benefit they’re real mascara it makes my lashes look amazing . I would recommend it to people that have loads of lashes you get the best effect if you curl your lashes first

snow flower says:

very good review thank you

Nicole Lauren Blake says:

I hate They’re Real! Does nothing for my lashes and I just cannot get it off without pulling half them out! I do, however, LOVE Roller Lash – I think it’s my holy grail mascara.

Janette Rodriguez says:

you barely have eyelashes how are you gonna do a mascara review with no eyelashes, like idgi!

dimon514 says:

Am I the only one who combines couple of different mascaras to get the desired result?lol

SuperRioGirl says:

LOL.. rubber toys with spikes?? 😀 those are not for childern…

Leah Marie says:

I’ve only had the benefit they’re real mascara, and it’s amazing!!!!

lizabeth shelberg says:

I have all 3.They’re Real is my absolute favorite!I bought Roller Ball because so many people on line gave rave reviews.I tried it and was disappointed.I didn’t like it at all!Bad Gal Lash is just average.

Mai Plaster says:

Those in the UK, you can get this for free using quidco
for new customers only im not even kidding lol mine is coming in 2 days

Samantha says:

Hi, I know this question is off topic, but is that the bed from ikea? do you recommend it?

Cinzia says:

Does the curl effect of the roller lash last?

Linh Phạm says:

Thank you so much. My eye lashes look just like yours . Your video’s very helpful

Flirty30 Flinty says:

the new Clinique mascara is amaaaaaaziiiing. best one I’ve used x

Kimochisuki says:

Hi is those mascara waterproof? ☺️

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