DRUGSTORE DUPE TESTED: *NEW* L’Oreal Lash Paradise Mascara vs. Too Faced Better Than Sex

Today we’re testing out the BRAND NEW NOT-YET-RELEASED L’Oreal Lash Paradise mascara to see if it’s a good dupe for the iconic Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara! I did a side-by-side comparison & see which one holds up the best ALL DAY! Subscribe: http://bit.ly/SubToRachhLoves
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Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara http://bit.ly/2ppQw3h

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Mónica Oliveira says:

@Rachhloves can you let me know if the l’oreal is waterproof or not?

vasser29 says:

What mascara delivers in length and volume

jenna worley says:

Hey girl! I want to suggest the Lancome eyelash primer for you to try! I got it in a sample pack from Sephora and I am in love with it. Like you, I love full and voluminous lashes so I thought I’d let you know about my recent discovery. You have prob already heard of it but I knew it wouldn’t hurt to tell you about it in case. xoxo! (:

Lisa Batten says:

I freaking love the L’Oréal mascara. It wears all freaking day long and comes off so nice as well!!! And they have waterproof too!

sophie r.b says:

i love her and her content but i REALLY wish she would put mascara on her bottom lashes

Shayla Tran says:

the first time i used the better than sex mascara, my lashes were POPPIN. (i have naturally straight lashes) they were so voluminous and full and long and curled throughout the whole day. but the second time+ i used it, they look very nice at first but they don’t hold the curl anymore after like 5 minuets of application and it’s really annoying bc this happened with the benefit roller lash mascara too. does this happen to anyone else and how do i prevent that from happening?

Tete combs says:

I just bought the L’Oréal lash paradise and am so excited to use now! Thanks Rach!

Sean Mari says:

I’ve been using this L’oreal Lash Paradise Mascara for 2 weeks now and I am so INLOVE WITH IT!!! Aside from it’s cheap and easy to find, I love the formulation of this mascara!! I use this all the time on my channel for my makeup reviews as well so don’t forget to check it out!

adrian_christine_ says:

The loreal definitely looks more lifted.

Ashley Richardson says:

Lash paradise has been in U.S since like May! I’ve been using it and love it!

Katie Bailey says:

Hey y’all! I really want to try this mascara, but cannot find it at my Target, Wal-Mart, or Ulta. I live in eastern NC. Anyone else having this problem?!

Jasmine says:

you have such BEAUTIFUL eyelashes , they are long and you are LUCKY you DONT need FAKES!!!

Karen Lovgren says:

Great video I just bought L’Oréal in waterproof and now I’m glad I did

Raeanna McMahan says:

My lashes always fall flat too. The regular L’Oreal Voluminous mascara has been my favorite so I’m extra eager to get this Paradise one.

Anna Greene says:


Isabella Edelshteyn says:

I just wish L’oreal was cruelty free 🙁

Nancy Silver says:

I was distracted by your lipstick. What color are you wearing?

ChelleBelle says:

The L’oreal side looked better!!

Megan Ashcraft says:

I got both of the mascara and I prefer the L’Oréal. When I first bought better than sex, both times, it was really wet and made my lashes clump. And I used the L’Oréal one for the first time today and got it yesterday and it worked very good. I usually use four mascaras for different results but with this one it delivered the look greatly.

Catherine Tran says:


Hayley vlogs Everyday says:

I got the L’Oréal one at target and I like how black it is but when I put it on my lashes curl for like 5 minutes and they fall so I don’t recommend it

Zeltzin Morales says:

Does anybody else think she looks like Jaclyn hill?

Kenzie Vega says:

Omg! Your lashes are so beautiful!❤️❤️

Kelly Forester says:

I just got home w the Lash Paradise and I am sooooooo freaking excited! Lol Probably a lot more excited than necessary, actually. Haha I’ve wanted to try Better Than Sex forever but I just am not trying to pay 30 dollars for something I can achieve the same thing w for like 7. So I’m super stoked about this! 🙂

Alexis Perez says:

I’m so mad! I just bought the two faced mascara

uvgatorvibes says:

her left eye count them 15+ more coats. lol

Rissa T says:

My lashes ALWAYS droop after I put on mascara, but I HATE curling them after cause the mascara always seems to stick to my lash curler. I’ve found that putting on a clear mascara THEN curling my lashes and applying the regular mascara helps keep the curl and it also doesn’t do the whole eyelashes-sticking-to-the-eyelash-curler thing

pinklishdot says:

VIDEO IDEA: Please try to find dupes for popular products in each category. For example, dupes of raved eyeshadow palettes like the ABH modern rrnaissance (flawless 3 palette or the elf mad for matte 2 supposedly), the tarte tarteist palette (elf mad for matte 2 supposedly, maybe combined with the wet n wild comfort zone, etc), then try duping concealers (tarte shape tape, nars creamy, etc)

Zishma Safi says:

What nail color are you wearing? Love it!

Azahely Carrizales says:

The waterproof carbon black voluminous mascara holds my lashes but I’m excited to try the waterproof version of this one!

Zeinab Ahmad says:

it’s at Target in the US, just got it last week!

usernameformychannel says:

Too bad LÓreal test on animals. That’s where Too Faced wins.

Debbie D says:

anyone know if the waterproof and washable one perform the same? id like to get the washable but i’m not sure if it works as well

Cristiani Santiago says:

I’m giving away a new Loreal Voluminous Paradaise Mascara on my Facebook group called Beauty Clique PR. All you have to do is add 2 friends to the group and comment the name of your favorite mascara and tag the 2 friends on the giveaway post. Giveaway ends Saturday August 5 @ 7pm

Deborah Carrera says:

Omg you remind me of jacklyn hill

Ashlee Hanson says:

I bought this mascara today . It’s not terrible , it’s pretty decent . The price is what gets me . $15.99 regular (I’m canadian) , I got it on sale for $11.99 … over $13 after taxes. it’s not even worth the sale price . my other mascara was on sale for like $7 , and I’m kicking myself for spending $13 on this . this is a good mascara , but nothing special

Morgan Bev says:

hmm, your highlight isn’t even noticeable, i feel.

Johanna Hood says:

I feel like I’m the only one who doesn’t like L’Oréal’s lash paradise? I mean it’s okay but it doesn’t lengthen or hold a curl at all on me, is this just me?

Sharon Thibault says:

I want it now! But I’m in the US. Waiting a bit I guess. Awesome comparison! Thank you!

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