DUPE ALERT? L’oreal Lash Paradise VS. Too Faced Better Than Mascara DEMO & REVIEW

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Cornelia S says:


Jasmine Martinez says:

What about the waterproof Better than sex mascara? Its my go to but I wonder if it still compares to the loreal one. I dont really like the regular better than sex mascara because it comes off easily and faster throughout the day for me.

bozena tutaj says:

I agree with your review. I use both mascaras and definitely find that loreal “paradise” is good for everyday use, like running errands and or even to the gym. It separates lashes nicely but it is not black (definitely not “Blackest Black” as it’s called), just darkens lashes a little bit to give more of a natural look. I have always loved “Better than sex” and think that it gives my lashes a great look with immediate blackness, great for work and for special occasions. As it smudges a bit, I cover it with one coat of Benefit “They’re Real” mascara and it does not smudge anymore. I may or may not repurchase “Paradise”, it’s just like many other low-end mascaras, with a good definition but not much of a colour. Not worth the hype!

Staci Freeman says:

Loreal is by far BETTER

Kylie Okura says:

I just bought this one and idk why but it’s not working out.. It’s so dry. Am I just using it wrong or did I get a faulty one?? I thought it would be so amazing.

Sohana Haider says:

Can you please do l’oreal lash paradise vs maybelline lash sensational comparison video?

Jenny Earls says:

SO. MUCH. UNNECESSARY. RAMBLING. I can’t watch videos where the person just talks and talks and talks and talks.

lucylu rangel says:

It looked better with the 3 pass. On your right side eyelashe

Lu Pac says:

OMG do NOT purchase the Loreal mascara if you have a bee allergy!! 25 years of wearing makeup and I have NEVER had an allergic reaction, until now. Emergency room visit after ONE DAY of use. Allergic conjunctivitis, with eye drops & steroids prescribed. WHY DO MAKEUP COMPANIES ADD BEESWAX TO MAKEUP!? This is unnecessary & ridiculous! Loreal is CANCELLED

Scarlett Pereira says:

How do you remove it? I’m having a hard time removing it!

Lauren Konkiel says:

I hated the L’Oréal lash paradise it pulled and was tugging on my eyelashes I would rather put that money toward the too faced one. I love the too faced. I notice you can not separate your eyelashes with the L’Oréal because it will smudge the product everywhere. Also I heard the L’Oréal one is not meant to have multiple layers because of the fast drying formula it makes it difficult to work with. Team too faced all day.

swimmermady 81 says:

“i feel like nobody does just one coat of mascara” um i do

Michie Scotian says:

So, I went to buy the L’Oréal in Canada the reg price was 15.99 on sale for 10.99 our Sephora had better than sex for 33.00. Big difference.

Betsy Stowers says:

I was getting ready to buy the better than sex mascara but I can’t tell much difference from what I could see.. Thanks for the heads up

altheawalk says:

You are just stunning ! What eye shadow are you wearing??

The Review Queen says:

4 coats 2 coats too faced 3 coats…….. this ……. 1 coat and then 1 coat too faced FUCK I am confused!!!!! And no look in the camera????? Load of bollix

Valerie Linares says:

Does it make your lashes crunchy?

Ss Rhys says:

She doesn’t even apply the mascara right

Natalie Najera says:

You’re stunning!!!!!!

Michelle Rae Beebe says:

I’m a little late to this mascara but I finally bought it but your review was honestly the only one I trusted! Thank you!

Brittany Oberschlake says:

Loreal owns too faced makes sense!

Charlotte Terry says:

She would be do much mors pretty if she toned down the orange!!

Noor Aref says:

The loreal one is way better! The two faced better than sex has a drier formula and always flakes all over my face, it also bothers my eyes when the mascara breaks apart on my face. The loreal formula is almost a revamped version of the original loreal voluminous mascara but a little thicker and mousier

Kelly Blaylock says:

Also wasn’t a bug fan of Better Than Sex. Got one in my Ipsy bag & it was super flaky

Katie Kent says:

I always buy the travel size version of better than sex waterproof mascara because it’s cheaper than the full size

Melek Bozkuş says:

The l’oreal it is waterproof ?

Canary CoalMine says:

How can this be a comprehensive review if you don’t review how it wears??

Abigail Brinkmeier says:

I have th L’Oréal Paris one …it’s fantastic!!!!, actually I am wearing it now

Garrett Rogenski says:

Love your make up!! But I think the L’Oreal side looks a little better but they are basically the same and basically the same mascara haha. Great video!

Katie M says:

I’ve never found a mascara that “works.” My lashes r short, blonde and they point down. Lol..I might try one of these tho.

Donatella Poidomani says:

Hmmmm I don’t agree with you. It already looked more intense with three coats vs two. 4 vs 2 was already very different, I feel like you were influenced by the price difference.

Katie Newton says:

I love this mascara!! (Loreal)

Amber Rivillas says:

I’m gonna have to disagree I think the loreal one is so much better than the too faced one it’s actually my holy grail mascara and it’s a lot cheaper.

hala moustafa says:

Umm its obv the loreal one looks so much better. You kept looking down as well. Wasn’t a fair comparison

Donatella Poidomani says:

Btw you should have done a wear test and you probably would have preferred the L’Oréal one

Sara anne says:

i love that you know how to apply mascara correctly lots of other youtubers dont apply it like you and it bothers me lol

Kelly Blaylock says:

I actually think the Paradise looked better at the 3 vs 2 coat range.

Kaya Roberts says:

the person that actually does only do one coat of mascara

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