EXTREME LASHES Viral Asian Mascara Tested !!!

I finally got my hands on these crazy lengthening Mascara that I’ve been seeing on facebook & Asian apps. I had to do quite a bit of searching to find what mascara they were using. I am not sure if they sell the original ones here in US, I heard they sell a lot of fakes here. But It still worked pretty well and did the unthinkable.
It was a bit complicated to make my lashes super long and it took forever. Maybe when I get my hands on the original one, It will be easier and more natural looking. Anyways hope it still blew your minds. Wish I have was brave enough to go in public with these lashes and get reactions.
What do you guys think?? Would you replace your fav mascara with this??

DDK 4D Silk Mascara : Amazon
Nude Top : Forever21

Thanks for Watching !!!


Issa B says:

Such bs!

Zsüliett Kann says:

This is amazing but… it’s seems like it’s impossible to take it of without ripping out your lashes xD

Broken Heart says:

My eye lashes are naturally long but I want them a tiny bit longer xd

Issa B says:

I bought it and it’s no different from any other faux lash mascara

be beautiful says:

Your eyes are getting waterYyyy

NayyNaee Carissa says:

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Savitri P. Wulandari says:

I don’t get how you still look really cute with long ass lashes lol

Yowa Nanu says:


Tesha Singletary says:

I definitely want to try this

Erics Granny says:

It does what it claimed! Amazing! You look lovely.

Maria Teresa Giray says:

You looks like @michelledy

Jenna Monique says:


mia says:


Nadiza Permata says:

I guess it would be better if you didn’t put eyeliner on, so the result would be more visible

Olivia Brasier says:

Although it looks like shit

Rae A says:

Your eyeliner wings give me life

Emily Chen says:


Brooklyn Wismal says:

Black widow legs who??

Alejandra Isabel Vallecilla Mosquera says:


EmeleeLauryn says:


Emily Loll says:

Her eyes look irritated

lappay aileen says:

Ako lang ba ang nakakapansin na kamuka nya si michelle dy

Lexee Works says:

“It doesn’t look like a luxury product.” You’re not gonna wear the packaging. ;-;

Kyutie Angel says:


TaHrEeM AsLaM says:

OMG ! Amazing

Emma Horn says:

Would be good for halloween..


Spider !!!!

Meilia Widya says:

How do you erase that of from your lashes??

xxsea says:

Your english bothers me. 😐

Jay Jay is KOOL says:

Omg they look like spiders

Raquel Valenzuela says:

Yo quiero uno

Blank Studios says:

I had fiber massacre before it’s my favorite but this band is better

Eylajoys says:

you look like michelle dy

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