First Impression: Maybelline The Rocket Mascara Review 2014

First Impression: Maybelline The Rocket Mascara Review
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First Impression video time! In the beginning I mention it’s the second one that day – you will see the foundation I tested next week 🙂
I’ve heard so many mixed reviews on this mascara that I decided to test it out for myself! It’s still too early to decide how I really feel about it but these are my first thoughts. And yes it was a pain to remove lol
Hope you enjoy!
Em 🙂

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Alexa Tannu says:

You look so pretty without make up:x

Nicol Lopez says:

I have this mascara and I love it , I work during 8 hours and when I get home my lashes look like if I just applied my mascara, I would recommend it to anyone

Settecieli77 says:

I hate the wand of this mascara. it’s like trying to put mascara on with a big rubber corn on the cob shaped brush on a stick! I’m serious, the rubber wand is shaped like corn on the cob. Terrible! The formula itself is good, gives you a lot of volume, however, in hot weather this mascara smears so much. This mascara is not good for the summer or if you live in hot humid States. At the end of the day your eyelashes will get all tangly with this mascara.

Beth T says:

You are so pretty!~ Also, your eyes look very similar to Troian Bellisario’s (Spencer Hastings from PLL)! It’s more noticeable in the thumbnail image 🙂

ffh sbdn says:

I love this mascara but it is quite hard to remove it. Have to use oil based makeup remover.

ivette Rincon says:

I hope it’s not creepy! But I love to hear you talk. I love the accent! 😀 def my new fav youtuber!

JenniferBlackStern says:

I tried it and hated it. It is too wet, and even after having it open for a month, it has never dried out :/
I had to buy special eye makeup remover because I could never scrub it off my eyelashes and under eye area. Can’t wait to see what you think of the Manga mascara 😉

LPempty says:

I never really experienced clumping using this mascara. It’s weird that you do. I guess it depends on the way you apply it.

Swmln says:

C’est incroyable à quel point un mascara peut rendre différemment selon la personne .. je l’ai et je ne l’apprécie pas du tout, alors que sur toi il te fait de jolis cils ! 🙂

Kelly J says:

Damn girl! That mascara makes your lashes look AMAZING!!! I don’t personally own it, but, I may have to make a run to the drugstore. Btw, don’t you just hate the packaging for makeup? It’s takes a chainsaw to open, yet, lightbulbs are barely packaged…..????? I’m no rocket scientist, but…..

carol says:

She makes me think about Luke Dunphy with her eyebrow and eyes movements at the start of the video

ȗṅı says:

if anyone wanting this mascara and yes it is hard taking it off. use baby oil to take it off. that’s what I do and it takes most/all of it off.

MokaTutu says:

Oh and the waterproof version holds a curl like crazy! I have the straightest most stubborn lashes of life lol. The beauty blogger LeighAnnSays swears by it too!

StudyBreakWithMe says:

Could you do the loreal voluminous million lashes mascara in the gold tube? 🙂

MokaTutu says:

I have the regular and waterproof version of this and I hands down love the waterproof version waaayyy more!!! So weird but it seems completely different. And unlike other waterproof versions (ahem miss Manga) it doesn’t dry out my lashes and isn’t hard to remove. It’s actually my everyday mascara. It’s great as a first layer with other mascaras too since it’s thin. I’ve heard a lot about the Miss Manga but like I said the waterproof one sucks so maybe the regular one is worth a try.

Glitterarian says:

oh yeah definitely the manga one for a review please. I’m looking at that and I can’t decide if I want it or not. I’d love to see what you think. 

summersosa says:

i got this mascara yesterday and the formula is wayyyyy to wet, its heavy so it just brings my lashes down after i curl them

cat ggg says:

try coconut oil to remove

MzQBeautiful says:

I have not tried this one, but from looking at your review it does seem to give lots of length. I do have the Loreal Miss Manga and I absolutely love it!

Delia says:

i dont know about you but i really hate this mascara!!! however i love your videos♥

Rotfuchs92 says:

I love the waterproof version of this! It didn’t clump and gave a lot of volume and length. Maybe my lashes ar not as complicated as the ones from other people.  I think that the result looks stunning on your eyes:)
 Greets from Germany!

pixi loulou says:

You’re so beautiful Emily and you seem so nice! <3

jcjccmz says:

you’re lucky you don’t need the waterproof mascaras. i need them b/c they’re the only ones that don’t smudge and will hold the curl on my straight, stubborn lashes. i’ve bought the rocket in waterproof twice. after last tube, i decided not to get it anymore because it does clump and it’s a lot of extra work to remove the clumps. when my teary eyes do eventually break down the rocket’s waterproof, it flakes. my favorite is maybelline colossal cat eyes in waterproof. xo, julie

pdp1104 says:

Can you please do a comparison between this mascara and covergirl lashblast volume? Thank you xoxo!

colleen brown says:

Once it dries out a little it is awesome

Honestly Aine says:

Glad you liked it.  I had to leave mine for about a month before I truly fell in love with it.    

Starr Yi says:

Do you know how this differs from the waterproof one?!?!

Erin Shaul says:

Absolutely love this mascara! I get it every time 😉

iamnotmelis says:

This mascara is amazing, i swear by the waterproof one. Really black, and holds the curl!. It doesn’t clump when you let the mascara dry a little bit, I’ve never liked fresh out of the box mascaras since they’re too liquidy for my taste, I judge them when they’ve already sit od the container for a bit.

Zulaiska Valle says:

i absolutely love this máscara too bad not a lot of people like it i like it over my they’re real máscara rocket actually gives me volume and curl and makes my lashes look super long although i have to put 4 coats which is the only downfall. The good thing is that i can buy it because its not overly priced

Marina Zafiris says:

I just found your channel and have been watching your mascara reviews! You are awesome! Personally, I loved this mascara. I bought it while in the US but unfortunately we don’t have it in Australia!

Kylie P. says:

That looks great on you! When I tried it a while ago ALL my lashes were clumped in the middle of my eye! Everyone loves this… wish it would work for me haha 🙁

Liz Rivera says:

Try L’oreal Telescopic!! i have the gold tube one
my absolute FAVORITE 🙂


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