My handcrafted Japanese brushes available to ship worldwide here: http://bit.ly/1OvBzAR

ALL THE MAKEUP TIPS YOU COULD EVER WANT! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLx22mSIlDsUDqdnUHnqQ-d1drIE5jqLe7

SEVENTEEN Falsifeye HD Mascara: http://tidd.ly/baf64c34

Without doubt, for £6.99 this mascara out performs all others i’ve tried in the high end category. This is lengthening at its finest. ITS LOVE LOVE LOVE!

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Audrey Henderson says:


Katrice Richards says:

Loving your hair so much

Sharon Markham says:

Sadly, we can’t get it in the U.S. Well, okay, it IS avail on Amazon for $100!!!!! :O

flor riccio says:

The best mascara hands down is PER-FEKT mascara. it leaves your lashes looking so natural and NEVER clomps. Try it.

runningfromtheherd says:

This is a false eyelash without any doubt.

Gina Bjerke says:

Does this flake off and is it water based or oil based?

nfshhm says:

thanks for sharing my friend! Blessings

Emma Chase says:

This is an old video, but please try RIMMEL’s Scandal Lash. The red tube with the S-shaped brush. OMG. So good!

Alucard Peach says:

Oh wow, your eyes are the same color as mine. Green/gray with more green towards the pupil. At least that’s how it looks on my phone screen. Neat!

Sallie Ryder says:

Have you tried any of the other Boots mascaras?

cindy bryan says:

L’Oréal Lash Paradise is a great mascara.

R D says:

why what do you think of the magnetic eyelashes

kittendivine1 says:

When you learn to read ingredient labels and stop listening to marketing bs, you’ll realize there’s nothing fundamentally different about high end products 99% of the time. There are good and bad ones in every price range. I bet that if people would apply without knowing the brand, they would not be able to seperate high end from drugstore products.

Kate Ryan says:

Brilliant. Thanks

Noor Barsik says:

Have you ever mixed two different brands of mascaras before? I do it all the time 1 for the fullness and one for length… just curious if that’s something you’ve ever tried or what your thoughts are on

Vivian Liang says:

I found KISS ME from Japan would be better than it

Audrey Henderson says:


Nora Freeman says:

Sorry, still couldn’t catch it —what’s mascara’s name again ???

Leighann m says:

I really don’t believe high end products are better .I bet on my life if I had drugstore on one half .and high-end on other side of my face no one could tell ….total waste of money .I’m.not that foolish sorry just my opinion .

keeshamcoggins says:

Where can I buy this in the us

Zar says:

Hynôse by Lancôme. Best mascara I’ve ever owned.

Jen P. Mitts says:

Have you compared this mascara to SEVENTEEN Doll’d Up Mascara? If so, how are they different? And — is this still your favorite mascara?

Patti Tufford says:

Can anyone tell me where I can purchase this in Ontario, Canada? I would prefer an actual store so I can get it right away, but if it isn’t carried here, are there online companies that carry it? It seems that Boots International has gone out of business. I’ve seen a couple others online but they are always out of stock and don’t know if/when it will be restocked. Any Canadian companies that stock it, or American companies that will ship to Canada (for rates that aren’t ridiculous…ie $35.00 US!?!?!)? Thanks for any input! Patti

Zizi Khan says:

I made my own fiber mascara

Abbie R says:

I absolutely love Makeup Forever mascara, ever since I tried a sample I received I haven’t used any other brands, that’s all I buy!! I definitely recommend everyone to try it!!

Kelly Leung says:

My favourite mascara is the Lash Paradise from L’Oréal❤️

Siulveth Cruz says:

Favorite holy grail mascara is Maybelline Lash Discovery! Favorite high end is Urban Decay Perversion Mascara.

giddyup187 says:

Love it

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