How to Choose the Best Mascara for You | Sephora

Sephora PRO Artists, Jeffrey and David, explain how to choose the best mascara for you! With so many options, it can be hard to find the right one! Follow along to hear the PRO’s tips and tricks.

What is your favorite mascara? Leave your answers in the comments below!

Products Featured:
Givenchy: Noir Interdit Mascara:
Urban Decay: UD Troublemaker Mascara:
Buxom: Big Tease Plumping Mascara:
Dior: Diorshow Pump‘N’Volume Mascara:
Benefit Cosmetics: Roller Lash Curling & Lifting Mascara:
Dior: Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Mascara:
Marc Jacobs Beauty: O!Mega Lash Volumizing Mascara:
Clinique: Bottom Lash Mascara:
Too Faced: Better Than Sex Waterproof Mascara:
Givenchy: Base Mascara Perfecto:
Blinc: Mascara Amplified:
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Leigh Hellinger says:

I love watching you all. I’ve learned so much. I’ve tried many many mascaras and I think Lancome has some of the best mascaras, but I will definitely try some of the ones you have mentioned. Thanks for sharing your expertise! It’s greatly appreciated and I trust your opinions more than some of the influencers who push their codes! Hypnose Drama and Grandiose are the best for volume and lengthening and Defincils is best for separation and lengthening.

khair ul barayya says:

Heyy! I have naturally long, curled lashes and great volume. But whenever I apply mascara, my lashes start to clump together and it it becomes really messy. If not this, applying just a lil bit too much mascara makes me look like a witch with big ass lashes and stuff. So could you guys please help me what I should do to look good and also finish the makeup look?

H미미 says:

Their chemistry, love it❤

Hafsah Jilani says:

David and Jeffery I have really short and straight lashes with not enough volume….which mascara should I go with first? The lengthening one, curving one or the volumizing one and the what should be the next layer?

Caterina Garcia says:

My two favorites are: Roller Lash (my lashes are super blonde especially on the tips), so it’s a natural looking mascara that just makes them darker; also L’Oréal Voluminous Lash Paradise Waterproof since my skin is super oily/sensitive it doesn’t transfer or irritate my skin.

candice german says:

It’s all about the brush…

Jamie Brigman says:

When I go to the root with the mascara and I always do no matter what happens, I always somehow get mascara on my eyelid a little!! I know we always end up with a little bit on our under eye like a Spec and can get it off with a clean spooly brush but it’s not so easy to get off the eye lid! Any tips on that? I mean I guess I can let it dry then go after it with the brush tool! The problem I was having trying to get it b4 it drys was my lashes get pushed together when I try to get it off my lid!

Noel Gallagher says:

Not being a makeup artist, I’ve always thought Dior makes the best mascaras… I used them and still use them now.. Hypnose and YSL Volume effet!!! you forgot to mention volume effet!!!!!

janersays says:

Love you guys! I’d like to request a video on how to curl your eyelashes!

Danté Riccelli says:

This just helped me so much omg, I was excited for the roller lash and waterproof better than sex but when I tried the roller lash, my lashes fell back down so I was going to throw it out. Now I’m gonna try it then add too faced right on top I can’t wait to see the results

Nina Dragicevic says:

Love this

Deepa Sinhal says:

I love roller lash … however there is something amazing i am into atm … its a italian brand called Pupa milano i came across years back on qvc uk and then they no longer sold it but i stumbled across it in rome duty free and again im love ! Its diva lashes, not sure if you can get it in the states but would love for you to try it mwah x

Joseph Md says:

Jeffery looks like a bit chubbier version of Justine Timberlake

Steffany Walker says:

Thank you guys so much for doing this video! I have a horrible time with my mascara smudging under my eye. I didn’t even know a mascara primer existed! Now I know to try waterproof! Xoxoxo!

Lauren Ielo says:

In Australia we have a MAC Mascara called bold and bad lashes which has two wands and its my go to mascara now!!!

swatiahj says:

Hi guys,

I have dark circles, n some folds of loosened skin or may be u can say some deeper fine lines… N dry under eye area. Please help me with choosing a right concealer with a right foundation. I am totally confused. I have tried many combinations but my under eyes either look patchy or the lines show up n make me look 20 years older… Please pl please… U hv got to help me. My complexion is medium fair.

Jenn Truong says:

I like the Benefit Roller Lash mascara because it really holds a curl for me. That is important to me because I have super straight lashes that always point straight down.

Melissa House says:

THis video is so much more than mascara lmfao *lovvvvve* : ))))

The Rasberry Patch says:

The best volumizing, lengthening, curling, fake lash replacing, non clumping, non flaking, non smudging, and easy to take off mascara? Basically everything in one? Oh, and something that doesn’t dry out within a month of opening? I know that it’s asking a lot, but super curious if this exists.

LadyKrimsonDeath says:

Can you do a video with a paired lip liner and lipstick or lip stain matching or defining also a daring and pop of color for this 2018 spring summer and possibly the fall look something that subtly stands out says notice my tone but not screaming or over powering to also give the plump full yet delicious look without over lining or over kill

Christine Rodgers says:

Really helpful video, thanks!! I have long lashes but they don’t grow upwards. I use Dior Overcurl but you’ve given me some new ones to try.

Sylvia Molina says:

Yes more of the same formula, format and you two!!

itsperkykaity says:

hi! so i need help finding a mascara for asian eyelashes / monolids ! very stubborn and hard to keep a curl up. what mascaras could help it out? oh, and also it is kind of short & sparse.

Gris Lauren says:

My main concerns is finding a curling mascara with length I always go on top with a voluminous mascara and always use a lash curler what are some recommendations?

Caitlin Simpson says:

Love this format! You guys are fantastic!

seattlegrrlie says:

omg! color mascara is back!!! gotta get me some purple

michele spaid says:

I got something for y’all to talk about! I’ve worn glasses for a long time and I’m finding the older I get my make up just looks flat. I think I just don’t know where to concentrate my blush and how to do my eye makeup correctly! Thank goodness I have an olive complexion with full lips. OH! one more thing! I’m older and my lips have a lot of pigment still. I would love to wear a nude lip but my lips are more a berry color. Is it just no pink for me or do i need to settle for the hot pinks for spring and summer?

Stacey W says:

Okay mascara problems here. I have such oily skin that even waterproof mascara transfers all over my face. I end up looking like a raccoon. I have found that tubing mascara is the only formula that stays on my eyelashes all day. Does Sephora carry a good brand of tubing mascara? Or coloured tubing mascara?

Darrele Dunbar says:

Loving the closeups of the lashes with each mascara on. Also, you two are the absolute best!!!!

Kat Jones says:

When u do eyelash primer – do I wait to apply the mascara till it’s dry or put it on while the primer is still wet?

Pensamentos livres da Sula says:

So cool, I loved it!!!

J S says:

It’s so difficult for me to get the mascara off. What I use either burns my eyes or doesn’t remove it. Any suggestions?

Storm Wyatt says:

I seriously hated waterproof mascara because I found it so difficult to remove and would lose lashes in the process of removal. HOWEVER, I have oils and balms to remove my makeup which work well for waterproof makeup in general. I also have the melt off mascara that looks like mascara hahahahaha. Thanks so much for reminding us about waterproof mascara and how we can layer them. God knows I LOVE the Too Face Better Than Sex mascara and now I can use the waterproof version to keep that mascara from running (because ladies it comes off hours later and it ends up leaving dark marks under my eyes which I hate). So thanks so much for the info.
Marc Jacobs, Lancôme, Too Faced are my favs because of the thickening and lengthening that it gives me. Now I have the Givenchy mascara with the ball. Perfect for me and my lower lashes.

Yanjeliz Perez says:

I absolutely love these video, they’re always so informative. I was wondering, what mascara do you recommend for a soft lash look?

Cindy Ng says:

Team roller lash!

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