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Hey y’all!!! Here’s my mascara routine that so many of you have requested from me over the past few months! I hope you enjoy it, and that it’s helpful. Man, I never realized how hard it was to do mascara while talking, until I made this video. Let me know what you think, down below! Make sure to leave some suggestions and a thumbs up as well ♥️

I really hope you enjoy(ed) watching this video and/or getting ready with me!


Canon Rebel T3i with 18-55mm Lens
Final Cut Pro X
Blue Snowball Microphone for this video


TWEEZERMAN ProMaster Eyelash Curler
Rimmel Scandaleyes Eyeliner Pencil in Brown and Black
Maybelline Colossal Cat Eyes Mascara in Black
Maybelline the Falsies Mascara in Black Waterproof
TWEEZERMAN Folding Eyelash Comb
Rapidlash Eyelash Serum

If I missed anything you’d like to know, make sure to leave a comment below!


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Kayla Rocha says:

Or ya know just use Maneater by Tarte.. I went from using like three different mascaras to just using this and its amazinggggg!!!!!!!!!!

Sally Walker says:

Why don’t you put mascara on the inner lashes ?

J C says:

Skin care routine

Mikayla ! says:

Why am I watching this people at my school always say I have fake lashes when I’m not even wear mascara

Holly Vang says:

Ugh….eyeliners runs on me like crazy. I can use primer all I want. It runs to the bottom of my eyes and runs…raccoon eyes. But love video.

Mom Eats and advice says:

What other mascara do you use outside of drugstore

openyoureyes says:

Y no mascara on the bottom lashes?

Jada Knight says:

Tip; If you don’t already have long eyelashes put on 1 coat of mascara than put on a powder such as setting powder it even baby powder on your eyelashes then put on another coat (do as many coats as desired just apply powder between each one) the powder works as a fiber to extend the length of your lashes. it works!!! just wanted to help.

Lilly Mccauley says:

halfway through the video I realized it wasn’t a voiceover.

Aina says:

Bruh, how is her lashes are so long?? How do I get those long lashes??

em so says:

How to get long lashes: HAVE long lashes

ASMRt says:

Surprised that I am actually doing almost the same routine. And I’ve used all these mascaras. I sometimes use a layer of fiber mascara too and it really helps. But the curler is the key to having a fuller, longer lash look

Suit & Tie says:

girl I’m a guy (gay guy) and i only use one coat and my mascara is way more curled and looks thicker and longer than yours after your long ass routine. Tbh
ps. and oh i use Revlon’s length+volume btw

Judy Bakdounes says:


Mariee Blue says:

I thought i’m the only one who curl the eyelashes almost straight sorry for my english

Bianca Rabadan says:

this is 100 percent shot in an awkward angle but i loved it

openyoureyes says:

You have beautiful lashes to start with!

Faith Moka says:

her mom was on titanic !

Ceeelk says:

So there’s no need to put mascara on the bottom eyelashes ? (I’m new to this makeup thing and my eyelashes are almost non existent)

Vicki Chiao says:

I realize it’s your preference but most tutorials will tell you to NEVER use the eyelash curler AFTER the mascara has been applied because it can cause the lashes to ‘tear’ out on the curler. This is because the mascara causes the lashes to stick to the curler. So I wouldn’t recommend recurling after you’ve already applied your mascara. And yeah guys, I agree-it helps to have naturally long lashes to begin with.

Chanty Ledesma says:

I used to use maybelline mascaras they were my favorite mascaras ever but maybelline is not cruelty free so i stopped using maybelline

AllyRemi L says:

A hundred coats of mascara resulted in more clumps not length. Try false lashes.

V V a l says:

how do you prevent the liner on the top lid from smearing on the bottom of your eyes?

Audrey wang says:

how the hell does she not get any on her eyelid???

Spilled Tea says:

i wish i had naturally long lashes but i don’t so i wear falsies

Katrina BT says:

What was it you said you do for a living lorry driver ?

Angelina Dao Gacha Life Videos says:

After you tight line (dont know how to spell that xD) How yo you remove it?

Kamill milek says:

*I purchased this product >> **** to try to regrow an area of lashes that had fallen out. Seems to be doing the trick so far!*

se se says:

that;s a lot of layers for me ksdjdskl

Spilled Tea says:

“keep on wiggling through” me in crowds

Mignon wdb says:

“Hey guys, welcome to my eyeballs”


Rayna Star says:

The little comb is a brow comb. just fyi

Caro Soares De Almeida says:

You sound like Kylie Jenner

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